Dishwashing Liquid - Free and Clear

25 oz bottle

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25 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Too often, consumers have to choose between cleaners that work and cleaners that are safe for the environment. But now you don't have to choose between the two with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid. This option is nontoxic, biodegradable, chlorine-free, and cruelty-free, but still removes cooked-on food after one wash. See More
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About This Brand

f we’re truly focused on caring for seven generations of tomorrows, how do we care for what you need today? It’s really quite simple. In caring for the future, we believe we are creating brighter solutions for right now. Solutions for your home, your family, and your environment that protect and nurture your well-being today, open the door to a more sustainable world for generations yet to come. By making conscious choices, we believe the earth will return the favor and continue to care for us, too. All Seventh Generation products are not acutely toxic and are free of chronic toxicants; these and all other product benefits are clearly promoted to our consumers.
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Aqua (water), sodium lauryl sulfate and caprylyl/myristyl glucoside (plant-derived cleaning agents), lauramine oxide (plant-based cleaning agent), glycerin (plant-derived foam stabilizer), citric acid (plant-derived water softener), magnesium chloride and sodium chloride (mineral viscosity modifiers), essential oils and botanical extracts* for scented varieties only (see below for details), methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone (synthetic preservatives).for Lavender Floral & Mint: (citrus aurantifolia (lime), cananga odorata (ylang ylang), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), mentha spicata (spearmint), mentha piperita (peppermint)) for Lemongrass & Clementine Zest: (citrus nobilis (clementine), citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot), cymbopogon citratus (lemongrass), canarium luzonicum nonvolatiles (elemi), citrus aurantium dulcis (orange)) for Fresh Citrus & Ginger: (cedrol, canarium luzonicum gum nonvolatiles (elemi oil), cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract (cinnamon leaf oil), citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil, citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) oil, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil, citrus limon (lemon) peel oil, coriandrum sativum (coriander) fruit oil, elettaria cardamomum (cardamon) seed oil, eugenia caryophyllus (clove) leaf oil, myristica fragrans (nutmeg) kernel oil, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) flower oil, zingiber officinale (ginger) root oil)

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Why You’ll Love Dishwashing Liquid - Free and Clear

After a day at work you cook up a delicious dinner the family will love, but what good is a wholesome, healthful meal if you serve it on dirty plates? Meet Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid, a plant-based cleaning formula that will prevent you from worrying about harsh chemicals on your dishes, and in your body. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid is able to cut through even some of the most stubborn food that sticks on dishes, pots, pans, and glasses. But just because it’s a powerful cleaner doesn’t mean it contains harsh chemicals. Rather this formula is non-toxic, cruelty free, and recyclable, making it a safe option for the family.

Why choose plant-based cleaners

It’s easy to ignore the ingredients or warning labels on cleaning products, but it’s important to take a peek. Just as you would never purchase foods without knowing what goes into them, you want your cleaning products to be free from harmful chemicals and substances. After all, you are eating off these dishes so it’s important to avoid toxins that can be ingested, such as:

  • Glycol ethers, also called 2-(2-butyoxyethoxy) ethanol, Ethylene glycol mono butyl ether, or Diethylene glycol mono butyl ether
  • Alkylphenol ethoxylates, sometimes called nonylphenol ethoxylates, octylphenol ethoxylates, nonoxynols, or octoxynols
  • Dyes or colorants
  • Ethanolamines, also called mono-ethanolamine, di-ethanolamine, tri-ethanolamine
  • Fragrances
  • Pine or citrus oil, sometimes called pinus oil
  • Quarternary immonium compounds, also known as alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC), benzalkonium chloride, dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

Inside Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid you’ll find gentle, plant-based cleaners that will still get the job done, like:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate and caprylyl/myristyl glucoside
  • Glycerin, which acts as a foam stabilizer
  • Citric acid, which softens the water
  • Essential oils and botanical extracts

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid allows you to clean dishes and actually get them clean, minus the toxic substances that lead to a slew of problems. By cleaning your dishes with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid, rest can be assured that pots, pans, glasses, plates, and bowls will come out squeaky clean with no residue of any kind.

Products to complete your dish care routine with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid is a great start to having a clean kitchen that’s free of dirty dishes. But you can take it a step further with some other useful products to make cleaning pots, pans, plates, bowls, and silverware much easier and even more effective. Here are some other products to use along with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid to keep the kitchen squeaky clean.

Natural Value Kitchen Scrubber Sponge

You won’t want to use any other type of sponge because this is the perfect multitasker for any cleaning situation, whether it’s dirty dishes or the kitchen counter. Natural Value Kitchen Scrubber Sponge is made from cellulose (a plant-based resource), and 50 percent post-consumer recycled material, making it great for the environment. Use the coarse side for scrubbing and the soft side to wipe things cleans, along with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid. This is the type of sponge that is integral to any kitchen and can help with a variety of situations, such as cleaning dinnerware, pots and pans, fine glassware, countertops, and even the inside of the fridge.

If You Care Fair Trade FSC Household Gloves Size Medium

Unless you live alone and eat mostly off of disposable plates, you likely have a sink that constantly has something in it—dirty bowls from the kids eating ice cream, some plates from this morning’s breakfast, or even just some silverware that’s been accumulating there. Instead of subjecting your hands to sharp utensils and piping hot water, a protect them with these rubber gloves. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid will certainly not damage your skin in any way, but it’s certainly nice not to have cuts, burns, or dryness on your hands after washing dishes. Because If You Care Fair Trade FSC Household Gloves are made from thick natural rubber, they’re handy for whatever chores you have in the home and in the garden.

Murchison-Hume Natural Bristle Dish Brush

Sometimes heavy-duty tools are the only thing to really get that grime off. For truly stuck-on dirt in pots and pans, this natural bristle brush will make scrubbing so much easier for you. The handle makes it easy to grip and get a little extra cleaning power, and the bristles are soft so you don’t have to worry about scratching and scuffing your precious Le Creuset cooking ware. The handle also allows it to reach in and clean things you might not be able to do by hand, such as a tall vase or champagne flute. Murchison-Hume Natural Bristle Dish Brush is a perfect companion with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid, and can be used for even the most delicate of dishes!

Stay Away Botanical Rodent Repellent

If you’re dealing with a rodent issue, then rest assured that you don’t need to resort to harsh chemicals that end up close to you, your family, and your pets. This all-natural repellent will get rid of mice and rats without using inhumane traps, glues, or toxic ingredients. Stay Away Botanical Rodent Repellent comes in an easy-to-use pouch that consists of a plant fiber blend and botanical extracts that will smell pleasant to you, but completely disgust rodents and steer them away.

Reviews For Dishwashing Liquid - Free and Clear

Based on 26 Reviews


Nice, natural cleanser.

- Shannon

My Generation

Seventh Generation product line is by far the BEST!!! gets it clean!! RECOMMEND!!!!

- Wanda I. Fazio

My favorite dish liquid

I don't like a strong perfume odor when doing dishes. This dish liquid is wonderful because it is odorless. It is economical and produces a good lather, a good product overall. The company is also admirable.

- Bonnie J

love this dish soap

I've used this for years and been pleased with it. It cleans well, has little scent just freshness. I will continue to use this dishwashing liquid.

- Karyn

Good dish soap

You won't get as many suds as with the leading brand but it is worth it from a health perspective.

- Jill

Not what I thought

Your product did not meet my idea of a dish soap. I had to use too much in order to get enough soap to clean the oil off my dishes.

- Rita

Good products

I have to say that I like buying 7th generation because of their products and their environmental impact. Their dish soap though, is a bit more on the toxic side when I went to the ewg website. I would try a different dish soap if you're concerned about what is going down the drain. It also doesn't clean the best so you have to use ALOT.

- Lillian

Gets the job done

Love 7th generation free & clear. No harsh scents and the dishes get nice and clean. We've been using this for years now and love it.

- Scott

Good product, reasonable price for the most part

This is my primary dish washing liquid, so I was really pleased to see it here at a price definitely lower than Whole Foods regular price (I rarely buy it there though) and (where I last paid 3.99 for it), so considered this a bargain price. But right after I purchased it here, I saw it at my local Whole Foods store on sale for only $3.00, limited time only of course. Win some, lose some! Still, I will keep it on my shopping list here to buy when needed and I don't find it on sale for a lower price.

- Rebecca

Squeaky Clean

Glad to know I'm not using harmful or toxic ingredients when cleaning my dishes.

- Cathy

Good as any, better than most

I've used this product for a few years and I like it. I prefer scented, but this is what Thrive has.

- Wendy G.

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid

Love this dish soap, but have not used the unscented in this brand. I like a scented dish soap, especially the Lavender Mint! Hope you will be able to add it sometime soon...then I will buy it! ;)

- Patrice

Great grease-fighter!

I was wary to try this product at first, ususally "green" cleaning products aren't the best grease fighters. This product is so much better than the other brands and the scents are nice, not chemical smelling. I prefer the unscented, but any of the 7th Generation products are worth the price in my opinion.

- Brie-Ann

Good for the environment.

I like that this soap is environmentally friendly and not harsh on my skin at all. However, the consistency is more watery than my previous soaps so I end up using more squirts after a few dishes to produce more lather. Also, I wouldn't mind a light scent to diffuse the food smells that sometimes linger on plastic containers. This doesn't do a great job at that.

- Norma M.

Spot Free Clean

It would be pretty hard to write a review for soap if I didn't really like it! This stuff it simply my favorite! Biodegradeable and Certified B- both are very important when talking about dish soap!

What I would like is a pump on the end of it. I found it a little hard to open the lid when my hands are wet. Otherwise, I would buy this stuff again- no problem!

- Lyle Greer

Great product from a great company!

I love this product and the company! I use this for dishes as well as hand soap in the kitchen and it doesn't dry out my hands like most other dish soaps do. I'm very sensitive to certain chemical smells and residue but I don't have a problem at all with this product. The formula used here is awesome and no scents added! I definitely recommend.

- Melanie

Great soap

Love the price, and the product. I like how well this soap works on my dishes

- Bertha

Very Good

I am very satisfied with this dish washing liquid. I will be purchasing again.

- Jane

Great stuff

Works great at tough dishes as along as you use the right sponge. Perfect for families with allergies.

- Susannah

Wanted to like it...

I REALLY wanted to like this product because I have loved all of the Seventh Generation products I've tried. Unfortunately, this product does not live up to their usually awesome standards. I have to use a LOT of soap for the same amount of clean and I really do need the scent to mask the odor of unpleasant dishes, such as pet food bowls. I'll use the bottle I have open and the other bottle I have, but I won't buy again.

- Laura

Ok so far, not great

When you buy something natural like a dish washing soap or laundry detergent, you're always worried it won't be as strong.

Much as I hate chemicals, they do serve a purpose, and with this liquid, I can see how my plates and glasses aren't washing as clean as with the old stuff. There are some hard water deposits on my glasses, and not all stains are removed. But it's natural and good for the environment, so I'm sticking with it for now.

- C. Marston

Another product for me

Since going green with my household products, it's been a real eye opener seeing how many chemicals are in just about everything I used to use.

Seventh Generation liquid is natural and scent free, and it does the job well. I hardly rinse my plates and forks just to test it out, and so far, it's held up really well. The price is good, too, for about what I spend on 16 pacs of Target brand dishwashing soap, I get this, I use less and I get great value thanks to Thrive

- Cade M.

Great natural soap

I used to buy endless pacs of diswashing soap from Target, and they would last about two weeks before I had to get more. They cleaned ok, but they were harsh, smelled strong and had chemicals.

This detergent is everything those pacs weren't. It's made from plant sources and has no chemicals, dyes or perfumes. It cleans very well, as good as the other stuff, but without the additives. Love this product.

- Carolyn Murphy

Used to Love It

I used to swear by Seventh Generation's dishwashing detergent, but the last two bottles have been horrid. I don't think it's Thrive's fault. I think it might be the manufacturer. Up until then, it cleaned my dishes perfectly without a chemical smell or drying out my hands. Lately, though, I'm finding that my hands feel dried out after every load of dishes I do. I'm having to use a lotion just to combat using this dishwasher soap. I was a fan, and I'm hoping they go back to the old formula soon.

- Kassy

It cleans well

This stuff is free of fragrance, so when you get sick of fake floral and fruit scents it is a great relief. It does dry out my hands a little, but it gets the dishes clean. The soap is kind of watery, and it doesn't suds up like regular brands, so a bottle goes fast and you sometimes find you're using too much.

It works on grease and grime, you just have to scrub and soak a little more.

- Billy

A classic

This is my usual dish soap. No fragrances or dyes, and it works well. I even use it as my kitchen hand soap. Love it!

- Brenda

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