All-Purpose Cleaner, Peppermint

16 oz bottle

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16 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

A true all-purpose cleaner, this non-toxic formula has just five simple yet powerful ingredients to clean and brighten a variety of surfaces in your home. The power of peppermint and rosemary essential oils combine to refresh while you work to safely shine and clean everything from mirrors and glass to granite, stainless steel, tile, linoleum, slate, natural stone, and concrete surfaces. Even spot clean rugs for those stubborn visitors forgetting to wipe or remove their shoes. The bottle comes with the concentrate so you just have to add your own water. It’s hypoallergenic and safe for any allergy-prone family members. Don’t throw the spray bottle away – simply fill it back up with the All-Purpose concentrate refill.
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About This Brand

In 1996, Kandie Konomos began a household cleaning company named Herb ‘N Organics Cleaning. As a professional cleaner, however, her skin often reacted to the chemicals in the cleaning products and she developed contact dermatitus. After years of trying different “green” products, research and experience, Kandi began to develop her own safe, natural cleaning products to help with the dermatitus. She soon found that her own products worked just as well—if not better—than commercial cleaning agents. They also relieved her of contact dermatitis. These recipes are still the core of Truce products today. During the same time, Kandie’s friend Diann Peart was finishing her PhD in Ecology and was becoming increasingly aware of the use of toxic chemicals in homes and gardens. The relationship between illnesses and chemical overload was glaringly clear. Cases of chemical sensitivies were on the rise, as were endocrine disorders—and they still are. Diann committed herself to educating local...
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Rubbing alcohol, Water, Hydrogen peroxide, Soap flakes, Peppermint essential oil.

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Reviews For All-Purpose Cleaner, Peppermint

Based on 39 Reviews

Works well

I'm new to cleaning with natural products, but I was pleasantly surprised by this cleaner. It truly does work on mirrors and glass and does not leave streaks. It definitely smells like peppermint. I do recommend Truce.

- Kristina B


Calling this Jesus spray from now on because last night I spilled a few drops of red wine on my comforter, and a few swift scrubs of this stuff took it right off. Also, I'm afraid of spiders, and peppermint acts as a deterrent against bugs so this stuff is truly my savior.

- Kerry Jane

The smell

The smell is amazing and it cleans well. i will be reordering for sure! I love that it doesn't have nasty chemicals in it.

- Marisa

Love love love

OMG!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I just got my order today and the first thing I did was clean my kitchen counters.... I have a small kitchen but an open floor plan and I can still smell the wonderful peppermint scent in my living room!!!! I will definitely be ordering more of this!!!!

- Andrea Bettis

Love it!

I have bought this cleaner a couple times now. I won't use any other. It cleans great and the smell is fantastic. I love that's it's safe to use around kids. Really an excellent cleaning product.

- Michele

Love this cleaner!

I was looking for a good, natural, all-purpose cleaner. Truce met my expectations and then some! I love the peppermint smell, and I appreciate how well it cleans everything--kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, mirrors, etc. The price is also great, especially with the refill bottle!

- Kathryn F.


Truce cleanse better than any multi purpose cleaner i have ever used! it's quick, smells good, no lingering chemical smell. I have nothing bad to say about it.
While using it, the scent can seem strong, but when you're done, it goes down to a mild, fresh smell.
i am so happy I decided to buy the refills when I bought this bottle. LOVE IT!

- Nikki

love it!

Great fresh and natural smell. awesome for a quick wipe down of the counters. only thing i dont like is the spray comes out in a wide mist. wish it was a little more direct and narrow.

- Stacey


I love this cleaner! Smells great and cleans very well, even soap scum. Not much scrubbing required.

- Michele Kammanee

Delicious Cleaner!

This cleaner smells delicious enough to eat! (No, I will not be trying it. lol) I LOVE cleaning with it though. Makes the house smell so fresh and inviting. I get many compliments on how nice my house smells when company walks in the door. Thanks Thrive for offering this great product!

- Angie

So much more energizing than vinegar scent

I love this stuff. I've been using vinegar and baking soda, only, to clean for many years now. Not sure what made me try Truce, but I'm sold. Already purchased a refill bottle. The scent is nothing short of gorgeous. And bonus: I think it repels bugs, too. (Can't swear to that, but it seems to be the case...)

- Tracy

Happy to clean with this!

Received part of the household cleaning kit & this is our favorite. Not scared to clean with the kids around and has the most refreshing smell. Will be buying the refill.

- K. Webb

great product

it cleans and smells great!

- Denize

Better than expected!

After reading all the good reviews for this cleaner I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be everything I expected and more. I can use this cleaner on anything and it really dries up nicely on windows; actually requires less wiping than other cleaners. Love the fresh scent it leaves behind and I feel really good about using a product that is not harmful to me, my family or the environment. Will definitely keep using and ordering more refills.

- Rosemarie

All-purpose Peppermint Cleaner

Love this product, the way it cleans and smells! Definitely recommend it to all the health-conscious people out there. Gina

- Gina

All You Need

Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, soap, essential oils, water. Cleans, disinfects, smells great. It's everything you need and all you want. I love this product.

- Catherine

Smells amazing!

Love that this smells so fresh. And not chemical-y. I love how well it cleans up set on foods. I have 4 messy toddlers so cleaning doesn't always get done right away. Great product. Will definitely be purchasing the refills for this.

- Amber

Love it - wish there was a refill option

I love this stuff. It cleans everything and leaves a nice clean scent. Works great on glass and windows. My only hope is that they will offer a refill option in a smaller bottle to eliminate having multiple sprayer bottles around. I do recycle, but would prefer not to have to buy it in this form.

- Debbie B

I'm in love!

I wasn't really expecting to love peppermint scent, but I'm trying to use bug-repelling scents around the home. But I'm totally in love with this cleaner! My little one had an accident on the floor, so the room smelled- I used this cleaner to spot- clean the floor and the whole room smelled delightful afterward! Then I wanted to use it so I used this and a magic eraser to clean dirty hand prints off the walls, refrigerator, cabinets- anyway, worked well and smelled absolutely wonderful. Really happy!!

- Aimee

My new favorite cleaner!

Love the short ingredient list, love how it cleans, love the fresh smell it leaves behind!

- Jessica


I love this cleaning product! It smells so good and is invigorating! Does a great job cleaning and doesn't leave a residue. This is my second purchase!

- Kimberly

Great natural cleaner

Great product! Back for a re-order - all natural AND cuts tough grease - couldn't ask for a better cleaner!

- Jenna

Love this Cleaner

I purchased this cleaner because of all the great reviews and I love it! I couldn't believe it, my mirrors and windows are completely streak free! My bathroom is so clean and my granite counter tops... Just wow.. I have never seen them shine like this before. I have tried so many things to clean my granite and this product is AWESOME! Never go back to any of my other cleaning supplies again.

- Patricia

Great for general wiping

This smells great and does a great job of a general clean up. It works well on minor spills. For more set in counter stains and spills, you'll want to let it spray and sit for a few minutes. I bought the bottle that comes with the nozzle (not the refill) and my only complaint is that the stream is so wide and it cannot be switched to a thin stream.

- Dana

smells great!

great solution

- Nina

Good every day cleaner

This is great for every day wipe downs. Now great for any tough stains though. Love the peppermint scent!

- Amber

Great product.

I'm always looking for a efficient cleanup product. This has a nice smell, and works well in the kitchen. Looking forward to how it works in the bath.

- Marianne


So I'm pretty much sold on this product! It has soo few ingredients--truly non-toxic. and It works! I love the smell of peppermint too. This is my new fave cleaner. It works even as a glass cleaner too.

- Jessica

Love this!

I love this little bottle of cleaner! It smells great and leaves no residue. My 6 year old loves to clean and used it on my old tired hardwood floors (not sure she should have but whatever - she's cleaning!) and they are feeling clean and looking good! Great on counters and for wiping down sticky chairs too. I love this company's whole philosophy with packaging.

- Claire

Works VERY well

The scent smells like the real deal because it is. I found it to be a bit strong, so I diluted it a bit more and it still works great. Highly Recommend

- Gina

Fresh Mint Scent/Great Cleaner

This is the first time ordering Truce allpurpose cleaner & I am not dissapointed! It is my favorite for bathrooms.

- Elaine

Love this product

I love that it is multi-purpose, the scent is amazing and not too strong, and I love that it only has 5 ingredients. I will definitely buy again.

- Rebecca

Great product

This is a great bathroom cleaner- and a no streak glass/window cleaner. Smells great.

- Kelly

Good stuff!

Love this cleaner, the odor is so fresh!

- Harriet Shirley

Great scent

My favorite thing about this is the scent. Standard cleansers smell absolutely horrid. Like serious chemicals. I love this one because it has a nice, peppermint scent. It isn't too strong, but it's definitely noticeable, and I can smell it for awhile after I clean up as well. It works well and smells good, so I don't really have any complaints.

- Darlene Thompson

Cleans Up Well

I kept arguing with my partner about how well natural cleansers would work, and we both settled on this one to try. I'm glad we chose this one because it made a good first example! It cleaned up pretty much everyone one of our appliances really well. It had to presoak stains a little bit more than standard cleansers do, but it didn't have a horrid smell, and it cleaned up things well. I'm happy with it.

- Kayleigh Lopez

It Works!

You add your own water when it arrives to save shipping costs. What a great idea. AND, it works. We use it in the kitchen. Very happy with the non toxic ingredients and the cleaning power.

- Laura

Smells Great Works Great

It has a very refreshing peppermint smell, cleans counters, sinks, mirrors and spot cleans tile floors really well. I haven't found anything yet that it doesn't work on.

- Tyana

Smells great AND non-toxic

It's so nice cleaning and not getting dizzy/nauseous off the fumes! Great cleaner and leaves everything smelling fresh ... minty fresh!

- emily

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