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NEW! The Scrub Sponge from TWIST is the perfect multipurpose scrub sponge for your kitchen, furniture, bath and outdoor purposes. Unlike the conventional yellow-green scrub sponge, the TWIST scrub sponge is dye-free, and also doesn't use any plastics or toxic adhesives. Best of all, they are priced to compete with the conventional yellow-green scrub sponges!
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About This Brand

Naturally spongey, plant based, scrubby cleaning marvels.A CLEAN WORLDWhen it comes to meals, some people love the cooking part. And lots of people love the eating part. But it seems like nobody loves the cleaning part. We were the same way. And that bugged us. Why don't we love cleaning? Turned out for us, it was a lot of things. We didn't like the tools. We didn't like the way they felt. We didn't like the way they looked sitting on the counter. We didn't like what they were made of. So we decided to make some little changes. Nothing big. Just little things. Pretty soon we were getting a good feeling when we were doing the dishes too. And a new company was born.MEET TWIST Not a lot of people love cleaning. We think it's because a lot of people don't love what they're cleaning with. Hi, we're TWIST. We make plant based cleaning products we love. And we bet you'll love them too.We've made a complete collection of naturally spongey, plant based, scrubby cleaning...
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Reviews For Scrub Sponge

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Great qualities - Scrubby side falls apart too soon

OK product. I like the fact that this sponge is comparable to the iconic green and yellow sponge we've all bought countless times. I love that there are no dyes or glues used. However, the stitching around the scrubby part of the sponge is not very strong and it falls off after just a couple of uses.

- Stella


Love these sponges! Durable and it stays white for quite a while!

- Jennifer

Wish they were great!

I really wish these worked well...but after one use on dishes the material they use to make the scrubby side is clumping to the side. The material also was not durable enough to get my dishes clean.
The sponge side is very nice and seems thicker than other lead brands that have duel sides to a sponge. Would order just the sponge if I needed them for that purpose.

- Thrive User

Finally found a great sponge!

Love this sponge. Twists and wrings out easily. Stays white and fresh (which I had questioned before purchasing). So far very happy with it. Been using it for a few weeks.

- stacey

White scrub sponge

The first time I ordered these they were great! I ordered again and now the white scrub material falls apart it a couple of uses. I don't know if they changed their choice of scrubber surface or I was lucky the first time. I will not be ordering these again (after 2 subsequent orders) unless I hear they have started using a stronger material again. Too bad- the first ones were wonderful!

- Paula

Way better than the average sponge

I love that these sponges are dye-free and don't contain plastics or toxic adhesives - and i think they work just as well! I also like the white color!

- Nicole

Great sponges!

These are great sponges! They're super durable and I think this is a good price for a 3-pack.

- Loren

great scrubber sponges!

They are soft sponges with a gentle scrubby side, and so far very durable. Great price for three!

- Jenn Lee

Great addition to a green kitchen!

we switched from the generic scrubs to Twist. It cleans just as well while keeping toxics at bay in our kitchen and environment. It is biodegradable!

- sonam

Wonderful sponge

Works great, great price

- Mon

Long Lasting

These sponges last just as long as the artificially dyed sponges out there. These are just as durable and last just as long but are eco-friendly. Win Win situation. Have and will keep purchasing.

- Deanna

Works well though not extremely durable

I really like this sponge...I use both the gentle and the scrubbing sides. I do find that it lasts only about 1/4 the amount of time that a dual sided sponge from Target lasts. I hope they continue to work on their technology with then natural fibers/materials till they find one that does this well at cleaning, plus is as durable as the less natural sponges. Good start though!

- Sharon

Twist Scrub Sponge

This is an update on my review. The day after I gave this a 5 star I thoughtlessly used the Twist scrubber sponge to attempt scrubbing some leftover roasted veggie residue on a pan. Big mistake, the first swipe tore the material that wasn't sewn down to shreds. I was hoping it would hold up to occasional pan scrubbing. The sewn part is still a good scrubber so I'll probably use it for a long time until the sponge wears out. It may be a very long time.


Twist Scrub Sponge

I really like this sponge. It cleans better than the green sponge from another company. It holds together and soaks up water and wipes surfaces dryer too and sewn instead of glued together. I must order more before they stop making them because they are too good compared to most scrub sponges.


so nice!

My daughter had tried it first, and she told me she really liked it, not something I would've thought-after all it's just a sponge-NOT!! I was quite surprised-love the way this sponge feels, it's so nice! Who knew a simple sponge would feel like a treat?!

- Cheryl

Great sponge, lasts well

These sponges are great and affordable. By the time they start degrading, it is definitely time to use a new one anyway. I love having the soft side and scrubber side

- Bailey

Works well

These sponges work well. The scrubber part wears off a little faster than traditional scrubber sponges, but I prefer this sponge. Sanitizes in the microwave fine.

- Anna

Better than the yellow & green sponge!

I love this sponge! It works better than the conventional sponge you buy at the grocery store. It's effective, cleans well and I like how it's non-toxic!

- Leila

Great Value!

I have used Honest Company sponges in the past, but these are a really great value and seem to last much longer~then I can just add them to my compost pile!

- Michelle

Strong nice looking sponge that is a great alternative to plastic!

Love these strong sponges hold up really well and look much nicer than those yellow ones!

- Heather

Hardy Sponge

This sponge definitely holds up as well as any other sponge I've tried. Has a nice smell too. Will buy again.

- Anna

Very durable!

This sponge is excellent! It holds up great against dish scrubbing and even multi-purpose cleaning. The scrubber side is tough enough without being damaging or scratching surfaces.

- Marcelle

very good!

I love these sponges, they last very long and aren't scratchy on my skin, yet have the texture to scrub dishes clean!

- Jennifer

Great soft eco sponge!

I love using these sponges for kitchen and the rest of the house. They are soft, easy to rise and well made. They are great!

- Marnie

Great for dishes!

I really like the fact that this sponge is eco-friendly. It works well for scrubbing dishes, and doesn't have all those chemical dyes like the typical neon green/yellow sponges.

- Bertha

Best sponges

Best sponges I have ever used! Hardy and long-lasting.

- Michele

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