Plant Gel Toothpaste

2.5 oz bottle

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2.5 oz bottle

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Natural cleansing and protection for delicate gums. Clean teeth, care for sensitive gums and balance the normal functions of your mouth with this soothing tooth gel. It’s a gentle way to clean your mouth with natural silica and help reduce the buildup of plaque. Your sensitive gums are soothed by the mild antiseptic properties of organic chamomile flower extract. The gently effective disinfectant in our soothing myrrh extracts and the astringent properties of organic ratanhia are proven oral healthcare secrets from ancient cultures that naturally clean and tone your modern mouth. With the invigorating taste of lively mint and citrus fruits, your mouth feels completely refreshed. You’ve finally found soothing oral care that effectively cleans your teeth, so tell those sensitive gums to relax.
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About This Brand

Actively cultivating beauty. Our HistoryIt all goes back to 1921 and something called anthroposophy. This movement, stemming from the teachings of philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner, encourages the individual to see his or her body, mind and spirit as intrinsically linked to our world; all part of one holistic system.And so Steiner, along with Dr. Ita Wegman, got together with a team of dedicated scientists and doctors to determine just how they might use this philosophy to take care of their patients’ needs. They understood that a human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. So they developed a personal approach to health care using natural ingredients that can holistically work with and support our own body’s healing tendencies.They started by creating one of the world’s first Biodynamic gardens to grow what they needed. Sound new agey? It’s actually old agey—what cultures around the world have done successfully for generations.It was...
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Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Hydrated Silica, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Alcohol, Krameria Triandra (Ratanhia) Root Extract, Commiphora Myrrha Resin Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Matricaria (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Esculin, Xanthan Gum, Flavor (Aroma)*, Limonene* * from natural essential oils

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Reviews For Plant Gel Toothpaste

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Organic toothpaste on the rise

It's good to know that this toothpaste has good ingredients. I bought one to try.

- Toxin Police

I could swear I'd already reviewed this....

I have recently decided it was high time I cleaned up my personal care products, and have switched from standard commercial shampoo, conditioner and now toothpaste; good move, with a few caveats. This toothpaste seems to work well, and I appreciate that the flavor isn't so strong that it wakes me up when I'm getting ready for bed. It has one odd feature: it's red, and I find myself wondering if it's the toothpaste or my gums degrading (I've concluded it's the toothpaste). It seems an odd choice, though. I've bought it again, so I can't be too displeased.

- RuthK

It seems to do a good job, but

it has a peculiarity or two: 1) it's a muted red (no coloring agent listed) so I'm left wondering if that's the toothpaste or my bleeding gums, and 2) it's very soft, bordering on liquid, so it doesn't always want to stay put on the brush. The flavor is pleasant and not so "fresh" that it would wake me up too much before bedtime. All in all, I like it (and so does Environmental Working Group).

- Ruth

Great natural toothpaste.

Not the best toothpaste I've ever used, but a great natural option with a minty flavor. Doesn't foam too much (its natural), which is fine by me. My only comment would be that it could be minty-er. Still a great option that I will continue to use.

- Michelle

Good for sensitive teeth

I've always had to use toothpaste designed for sensitive gums, and this one works just as better (if not even better!) than most of those toothpastes have worked for me. It doesn't irritate my gums, and it cleans my teeth really well. I love the taste of it, and it's enjoyable without being too intense. This one will be replacing my regular toothpaste.

- Katrina Santiago


It terrifies me how many different products (and even toothpastes!) we use that have MSG in them! This is one of the few that I've found that doesn't have MSG in it. I'm so lucky that this toothpaste works well enough that I don't find any reason to switch. It cleans my teeth fine, and I love the pure ingredient list.

- Darlene Cooper

Best toothpaste ever!

I've tried so many toothpastes and this is by far the best. Love that it doesn't contain glycerine or flouride.

- Jacklyn

Great toothpaste!

I've tried many, many different toothpastes and by far this is the best. The taste is great!

- Jacklyn

Good, peppermint is best.

This is a pleasant enough sweeter tasting toothpaste which cleans well. The ingredients are clean and I trust Weleda. However, my favorite is the peppermint Weleda toothpaste.

- Rachel

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