Kava Stress Relief Tea

16 bags per box

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16 bags per box

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When stress has a hold on you, take a break and brew a cup of Kava Stress Relief. Native to Oceania and the South Pacific Islands, Kava has traditionally been cultivated for its power to calm the body and mind and encourage a good night’s sleep. Kava is also recognized by herbalists for its ability to promote a state of relaxed awareness without compromising mental functions. Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief tea combines this relaxing herb with Cinnamon and Sarsaparilla to add warmth and spice, and Carob Pod for rich flavor. Relax and find tranquility with a warm soothing cup of Kava Stress Relief.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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About This Brand

Tea that is rich with flavor and healthful purpose.Our story begins in 1969 when Yogi Bhajan, an inspired and inspiring teacher of holistic living, started teaching yoga in America. He shared the wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda and healthy living that he had mastered in India with his students while serving a specially spiced tea, which they affectionately named "Yogi Tea." The recipe contained five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. When blended and brewed, these delicious spices leave you feeling vibrant and alive, while boosting overall well-being. Intrigued by the complex flavor and inherent health benefits of this unique combination of spices, it wasn't long before several of the yogi's students were inspired to brew their own "Yogi Tea."In 1984 this grassroots endeavor blossomed into the Yogi Tea Company. Packages of the rough, dried spices began to appear in natural foods stores throughout Southern California....
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Carob pod, indian sarsaparilla root, cinnamon bark, ginger root, kava root, cardamom seed, stevia leaf, natural flavors, essential oils, organic barley malt, natural heazelnut flavor, natural cinnamon oil, natural licorice flavor.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 tea bag (Makes 8 fl oz) Servings Per Container 16

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% Daily Value*

Ask a healthcare professional before use if you have or have had liver problems, frequently use alcoholic beverages, or are taking any medication. Stop use and see a doctor if you develop symptoms that may signal liver problems (e.g., unexplained fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, dark urine, pale stools, yellow eyes or skin). Not for use by persons under 18 years of age or by pregnant or breast-feeding women. Not for use with alcoholic beverages. Excessive use or use with products that cause drowsiness may impair your ability to operate a vehicle or heavy equipment.

Reviews For Kava Stress Relief Tea

Based on 13 Reviews

I loved this tea the first time I tried it

It was one of the most relaxing teas, and I actually even liked it when it was cool, not just when it was warm. Tastes nice with some honey. The second time I tried it, it didn't seem to work that well, but it may be an interaction with one of my meds or my body being weird. Either way, I enjoy the tea.

- Sunshine

Best Product - Ever !

The tea is wonderful and tastes great. Make sure te water is barely boiling - if it goes to hot, it will kill the Kava effect.

- Andrea

Always have this tea on hand

Have been drinking this tea for a few years now and absolutely love it. As a naturally anxious person who has difficulty falling/staying asleep this Kava tea is perfect for me! I am also a herbal and tea devotee and love the routine of sipping a large, strongly brewed mug of this tea in the evening to wind down. It really does an amazing job of relaxing one's nerves and has a rich, delicious taste. I still drink a "sleep" tea before bed but have found that when I have my Kava a couple of hours before I fall asleep quickly and sleep very well through the night. As always - thanks to Thrive for offering it at such a low price!

- Rose

Enjoy this tea

Warm and yummy. Bit of licorice flavor with mild cinnamon mixed in. Love it

- Gail

Better Than Melatonin

After a cup of this before bedtime, I can barely keep my eyes open. I Seriously feel like someone has slipped me a sleeping pill. This cozy tea taste amazing, and has quickly become a favorite part of my bedtime routine.


Favorite Yogi tea

It does what it says....and it tastes great. Be prepared for an aftertaste though. It IS slightly sweetened with Stevia leaf.

- Mary

Afternoon Relaxation

This is my go to tea for afternoon breaks. I love the relaxed feel that I get from the tea. There is no sleepiness just a lovely feel of stress relief.

- Anne

Loved it

It's good for relaxing, and it tastes pretty good.

- Aaron

So mmmm

I absolutely love this tea. It smells incredible, tastes delicious, is soothing and relaxing. It can be jazzed up with some soy creamer and sugar. Can't get enough of it.

- Shauna

Stress Relief

This tea has a nice soothing flavor to it, and it really does help me unwind without making me sleepy. I'd rather cozy up with a mug of this tea at the end of the day rather than a glass of wine.

- Nicole

As good as a massage treatment

Seriously, 1/2 way through my cup of tea and im sooooo "Euphorically" relaxed...And even though my hubby snores, this tea makes me sleep soundly through the whole night

- Andria

Good Tea

Helps calm me down after a long day of working

- Diana

The flavor of the tea is also delicious!

I have always loved teas. This kava stress relief tea from yogi tea is my favorite drink before going to bed. It relaxes and calms me giving me a good night's sleep. I feel energized the next morning. The flavor of the tea is also delicious!

- Lee Flores

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