9 Ways to Give Your Mom a DIY Spa Day for Mother’s Day

April 27th, 2015

Sure, flowers are nice, and everyone loves a card saying they’re loved. But if you really want to give your mom something she’ll go wild for this Mother’s Day, you can’t do better than a spa day.

And the good news is, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of bucks at some elite salon. We’ve got a lineup of top-shelf body care products that offer real-life relaxation at a price that fits your budget. From a hot chocolate sugar scrub (yum!) to a coconut and papaya body lotion, Thrive Market has your back (and your face, and your toes…).

Check out our favorite DIY spa day below—and get ready for the thank-you note of your life!

1. EO French Lavender Bubble Bath
2. Queen Helene Lavender Bath Salts
3. Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub
4. Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream
5. Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream
6. Nubian Coconut and Papaya Body Lotion
7. Acure Organics Argan Oil
8. Natural Therapeutics Anti-Stress Silk Eye Pillow
9. NCLA Nail Laquer

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