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Celebrate B Corp Month With These Products from Thrive Market

Becoming a B Corporation (or a “B Corp”) is one of the highest certifications a business can receive to back up their efforts toward environmental and social responsibility. B Corps are the leaders in their respective industries; the companies that walk the walk, so to speak, when it comes to ingredient transparency, ethical sourcing, and ...

What are Seed Oils and are They Bad for You?

There was a time when many people thought sticking to a “healthy diet” meant avoiding fats and oils at all costs. That advice may have changed, but there’s one type of oil that still raises red flags: seed oils.   Multipurpose seed oils (like canola oil) are a common pantry staple in households around the world, ...

Types of Eggs: How to Read the Terms on Your Carton

Whether you like them runny and over-easy or soft-scrambled with a sprinkle of chives on top, the best eggs are the ones that come from happy, healthy chickens. When you’re choosing a carton at the grocery store, however, it may feel like all those marketing terms are competing with one another (and creating a confusing ...

Your Golden Shelfies Winners Are Here! The Best Thrive Market Products for 2023

It’s the best part of any awards show: the moment the host opens the envelope, the crowd goes silent, and the energy builds. The winner is announced, and then… thunderous applause!  Right now is *that* moment for our 2023 Golden Shelfie Awards. We’re ready to unveil the winning products across nine delicious, sustainable, innovative, and ...

The Polls are Now Open for the 2023 Golden Shelfie Awards

The Golden Shelfies are our annual members’ choice awards, when we ask you to vote on your favorite Thrive Market brands and products—from premium pantry staples to sustainable snacks to that beverage you just can’t put down. We’re so excited to announce that the third annual Golden Shelfies are happening now! The polls are open, ...

Guide to Spices: From Allspice to Za’atar

One of the big things that separates a totally-fine dinner from a totally-delicious meal is expert seasoning—and for that, you need spices. But aside from a sprinkle of salt and pinch of pepper, how do you properly use them?  When you open your spice cabinet, a few big questions may come to mind:  How do ...

How Chef Will Coleman Cooks His Way to Community

Picture this: a warm, bustling kitchen with multiple pots simmering on the stove. There’s music on, but you can hardly hear it over the din of laughter and sizzling. Every few minutes the door opens to another smiling face, another armful of groceries, wine, and dessert. It’s crowded, the silverware doesn’t match, and everyone is ...

Do This Instead of Meal Prep for a Week of Easy & Delicious Meals

Oh, the irony of meal prep.  The concept seems great: by simply doing a bit of work at the beginning of the week, you can enjoy a few days of healthy, nutritious meals without much thought or effort. But for many people, meal prep can feel stressful and stifling, often associated with restrictive diets. And  ...

Make These Chewy Chocolate Oat Bars with One of 2023’s Top Ingredients

Naturally sweet, delicious on their own as a snack, and perfect for blending into desserts and drinks—what’s not to like about dates? 

Trade the New Year’s Diet for These 3 Healthy Tips

Eating healthier is a popular New Year’s resolution, but “healthier” leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Does it mean low-carb, high fat? Eating nothing but plants? Or nothing but meat?

Gluten-Free, Keto, and Vegan Baking Tips for Better Healthy Treats

’Tis the season for homemade baked goods, but what do you do when everyone’s got different dietary restrictions? Easy: you get your ingredients at Thrive Market, where it’s a cinch to find baking essentials like flour, sweetener, and chocolate chips that suit every lifestyle.

Sharing Our Table: JP’s Cheddar and Chive Biscuits

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the dinner table is a place to pause and reconnect. Cooking engages all our senses, helping us get grounded and find gratitude in the present. Especially at the holidays, gathering around a home-cooked meal is a chance to reflect on our fondest memories and make new ...

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