Choco Crunch Sprouted Cookies

3 oz bag

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3 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Small, dark and handsome: Say hello to our Chocolate Super Cookies. They’re full of rich, chocolate flavor with a crunch you won’t find in any chocolate bar. The good thing is that we’ve made them so healthy, no one has to feel guilty about indulging in these chocolate treats!
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About This Brand

Go Raw is a producer of tasty, raw vegan snacks with more than 50 varieties of seed-based products. Each is made with some of the highest quality ingredients and then cooked at a low temperature to preserve the powerful nutrients and enzymes inside. Go Raw makes it easy to snack without worry since they believe in making honest, wholesome foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious. How Go Raw got started Go Raw began selling their sprouted seed products at farmers markets in 2002. Initially believing that they would be selling to a very niche market, they actually discovered that their healthy snacks were an enormous hit, so they began to expand production. Growing from a 900-square-foot retail space in San Diego to a 65,000-square-foot solar-powered plant in San Jose, Go Raw has been booming. While they’ve become a big name in plant-based nutrition, that doesn’t mean Go Raw has compromised their values. Honest ingredients and creativity still remain just as important...
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Organic Coconut (Unsulphured), Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Dates, Raw Organic Cacao.

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Serving Size About 18 Pieces (28 g) (1 oz) Servings Per Container 3

Amount Per Serving

Calories 160 Calories from Fat 80

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 9g 14%
Saturated Fat 5g 25%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 10mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 17g 6%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars 11g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 8%
Iron 10%

Reviews For Choco Crunch Sprouted Cookies

Based on 44 Reviews


I really love these. They are not too sweet and they are really crunchy! I've already placed a second order.

- Krystal

Different... but still tasty.

At first I thought the taste was a bit weird, but the more I ate of it the more I liked it. Tastes like a super chocolate-y tahini crisp.

- Amber R

Weird flavor

These definitely have an acquired taste and they are not for me. I'd still say, give them a shot if you want something a little different. Plus they're really good for you!

- Amber


These are certainly different from other "regular" snacks. But a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth without going unhealthy. Interesting texture and taste, but we love it! My toddler agrees.

- Ilona


I tried these for the first time 2 days ago, and I plan on buying more of them. They were delicious. You don't miss the sugar as they have the sweetness that you are looking for. Very good product.

- Jessie

great snack

Delicious snack to curve your cravings. Very light and tasty.

- marianna

Perfect Snack

I love these Choco Crunch Sprouted Cookies. Perfect snack to curb those chocolate cravings.

- Lindsay

Just okay

To me, these are a little strange, not necessarily in a bad way, the chocolate is not overly sweet, just a solid dark chocolate flavor, its just a texture and taste I am unfamiliar with.

- Kelly


One of my favorite crunchy chocolate treats. My teenage girls love them.

- Lisa Kaye

Why didn't I know about these sooner?

Healthy, chocolatey, crunchy goodness!

- Tracey

Healthy Cookies

The best chocolate cookies.
Tasty and packed with Nutrition!!

- Lisa

good snack

these were a crunchy little snack with a nice taste

- Sherri

Not-so-guilty pleasure

Just perfect when you want a crunchy, sweet snack. The chocolate flavor is not pronounced, but it is enough to satisfy a craving. Kind of perfect with my afternoon tea.

- Cindy

Great product, better fresh

I've purchased these from my local health food store in the 'carrot cake' flavor and they were phenomenal. The cocoa flavor I ordered doesn't taste much different and they were a bit stale. Probably won't order online again, but still good

- Emma

Healthy Taste

Tastes really healthy - like cardboard and a very subtle hint of chocolate. Won't order these again but had to try them.

- Andrea

Raw cookies

These had excellent taste and texture.

- Carlene

Healthy Alternative

A great healthy alternative if you want something semi-sweet and crunchy. I keep at my desk at work for a mid-day snack! I highly recommend dipping in almond butter if you need a little something extra with them!

- Anna

Delicious snack

I love having these on hand when I'm eating healthy but am craving something sweet. They do the trick and taste good!

- Kelly


Love this Crispy Crunchy chocolate healthy snacks!

- Deborah

not bad, not great

Taste not bad but not great either. May or may not order again.

- Rebecca


If you don't like coconut flavoring then this is not for you. I'm on the fence on these. But I do think they are a good replacement for sweets.

- Kelsey

So yummy!

A great chocolate snack to have in the house!

- amanda

They grow on you

Seemed a bit weird and flavorless at first, and they were thinner and crunchier than I expected. I definitely grew to like them after a few.. And a few more! They have nice cacao and coconut flavors.

- Allison


These little things are yummy. Great way to curb the sugar cravings.

- Lily


Another great health snack

- Dolores

Super Cookies!

These are a very good healthy and free junk food. I love dark chocolate flavor with crunch.

- Simone

Raw chocolate cookies

They are my absolute favorite, sweet but not too sweet and crispy.

- Jennyfer

Read Other Reviews, Enjoy!

I got a chance to read the reviews before purchasing, and it was worth it. I had no expectations for this to actually taste and feel like a cookie. With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed. Not overly sweet, crunchy, chocolatey... definitely the right go-to for a choco-craving. I would probably just call them... chocolate crackers.

- Bethany


Not great but not bad. Probably won't buy again.

- Alyssa


When your craving something sweet without the guilt, reach for these. Super yummy!

- Lily

new favorite snack

Loved them. Had a hard time not eating the whole bag in one sitting. Have become one of my new favorites.

- M

Super Cookie?

Bland & dry. Stopped eating after trying 2. Raw chocolate super cookies are good for you and they taste like it too.

- Dana


I have to eat gluten free.. and i like most stuff (99%).. this leaves a bad taste.. Not a fan at all..

- Nicole

Very yummy

Think of these as mini cookie sized chunks of granola evenly distributed between chocolate taste and a seed-like taste. I think these are delicious--perfect to quench your snack craving at work. Will definitely buy again! the 3 oz bag is re-sealable and deceivingly large. I think one bag will last me about a week.

- Jessica


I adore these. They do the trick in the afternoon when I'm wanting a bit of sweetness and chocolatey goodness. Today I had a few with a glass of raw milk. Perfection.

- Alison

So good!

I am not on the raw foods only diet but I am gluten free. These tasted really good! Instead of eating a chocolate bar I ate a serving of these cookies. No more chocolate craving! I feel satisfied and full. I also feel alot less guilty eating these instead because of all the healthy ingredients added.

- Erica

No guilt chocolate

I absolutely love these. It kind of reminds me of the no bake cookies my mom always made. These are far healthier though. I can eat these and not feel guilty. I even let the kids have them!

They have a decent crunch and they are oh so chocolaty!

- Leanna

Crunchy and chocolaty

These are very chocolaty, but I wouldn't call them a cookie. Calling them cookies left me with certain expectations that weren't fulfilled.

I like the crunch and they are very healthy. I enjoy eating them when I am having a chocolate craving.

- Raina Low

Unique & Tasty

These are some delicious cookies, and I love that the high amount of fiber means I don't feel so bad eating more than I probably should. They don't taste like a cookie you'd buy at a fast food restaurant or anything, but they're still good in their own way. They're pretty crunchy, and they have an overwhelming chocolate taste with a hint of a coconut taste. Even the kids like these, and I feel better since I don't have to buy them any of the unhealthier types of cookies.

- Ebony

Very good but too small

Go Raw makes a ton of products that are health conscious but also respects the environment, which I really like. These chocolate cookies are in that same vein, no sugar, no wheat, no gluten and really tasty.

I wish Go Raw would make them bigger. You need about six to eight pieces to really feel satisfied, and by then half the bag is gone. The price is great though. Thrive offers them for $3.65 a bag, Amazon has the up for $4.58. Can't say much more about how much money Thrive is saving me on healthy food.

- Tarsen Holder

Live and Raw

It's not often you can buy these kinds of cookies. They're not baked or heated, they are made using a unique drying process. These are truly all-natural, with no trans fats or added cholesterol.

The taste is sublime, not your normal rush of sugar, but subtle, full of chocolate and satisfying. If you're e someone who can't shake Oreos or chocolate chip cookies, this is the product for you.

- Tasha

Tasty bits of chocolate

These are great nutritious cookies that aren't very big, but they pack a punch. They are organic, with no added sugar, no gluten and no wheat.

I take them on hikes and to eat after a workout to fill me up so I don't over indulge at meal time. They are just sweet enough to keep you from craving regular cookies.

- Tyrone Hill

Better Luck Next Time

I was a bit disappointed in these chocolate super cookies. They sounded amazing, but the taste wasn't that good. It could be me, I've heard you need a special palette for this type of chocolate.

I will say I'm impressed with the Thrive price and selection. I'm sure I will enjoy other snacks and foods from this site. No one likes everything.

- Rebecca Briggs

Tasty live cookies!

These cookies are very filling for their small size. This is probably due to their nutritive value, and to the lack of addicting, massive quantities of sugar and gluten. They're live and raw - cookies can't get healthier than that!

- Cory Doyle

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