Fair Trade FSC Household Gloves Size Medium 1 pair

One pair

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One pair

Why You’ll Love It

If You Care® Household Gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified latex (meaning the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation practicing Fair Trade standards). If You Care® Household Gloves are lightly dusted with cotton, are reusable, and work well for dishwashing, oven cleaning, house and bathroom cleaning, and gardening. Includes one medium-sized pair.
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About This Brand

Kitchen and household products crafted to have the least environmental impact. If You Care was conceived of as a brand of environmentally friendly kitchen and household products. The first If You Care products were unbleached coffee filters, and they were launched in 1990. These were the first unbleached coffee filters in the U.S. All If You Care paper products are unbleached and totally chlorine free. Since no chlorine is used for bleaching, no chlorine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams.
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FSC-certified rubber from responsibly managed plantation, 100% natural cotton lining, 100% renewable resources.

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Reviews For Fair Trade FSC Household Gloves Size Medium 1 pair

Based on 29 Reviews

Great, for now

I would rather not have to use gloves, but for now, these are a really good and mindful alternative to other brands.

- Roxana

Good for smaller hands

Bought two of these and they're a good fit for my smaller hands. My boyfriend has smaller hands as well and most gloves bought in stores (except Asian stores) are just too big.

Can be a bit tough to get them on and off, but I find it work it for the fit.

- Ashley

Awesome Eco-Friendly Gloves

I love that these gloves are made from sustainable and responsible materials. They are good on the environment, they have a great grip to them, and they are durable! They don't stick to my hands like the classic yellow gloves do.

- William

Great fit for small hands

I have fairly small hands (i.e. size 5 for my wedding bands) and these fit very comfortably. I had been in need of kitchen gloves for dish washing and these are perfect. They dry quickly and don't stick weird to my skin like some do. They protect well and have a good grip too.

- Lacey

Great Gloves

These gloves fit well and feel soft to wear.
They protect my hands from the hot water and grimy things. Price is great too. Would like to see them in other colors as I try to color code for different uses around the house.

- Sharon


Fav dish washing gloves thus far

- Brooke

Fair Trade household gloves

I was impressed with the nice packaging and the quality of the gloves. I really like them plus they fit well.

- ElaineMintz

Great Gloves That Last Well

I have largish hands for a short person. I buy the mediums and they fit a big snuggly. It can be a little work to get them off but otherwise they are very comfortable and last quite a while.

- Laura

Durable gloves

For the clean freak in me these gloves have lasted without tearing through a multitude of household tasks!

- Heather

Run Small

I do like these gloves and use them daily for kitchen chores, but I find they run very small. I wear a Med in gloves from grocery store but these are difficult to get on and off. Would order again if they came in a large.

- Ambia

Favorite Dish Gloves

This gloves fit well and hold up to many dish washes. I love the powder on the inside. I usually wear a small and these fit perfectly. If you have bigger hands they might be too tight.

- Kalai

They work like gloves :)

Love them. My first pair of dishwashing gloves, since my hands were always getting dried out. Love them!

- Rachel

Household gloves

They last a long time, are safe for the environment and both at a great price!!

- Susan

Wouldn't Buy Again

I was disappointed that these gloves only extend slightly beyond my wrists. I've been buying gloves that are much longer. The longer gloves keep water from sloshing down into the gloves. Also, the fingertip of the middle finger on the right hand got a hole in it before I'd used them half a dozen times. I was disappointed.

- Jane

Love these gloves!

They are comfy and my hands stay nice and dry. Will purchase more on next order.

- KimNYC

Love these gloves!

I was buying these at my local grocer for the last few years for about $1 more than Thrive's price. So happy to see these and other "if you care" items on Thrive! Quality products without all the slick packaging, and fair-trade sourced.

- Maria

Love These

I only use safe cleaners in my home, but even those can sometimes dry out or irritate my skin. That's why I buy these great cloves for all of my house cleaning chores. I like that they are cruelty free and fair trade, so I can feel good about buying them.

- Tamela Solorio

Keep Your Hands Safe

Hopefully you are using safe household cleaners in your home, but if you aren't, at least make sure you are protecting your hands. That means wearing gloves that will keep those nasty chemicals and ingredients from seeping into your skin. If you pick a good brand, like these, you'll know your skin is safe.

- Rafael Howard

Ripped during second use

These gloves ripped on their second use. Won't purchase again

- emily

Great dishwashing gloves

These are sturdy and thick and perfect for washing dishes!

- Catherine


These are my favorite gloves. Some "regular" cleaning gloves have lead warnings on them. These are outstanding - work well, fair trade and non-toxic. Highly recommend!

- Little Island Studios


These gloves fit will and are durable. I use gloves quite a lot and love that these are fair trade. Now my sister is hooked! Thanks THRIVE!

- Dru

Run small

I liked these gloves but ended up giving them to my Mom. I wear a size M in other brands but these were tight enough that they were difficult to get off. If they offer these in a size Large I will buy them.

- Rena

Great gloves, narrow wrists

Overall, these are great gloves and I'm glad to have them. I'm a medium-build 5'6" woman and I even have particularly slender hands, but I still find the medium gloves hard to get on and off. I have to really tug, which is annoying if I get interrupted in the middle of doing dishes by a phone call, for example. But once they're on, they fit "like a glove"! It's a testament to their sturdiness that they are still going strong after all that yanking on and off.

- Becky

Made for small hands

I'm a medium build, 5'6" tall woman, but these sz medium gloves were too small for me. I would buy a size up, if they were available. Also, I know it said it had a cottony inside, but it looks and feels like normal rubber. These would be a good deal if the sizing were accurate!

- Jasmine

Great all use gloves

These gloves are sturdy and do the job as well as regular rubber gloves. I buy them because of how they're made and because I want to do something to help ease landfill use. It may sound like I'm some kind of environmentalist, but no, I've just decided to do my little bit, and buying these isn't a huge burden. Thrive makes it easy by offering an affordable price for these gloves that are great for dishwashing and cleaning the floor.

- Denise Burton

All Purpose Gloves

I keep three or four pairs of these in my house. I use them for different jobs around the house and that is why. I have a pair for gardening because they keep my hands clean and protect from any prickly things that may "pop up" while I'm digging and weeding. I also have a pair to wash dishes. They keep my hands dry, but have a nice soft inside that feel like slippers for my hands. I also wear a pair when I clean the bathrooms and do housework. The easiest way to spread germs is through the hand and touching things after cleaning before getting the chance to wash the hands. It's simple with these, I just clean then whip them off before going on to my next business and store them out of the way so the kids don't play with them at all. The last pair of gloves I keep as a spare, but I haven't needed them yet because these gloves are very durable and last a pretty long time.

- Stacie L.

All purpose gloves, they do it all!

I've never tried one of the If You Care products. When I became a member of Thrive, I chose one of the top sellers. These all purpose gloves really can do everything. And, their reusable for a longer period of time than other's I've tried.

With a dusting of cotton, these gloves are soft inside and strong on the outside. I've used these gloves to protect my hands form water and a Myriad of other household chores.

- Cristina Frazier

These are great gloves!

I really love the fact the gloves and the packaging are environmentally friendly and FSC certified. AND they work great! Can't beat this deal!

- Virginia Conner

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