Chickpeas Pasta, ShellChickpeas Pasta, Shell857183005038The pasta shell, also known as conchiglie, is perfectly shaped to soak up creamy sauces, like mac and cheese. But when you want to add some protein to the mix to make it even healthier, consider Banza Gluten-Free Chickpea Pasta Shells. Each 8 oz. box cooks, tastes, and looks just like traditional noodles, but is made with chickpeas instead of wheat flour. The result is a vegan, gluten-free, and kosher pasta option that packs in twice the protein and four times the fiber per serving—with half the net carbs. So finally you don’t have to feel guilty about going back for seconds (or thirds).8 oz box
Banza is THE best - by Banza makes the best chickpea (gluten free) pasta. We have tried so many other brands and types of gluten free pastas. Our kids don't even realize that they're not eating "real" pasta. Doesn't get mushy like so many other different brands and types of pastas.
Best - by The best pasta ever
Great alternative! - by These are amazing tasting and such a great alternative to regular pasta! They do break easily though!
You need to like the taste of Chickpeas - by This pasta is just okay to me. I've tried many different gluten-free & grain-free pasta, and this is was not a favorite. If you're looking for a pasta alternative that tastes the same as the real deal, this is not it. It has a strong taste of chickpeas and a slightly grittier texture. With enough different flavors in sauces though, this can taste good, as long as you do indeed like the taste of chickpeas.
Nutritious - by Great nutrition profile and good in minestrone.

Chickpeas Pasta, Shell

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