Black Bean & Cheddar EmpanadasBlack Bean & Cheddar Empanadas853552003193For a quick meal or easy appetizer, heat up Brazi Bites' savory empanadas (that just so happen to be Certified Gluten-Free and vegetarian). Every bite is packed with hearty black beans, fresh cheddar, and seasoned to perfection.10 oz pouch
Um… strange, odd taste from the dough - by Not my cup of tea due to a sour/acrid taste from the dough (and I love sourdough bread). This is just weird and not to my liking. Cannot eat it.
Light and Fresh Tasting - by We loved these. The ingredients are very high quality and they were not greasy or soggy. We will buy these again.
Yum! - by So quick and easy and delicious!
Almost like a pizza bite situation - by These are so yummy! They come in a pizza roll form too. I like them in the air fryer best.
Good snack! - by These are decent, I dipped mine in some hot sauce. I’d eat again for sure but the hubs was like meh…
Brazi Bites
Brazi Bites

Black Bean & Cheddar Empanadas

10 oz pouch$0.65/oz
Minimum 2 units per purchase