Peanut Butter, Coffee and MaplePeanut Butter, Coffee and Maple850012399049No time to make your favorite brew? You can still get a boost from a scoop of Fox & Fogg's Coffee & Maple Peanut Butter. Made with creamy peanut butter, freshly roasted coffee, and vermont maple syrup, it's the perfect morning meal when you're short on time.13.2 oz jar
Unique and delicious! - by Love the coffee flavor in this, not too overpowering but you can definitely taste it! Same with the maple. Love to put a scoop in my morning oatmeal. My only complaint is that it is a bit runny/messy, but that doesn't affect the taste!
had to try - by I love every ingredient in this so curiosity made me get it. I will finish the bar but I don't recommend it. it's extremely gritty, the flavors don't mesh well.
I wish I could return. - by I LOVE COFFEE and peanut butter. When I opened this jar it was extremely liquidy. I do understand that sometimes natural butters need a stir but honestly the smell was making me gag so bad I had to just close the jar. I really wanted to like this but it’s not for me.
Yummy - by Perfect balance of sweet and savory
So yummy! - by So good you could eat it plain! I like it in plain Greek yogurt with some granola
Fix & Fogg
Fix & Fogg

Peanut Butter, Coffee and Maple

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