Naked Essentials Chicken & Duck Cat KibbleNaked Essentials Chicken & Duck Cat Kibble818336011887Cats know pants are overrated, and that's why they love our Naked Essentials kibble. Grains? Fillers? Artificial anything? No way. More like real meat as the first ingredient and our Happy Tummeez Prebiotics + Probiotics to keep your cat feeling just right. Bonus? It's on shelves in grocery stores for your convenience, so you can stock up on human snacks and invite us over for a game of Cats Against Humanity.3.4 lb bag
Cat loves this - by I bought two bags, but forgot to close the closet door. Needless to say, my cat put holes in each bag before I even opened them!
Cats loved it, but - by I like the brand. My cats loved the kibble, but it didn’t agree well with one of them. I have since switched over to wet food by this company, and it agrees with all 3 of them.
Meow so good - by My cats are picky little eaters who want the best of the best. Also if they we could afford wet food every meal they would adore us, but we can't. However this is the one dry food that my cats will go nearly as insane over as if it were wet food. My little one will chew on the bag when the thrive order comes in and we pull out the bag of food she is so impatient. I definitely recommend this dry food to all the cat parents!
The cats love it! - by Our girls couldn't wait to try this food. They think it's a treat! Very happy customers here.
Cat seemed to enjoy it - by The cat is not a picky eater but he seemed to eat it up
I and love and you
I and love and you

Naked Essentials Chicken & Duck Cat Kibble

3.4 lb bag$3.23/lb
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