Naked Essentials Salmon & Trout Cat KibbleNaked Essentials Salmon & Trout Cat Kibble818336011894Cats know pants are overrated, and that's why they love our Naked Essentials kibble. Grains? Fillers? Artificial anything? No way. More like real meat as the first ingredient and our Happy Tummeez Prebiotics + Probiotics to keep your cat feeling just right. Bonus? It's on shelves in grocery stores for your convenience, so you can stock up on human snacks and invite us over for a game of Cats Against Humanity.3.4 lb bag
Cats love it... - by My cats are picky and they love this..
Good question - by Need to ask my cat :)
Yay - by I and love and you, Naked Essentials Salmon & Trout Cat Kibble
They won't eat it. - by The tagline on the package reads "DREAMED UP IN BOULDER, CO BY REAL (fun) PET PEOPLE." I don't know what kind of pets they have in Colorado, but in New Jersey the cats do not approve. Neither our adopted female calico cat nor the stray male tabby for whom we put out food will eat this stuff. So, while it sounds good on paper, it was a waste of money for me. Thanks for trying to offer balanced nutrition for the animals, too.
Yeah my cat doesn’t like this - by He’s usually not particular about dry food but doesn’t like this brand across the board
I and love and you
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Naked Essentials Salmon & Trout Cat Kibble

I and love and you
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Made in USA