Organic Dried PineappleOrganic Dried Pineapple859750003409Mavuno Harvest tropical dried pineapples are 100% organically grown, non-GMO verified and completely all-natural with no added sugar! This sweet and delicious between-meal snack has zero fat, cholesterol, or sodium. Grown with care and love by rural African farming communities, every bag purchased contributes directly to greater opportunity to the farmers who make it all possible.6 oz pouch
First 2 bags were great, but... - by I was THRILLED when I found this - my husband and I typically buy the same brand of dried mango and are never disappointed. It's a great snack to keep on hand and this is the best brand we found...When I found this dried pineapple I thought it would be a great new addition to our dried-fruit rotation. The first two bags we were SO IMPRESSED! Nice, large chunks just like the mango - think large pineapple rounds/slices - and perfectly chewy. On our second order, however, I was so disappointed when I opened the bag(s) and saw the SMALLEST CHUNKS OF PINEAPPLE you have ever seen. It looked like small bits of candy, and did NOT look like pineapple at all. Not sure if this is a fluke and we got some bad batches, or if my expectations are too high. PLEASE adjust quality control, and/or stop skimping your customers.
cant chew it - by worst dried pineapple I ever had
Fail - by These were not chewy at all.
Yum - by I really liked these. They’re soft and chewy and taste really good.
so so good! - by These are so great!
Mavuno Harvest
Mavuno Harvest

Organic Dried Pineapple

6 oz pouch$1.33/oz