Extra Firm Silken TofuExtra Firm Silken Tofu085696608051Mori-Nu’s Silken Extra Firm Tofu is made using premium, non-GMO soybeans that are regulated from seed to shelf. This low-fat, heart-healthy, plant-based protein is extra firm and is best suited for sautéing, grilling, and stir-frying. ‘Silken’ means it’s undrained and unpressed, giving it a custardy-like texture that makes it an ideal replacement for eggs, dairy, and meat (without the calories and fat!). This box of tofu doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened.12.3 oz box
Awesome tofu! - by We cooked this in some oil with corn starch and it was so crispy and delicious!
Great Tofu - by Very convenient when you don't cook tofu often or can't get to it fast enough because of a busy schedule. Having it not be cold and a much longer shelf life gives me plenty of time to get to it. Then having all of the water predrained saves even more time. I wasn't sure of the texture at first since I've never seen it before on tofu, but I like this much better than the ones available in my store. Which also helps as it doesn't crumble and fall apart like the ones in store. It also has a great taste! Will definitely be buying this often.
soft and firm - by loved the tofu as it stayed firm when I baked it and no need to press out lots of water. I could also use it in soup by chopping it finely.
FIVE stars! - by Always good to have some (shelf stable) tofu in you pantry. And Thrive Market has a great price on this....
A textural nightmare - by I love tofu but found this to be inedible. It was revolting.
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