Organic Ghee Clarified Butter

13 oz jar

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13 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Purity Farms follows the age-old Indian practice to make their organic ghee. It begins with simmering organic clarified butter until the milk solids separate from the butterfat and the water evaporates. This fat is then strained, making the finished product a smooth, golden spread that tastes great on a number of foods, from sweet to savory.
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About This Brand

Salt, lactose, and casein free certified Organic Ghee from pasture raised grass fed cows. 100% TraditionalCertified Organic Ghee(Clarified Butter)Pasture RaisedGrass Fed and Pastured CowsSalt Free • Lactose and Casein Free* • Kosher0 Grams of Trans Fat per Serving • No GMO FeedPurity Farms Ghee (Clarified Butter) is made from Grade AA Sweet Cream Certified Organic** butter. Through a traditional Indian method, we cook the butter until the water and milk solids are removed clarifying the butter. The result is 'traditional' Ghee - a rich, golden, semi-soft spread for the best in cooking, baking, or sautéing. The taste - superb!Ghee is the mainstay of many culinary traditions around the world. Cooking with Ghee is so easy! It takes the place of butter in all of your cooking! Just a little Ghee gives a rich, buttery flavor to all your favorite dishes.Melt it over hot breads and vegetablesGreat for sautéing- resists smoking at high temperatures.HistoryGhee is an oil with a long,...
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100% Certified Organic Butter (Milk)

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 teaspoon Servings Per Container 74

Amount Per Serving

Calories 45 Calories from Fat 45

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 3g 15%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 8mg 3%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g

Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Reviews For Organic Ghee Clarified Butter

Based on 197 Reviews

Great Quality

I was buying my Ghee with Trader Joes, however this is a better priced and organic.

- Catherine

I prefer ghee to butter

I use ghee in every way I would ordinarily use butter, including half/half with organic olive oil in some sauces. I have used Organic Valley's Ghee since 2012 when ghee was recommended by the D'Adamo clinic for my blood type.

- KdeVaux

Loved the product

However when I received of the jars had a crack in bottom. Only could use half of it. Does not usually happened.....usually packed with such care.

- Debra Weber

Happy Customer

I really like this product. Good taste. Good quality.

- Kelley J

great taste

Love the high cooking temperature and great taste of butter

- Megan


Very pleased with this product. Very good quality.

- Pam


I've only used this for cooking so I'm not sure what it tastes like on it's own or with bread, but it is absolutely great. No complaints.

- April


This ghee is delicious! The flavor is very fresh and yummy.

- Monica

Bye, Bye Butter

I always buy this brand because everything else they produce is excellent--so, that's why I chose this ghee. It is absolutely wonderful--delicious.

- mary

Great product!

I have tried a number of different brands and find Purity Farms Ghee to be my favorite. I love the smooth, creamy consistency and for the quality find the price very reasonable. The flavor is distinct (you can definitely smell/taste it, but I don't mind the taste and definitely appreciate the health benefits.

- RachaelH

Great for so many things!

We love cooking with Ghee. My 10 year old son even notices when we're out of ghee and asks to order it again.

- Jamie

I Don't Miss Butter

Cutting back on dairy? (Even for most who are Lactose intolerant) . This product is a GREAT replacement. Sauces, baking, desserts, cooking, frying,,,

- Rhonda

Very Good

This is a very good product. I would highly recommend it.

- Robert

Best thing since Sliced Bread

I can't even put into words how much I love ghee, and this ghee. I love Organic Valley, it's a company I trust. I love that it is organic, and I love that it's in my pantry and used for almost everything. I have even changed out making my ghiradelli brownies with 1/2 ghee and 1/2 coconut oil for the same amount of vegetable oil the recipe calls for and they are amazingly delicious. Need melted butter, no problem, need a fix for anything else, here it is. It's my favorite item in my pantry next to the S & P.

- Penney

My Favorite Ghee

I absolutely LOVE this ghee. It is not salty and tastes better than most butters!

- Laura

Awesome Stuff

This was something I didn't even know I needed. I love using it for toast, sautéing, and seafood is especially great with this.

- Carmen Elliott

Can't get enough of this Ghee!

I am obsessed - that is all!

- Nicole

Organic Ghee Clarified Butter

This is the very best ghee I have ever experienced!! Fantastic for cooking or on sweet corn!

- Rebecca

Organic Ghee Clarified Butter

It has a great taste. And the price was good.

- Deborah Goodman

Takes the place of butter.

We use this to bake with, to fry our eggs in, I even top my baked sweet potatoes with it.

- Michelle

First Ghee Experience

I have nothing to compare this to, but I am glad I went with this brand. Thanks for making my first ghee experience a tasty one!

- Lauren

Loves this Ghee!

Smells delicious, very smooth and creamy,
I am a repeat buyer of this product



The best to addition to everything.....I make a morning drink use it and love it.....great for cooking, it's exceptional and the best Clarified Butter out there!!! Highly recommend

- Wanda I. Fazio

Ghee is great

The Ghee clarified butter is a great tasting, great cooking addition to any recipe. We like it on toast with jam and use it when frying in the skillet. Yum.

- Michael

Love this Ghee!

I have been buying this for years and can't find it in stores where we have just moved to. So glad I can order here for the same price I was getting it.

- B. Hammers


I am still looking forward to using Ghee. I may not use dairy for the next few months because I am being tested for food sensitivity.



Used a couple of times. Like its aroma.

- Debi

Not so great

I did not like this Ghee so much - it has a sticky fluid like consistency - I much prefer the Thrive brand which also tastes much better

- Danielle

liquid order

I got home from work to the order from Thrive sitting on my front porch and everything that was to be a solid was a liquid. I asked if the Ghee was still good and didn't get an answer until the third time I asked and then was told - it "should" be good. This is very disappointing.

- Colleen

Delicious Flavor

I reorder this all the time...great for frying, buttering a pan.slathering veggies. I especially love the buttery flavor and use it in my coffee sometimes. I usually don't tolerate dairy, but this ghee gives me no problem. Love it.

- Raechel

Hooked on Ghee

Will order again. Appreciate the tips.

- Doreen

Love it!!

Super smooth and yummy

- D Stanley

Nice buttery flavor

I love the shelf life of this buttery product. Silky, smooth and melts easily, spreads easily. Perfect!

- Diana

Great Ghee!!

Nice smooth buttery flavor, love the shelf life and best of all, the price from Thrive Market for the large size!!! Great job Thrive!!

- Diana

happy consumer

This ghee is an excellent quality product, and it is so tasty, too! As soon as my doctor recommeded that I stick to ghee and butter as my exclusive fats, I sought you out. Also, I like the fact that Organic Valley is not owned by a multi-national.

- Lucia Gallardo

Organic Ghee

Really like

- Llinda


Started using this about a month or so ago and absolutely love it. It's so buttery, and can be used for veggies, toast and where ever you would normally use butter. Yummy.

- Jeri

Ghee bliss!

This is the tastiest version of Ghee I have ever had! Clean, sweet, and creamy... no rancid old taste like I've experienced with other brands. Thank you for offering!

- Robin

nice Ghee

I love to smooth this on my toast and use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches. It's great for many things.

- Teresa

Ghee Greatness

This butter is the mother of all Butters. This is great on everything even yourself. I just started using this butter and I will continue to purchase it because it is great.

- Elona Boyk

Retired kindergarten teacher

Fantastic to cook with. Often I mix it with coconut oil for sautéing veggies. Yummy!

- Louetta Dammann

Best butter ever!

This amazing jar of butter is so rich and creamy you will never go back to other stuff again! This is what they use in movie theaters for popcorn only it's even better! It has a pretty high some point and very naturally sweet. Much sweeter than the sweet cream butter you normally find. This is what I had always imagined when I used to buy that stuff and was always disappointed it was not that sweet. This will never let you down. No need for refrigeration and at room temp stays smooth and creamy. I use it on literally everything and since I'm on a modified paleo (multiple sclerosis, seizures) I can eat this without any side effects at all( other than pure happiness) this is much better than other ghee I've tried too and very happy to see this on thrive for way cheaper than whole foods. Thank you thrive for being absolutely wonderful!

- Lacey


Great taste!

- Susan



- CV


I really enjoying using this product.

- Sharon P Njemanze


Very good!


My favorite Ghee

Of all the Ghee I've tried, this one is my favorite. Very creamy, sweet, and buttery taste. I like that I do not need to refrigerate it so it is always ready to use. And the price here on Thrive just can't be beat.

- Lynn

Great Ghee

I've been purchasing this brand of Ghee for years and like it quite well. Love the pricing at Thrive and now get it here rather than other high-priced health food stores.

- Sharon

Ghee Clarified Butter

Love it! The taste is "decadent" -- so much better tasting than margarine or even "real" butter.

- Cheryl

Organic ghee.

I use ghee in many things both in cooking and on vegetables, rice and soups. I like the fact that it does not break down at a lower cooking temperature. It can take the heat.this brand has a lower cost than most but it is just as good as the costlier brands.

- Diane

Ghee Butter

I'm sorry I haven't had the pleasure of using the product yet, however, I have a complaint about the condition of my product upon receipt. The ghee butter had melted and began to seep out side of the packaging. By the time it arrived everything was covered in ghee butter, and jar seemed to be about 1/4-1/3 empty.

- Stacia

Better than butter

Excellent taste. Love it.

- Janice D


Tastes great!

- Janice


I love your ghee I bought it twice and now my third. I also love your great pricing thank you! Mike

- Thrive User

Not Grassfed!

Organic Valley cows eat a lot of grain and its reflected in this product. I'll stick to eating only grassfed ghee.

- Thomas

Great flavor

Can't wait to see if this stuff makes good biscuits!

- Khristi

Excellent product

I love that this is made from dairy from pastured cows. Seems like a very fair price as well.

- TessaB

Organic Ghee

I absolutely LOVE this product also. Everything I cook tastes SO MUCH BETTER when I use this and it is amazing as a spread on my Julian bakery bread!!!

- Frances Siecko


So much tastier than butter

- Michele

My favorite!

I have tried several different brands from various stores and sites. This one by far is my favorite in flavor and texture. Good size for the price also.

- Sarah


I use this product in place of dairy butter on grilled cheese, garlic bread and toast. Yum!

- Kristin

Organic Ghee

It works well and adds flavor.

- Pamela

Awesome product

This is a very good product. Ghee is an amazing food for health and thrive has the best price for it !!!!

- Nk


If our supply of ghee gets low, my family gets a little nervous. I try to keep a back up jar in our cupboard of this great staple.

- Charlene


Amazing alternative to traditional butter for those who can't tolerate dairy! Wonderful, rich, full flavor. I've been topping everything with it. Highly recommend!

- Julie

Love this

I've tried a few brands of ghee and this is my fav so far. Good flavor.

- Kate

organic ghee clarified butter

I sauteed vegetables and they tasted great!

- Marcella

Delicious Taste

I'll admit I haven't tried another brand yet. This one is light and flavorful. It cooks easy. A little goes a long way with frying. I also mix it right oit f the jar with raw honey as a treat.

- Jenifer


This is the best Ghee I have ever had. And I love that it's made from organic milk.

- Kim

Best Ghee

Best Ghee I've tried!

- Teresa

Good for lactose intolerant people

I didn't buy this for myself, I bought it for my Mom who is lactose intolerant. She's using it and loves it. She says it doesn't bother her lactose issues the way regular butter does.

- Maldavis

Organic Ghee Butter!

I love it!
its great on organic popcorn and cooking eggs, and even just putting on toast or hot baked bread from the oven! this is very addicting . and so yummy!

- Diane

purity farms ghee

Foods sauteed in this taste great

- carolynn

Organic Valley Organic Ghee

I've been using this product for almost a year. Great taste, great price!

- Debbie

Organic Valley Ghee

I love this company and their Ghee is great. Use for sauteing, and baking. Great for cooking your eggs

- De Anna

Not my favorite

Others I have tried have a better flavor. This was bland. I can't tell if this is grassfed. It is very pale.

- Lena


Tasty and good price!

- Susan


Great stuff, only reason I gave it 4 stars is because butter would be 5. But, this is healthier for me (lactose intolerant and paleo) and it is very good!

- Neil Meiskey

The wonder butter

I had heard of ghee before but never tried it. I use it all the time now and it comes in a nice big container at a good price. I will definitely keep ordering this!

- Loralee

Giddy over Ghee

First time user of Ghee and I love the flavor of this one!

- Amy


I do love this product but each time I receive it the jar is damaged. First time a jar was totally broken and the last time the lid was cracked.

- Linda armold

organic valley - ghee

Great product if you don't have time to make your own. Also Whole30 compliant.

- A P

Yummy yummy yummy!

Love this Ghee, so creamy, and buttery. Nice nutty flavor that does not overpower. Definitely will buy this brand again.

- Tracy

Love It

Tried it for the first time and absolutely love it!

- Crafty

First time user

I've never had ghee, but do like how it tastes. Consistency is a bit strange.

- Denice Swinnen

Ghee butter

Very mild,butter

- Shirley c STEVWING


Fantastic flavor

- Dawn

Who knew

Had never tried Ghee before and love this!

- Angelia


I've tried several different gees but this has by far the best flavor.

- Paulette


The taste is very good. You don't know you are not eating butter except for the fact that it tastes so pure! So, good taste and good for you. Double bonus!!



101%Pure,I know because I was born in that nation where we use and make it at home every day fresh,one of the purest,quality of your ghee is 101%pure,Thank you for being pure

- Surinder Nagra


Great product!

- Eugenia

This Ghee is Phenomenal!

What to say more? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Ghee.

- Ghada

Organic ghee clarified butter

Have been using this on artisan bread for toast. Taste like a whole new level for toast. Absolutely love it.

- Debora Bryant

Love this ghee!

I love this ghee and the price can't be beat!

- ravenshutley

Love this ghee

Very good ghee for cooking! Love the flavor it adds to the food!

- Nil

Wonderful ghee

I'm glad that I ordered this too. I enjoy having it with my veggies. :)

- Jodi

Perfect Ghee

Some great ghee. Super flavorful and packed full of nutrients. I highly recommend this ghee.

- Seth


Loving my ghee, perfect for eggs, sautéing vegetables, steak, and making scampi sauce. I'd better go easy finding more ways to use it. Stuffed mushrooms are next!

- Dorene

Great Addition to my kitchen!

I used this for sauteing veggies and other dishes, love the taste!

- Sophia


This product is perfect on toast, in coffee, on pancakes or in a recipe. I would highly recommend it.

- Karen

Organic Valley Ghee

I love this stuff

- Jackie

Gee, Ghee!

Ghee is a purist's dream for sautéing. I substituted ghee for olive oil in my quick sauté of baby spinach, nothing else added. What a treat! Also used ghee with a pat of butter for cooking sunny-side up eggs. Ghee doesn't alter simple flavors, it adds richness and depth.

- Barbara

Organic Ghee

This a delicious product, well made and clear. I have made my own for years and this is a great substitute when I don't have time.

- Susan

Organic Valley GHEE

Had it in my coffee this morning and it was good! I have never used GHEE before and was pleasantly surprised! Will use it to saute this weekend.

- Kathy


Will never go back to regular butter again! So good!

- Katie


This is the BEST Ghee I have ever used!

- Lisa A.

Love it

Been using this as a cooking oil for over a year. Love the packaging and the deep flavor it adds.

- Mandy


This ghee is rich and delicious. We love to eat on toast, use it as a cooking fat and to make homemade hollandaise sauce. My son and I are lactose intolerant, so it's nice to have a delicious alternative to butter.

- Celeste

Great smell

Easy to cook with and an easy buttery spread. Smells wonderful and fresh.

- Smiley


I love it. The butter is soft and creamy out of the jar!

- Patricia

Great ghee, great value, great taste!

Before I joined thrive, I was buying ghee from my local trader Joes and paying this same price for half the amount, in a plastic container. This ghee comes in a nice glass jar and tastes great. I highly recommend ghee to anyone, and this brand is more affordable than some of the others out there. I don't believe that the butter is from grass fed cows, that is probably the only difference.

- Katherine


Tried it for the first time this weekend with sauteed pea pods. Delicious!

- Heather

Great on eggs

It's so funny, but I read the reviews before I bought this, and everyone talks about how great it makes your eggs taste. So I put it to the test, and it's true! I don't know what it is about this stuff that makes your eggs taste so good but it really does. I've used it to saute veggies too, and I love the flavor it gives them. It'll last me a while but I'll definitely buy it again when I'm out of the one I have.

- Shandy


Very good product! Creamy and delicious...and low in calories..thank you Thrive market.

- Marsha

Absolutely love it!!

This is so much better for frying, for baking, for slathering on your toast. Pure butter flavor...

- Lillian

Great product !

Love this ghee. Lots of product for a great price and doesn't need to stay in the fridge!

- Jessica

Purity Farms Organic Ghee Clarified Butter

Wonderful! The flavor is delicious and the value makes it so much easier than making my own. I will order again and again!

- Margie

good stuff

Easy on the tummy, yummy, great cooking uses, and so affordable. We have replaced this for almost everything we used to use butter for!

- Stella


I really like this brand of ghee. The fact that it's organic and kosher, plus it tastes great, makes it a winner.

- Melissa

Can´t live without it!

Ghee is one of my absolute musts! This is a great tasting and good value ghee for your every day cooking!

- Rossana

Move OVER Butter!

We switched to ghee after a sample jar won me over! This is some wonderful stuff, full of GOOD fat, and tasty! We are now using this regularly as we have also discovered thru elimination that most of the family does better without diary in our diets. We eat this on flax waffles, sprouted grain toast, and veggies.

- Leanne


Best taste ever.

- Loretta

Sauté heaven!!!

This is a great staple! Fry an egg, sauté veggies, it's really great!

- Kathleen

Pure glee

The organic ghee is wonderful with alight flavor.

- Janet


This is a great quality ghee. My family enjoys the taste. It has a nice texture. I love that it's made from organic milk from grass fed cows.

- Charlene


Yes yes yes! This product is a staple in my pantry!

- Teresa


Happy with the product

- Terrie

I can believe this is butter :)

I bought this while doing the whole 30. But I don't use a lot of butter or margarine to begin with. I didn't notice a huge difference in flavor compared to country crock. My only issue was getting the cold product out of the container. I started off using a rice spatula. Then I started heating a serving spoon to melt it slightly. I would be more inclined to use this if it came in a stick as opposed to a tub. I guess what I wanted was clarified margarine :)

- charita


I used it to bake was very good

- Mary


I have made this myself before, however, I wanted to try this brand and I really like it.

- Nastacia

Love it!

Had never cooked with ghee but had read/heard lots about using ghee. Love it!! Great for sautéing, etc.

- Nana

Great Price

This is my favorite ghee! The price is incredible through Thrive. At the store, I usually get the small size for the same price as the large on on here!!!! Woo hoo!

- Rosanna

Very good Ghee

Used to make my own. This is easier and just as good. Price here is better than in my local store.

- Laura


Love it

- Nancy

Don't Clarify Your Own Butter

Just buy it already clarified. It's so much easier. This is perfect for searing steaks.

- John

Butter is Back on my Meals!

Great tasting butter! Good butter to use for baking and frying. Will definitely purchase again


Organic ghee

This is my absolute favorite butter now. Love it!!! If you struggle with digesting dairy, this is a must have alternative that taste even better then regular butter and better for you.

- Erica

Great stuff!

I just started cooking with ghee recently and this is an excellent product and I'm hooked! Love it and will buy it over and over again.

- Lauren

gee for mee

love this stuff use it for everything from baking frying to putting it on my toast great product will buy again.

- Alison

excellent product

Got this in a timely manner at a good price

- Pamela


Very happy with this product! Great price!!

- Julianne

Rich Wonderful Flavor

This is a great value for the size of jar. I love this brand of ghee. It is great for frying food. I will continue to buy this ghee for its rich delicious flavor, and its healthy benefits.

- Brynda


This is one of my must have products from thrive. The ghee is smooth and creamy.... Excellent replacement for butter!

- katherine

So great!

Love this ghee. The price is great! It's great for cooking eggs or veggies and make awesome popcorn oil!!

- Kristin

Topping for my Vegie's

I was reluctant to try this but, I am very glad I did, Ghee gave my potato and Vegies the Kick they needed...will purchase more in the future.

- Elizabeth


My family loves this Ghee. I've ordered it several times. Good flavor, and great price. Wonderful alternative to butter, especially if you are doing a Whole 30 diet!

- Sarah


So delicious. I just want to take spoonfuls and eat it right out of the jar.

- Neda

organic ghee clairified butter

this makes baked good taste awsome

- allan


I did not care for the flavor or texture of this ghee. It did not have a buttery taste, but more like an artificial taste, and it has a gritty texture. I will try another brand before writing off ghee altogether.

- Ann

Divine !

I am HOOKED on Ghee!! I had to try it bc of health issues and LOVE it. When it melts it smells so nutty, almost carmel like. SO nice to have such a delicious food to enjoy when my diet is so restricted! Will never go back to 'regular' butter.

- Rebecca

Great Product

I love it, its my first experience with ghee and could not be happier. A great pleasant taste and so easy to use!

- Sheila

Yummy Paleo alternative

I love this ghee! Comes in a large container and is the perfect fat solution for anyone going Paleo. The best part is how inexpensive it is on Thrive market compared to my local health food store.

- Kara

Awesome Stuff!

My husband and I love this ghee! The taste is reminiscent of the farm fresh butter that we both remember from childhood.

- GroovyGrandma


Good stuff!

- Brenda Thompson

Great cooking fat!

I really love ghee for cooking, but the flavor is not my favorite, so I wouldn't recommend putting it on toast. I was hoping that it would replace butter in general, but it just doesn't. Great product, though and great price.

- Celeste


A big butter user with a family to feed, found the switch to this product healthier and has had quiet dietary fixes that the kids mention, but without realizing their improved health has been due to my attempt to remove dairy, starting with their butter!

- Melissa

Organic Ghee

So easy to use for cooking. Luscious and delicious. I've also used it on a baked sweet potato. Good stuff.

- Judy Babb

A little goes a long way.

Very flavorful and a little goes a very long way.

- Kitty


A++ for a glass jar! This ghee is gorgeous and creamy.

- Kelli

This stuff is awesome!!

I've thought about making my own clarified butter/ghee using kerrygold, but this stuff is truly delicious stuff and it goes further than you would expect, especially if you vary your oils/fats for cooking

- Mollie


This organic ghee is truly an outstanding product! It has a buttery flavor and aroma. I've heard a lot of issues with brands producing fraudulent ghee by only using fractions of the milk fat and not all of it so I was definitely hesitant to purchase certain brands! I completely trust Purity Farms because it is organic and does not have any of the problems that come along with the fraudulent ones.

Ghee is generally more expensive because 1 pound is derived from over 4 pounds of butter. I justify the cost of this brand because it typically lasts me about 2 or 3 months as I use sparingly due to the strong flavor. This price is also a lot cheaper than other organic brands.

- Becky Sparks

The Real Deal!

This is hands-down the greatest Ghee I've ever bought! I've been cooking with Ghee for years because it has a high smoke point and it's got a rich buttery flavor. This one is like liquid gold when you pour it, which is how you know they're not letting traces of casein slip in.

What's really impressive is this company just does everything right with this product, from the organic grass the cows eat, to the BPA-free packaging! I've now bought this Ghee three times because it's such high quality, and it's good to know that I'm supporting a company that understands the importance of keeping toxic compounds out of our food, start-to-finish. Awesome!

- Lora Nuñez

Very light and pleasant.

Mildly salted, super soft and spreads very well over toast. Love that this is Kosher and vegetarian. I am excited to try it in other foods and compare it to actual butter.

The one downfall so far was the unusual smell.

- Judith Wilson

Creamy, flavorful, buttery goodness

My daughter is helping me get into healthier cooking and she recommended I try ghee from Thrive Market because it was organic and grass-fed. I was a little skeptical because it looks like butter but she assured me that it was the way to go. I started using this to cook my foods instead of other unhealthy oils and I couldn't believe how delicious it was! It adds so much flavor to my meats, vegetables, grains and I went to get more at the store but it was so much more expensive! I'll definitely be back for this ghee.

- L. Adams

Grass Feed Ghee is the Only Way!

Purity Farms has done it again! When comparing taste test of Grassfed vs. Non-Grassfed, you can taste the difference. I use this in butter-sauces, Indian food and with some seafood.

If you are having a group over for a seafood boil, melt some of this down and have it available for dipping!

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it leaked in transit. It was broken by the courier, so I called customer service and had it replaced. Win-Win!

- Emily Lawson

Hooked on ghee

I was a bit apprehensive to try ghee. I am so glad I did. I absolutely love the flavor it has. I am willing to spend a little more than I would for butter, because the flavor is supremely better, and does not have all the bad stuff that butter has.

- Susan

Different from the regular stick of butta

Love to use this to saute and add an another dimension to the flavor scheme. Great for garlic bread too!

- Dana

Delicious and versatile

I use this ghee for making sunny side up eggs in the morning and for baking. I love the flavor. The price beats me making it by hand with good quality butter.

- Summer

Where have you been all my life??

I have always read great things about ghee but never thought it was something for my kitchen or that i would know how to use it. I saw it here and though, "Why not?". All I can say is wow!!! This product is amazing! I used it instead of oil to sautee fish fillets, vegetables and added it to rice instead of cooking with oil. It smells awesome! Such a wonderful nutty flavor! While I have cooked these items before they tasted so different with ghee. I will never be without ghee again!

- Ashleigh

Makes the best scrambled eggs

It's a battle to get my kids to eat all their eggs for breakfast, so I started cooking them in this ghee. In addition to the buttery flavor it adds, it actually makes the eggs a little sweeter (but not gross sweet), and the kids love it. I also love to sauté broccoli in ghee and bacon grease. So good!

- Kendra


I've tried one ghee before this. From Trader's. And so far, I love this. Flavor is excellent. I like that it's a little firmer / waxy so it doesn't get oil all over. Smells lovely. Great for cooking and baking. Saute's lovely. For those who can't have butter, this is a brilliant substitute, and so good for you as well. The fact that it is organic and grass-fed on top of the rest, well, that's why I've given it 5 stars!

- Larissa

Ghee is changing my life

I started using ghee because of a Whole30 regimen. I don't think I'll ever go back to butter! The Purity Farms Ghee is delicious and I've not found a cooking use yet for which it doesn't easily replace butter.

- Kathryn

Always in my cupboard.

I love this. I fry with this or coconut oil. This is great for frying steaks, eggs, etc. I am never without it. I think it adds flavour, it.

- Lynn

I love ghee!

Great product at a great price.

- Shelby


This Ghee is really rich and delicious. It spreads so easily and you don't use nearly as much as butter.

- Nancy

Ghee is Ghood

This is some tasty stuff. Spread it on toast (and sprinkle some sugar & cinnamon on top!), use it to saute veggies or scramble eggs... it adds a nice depth of flavor that's different from butter or oil. I love cooking with this product.

- Angie

Great substitute for butter

We use ghee on top of our waffle, to cook our eggs in and to put in our coffee. Love the texture and flavor of this brand!

- Rikie

Not just any butter

This is not just any butter, it is Ghee. And not the cheap stuff that tastes just like butter, but better. It has great flavor that is perfect in recipes-a family favorite is Mac-n-cheese. I just add ghee instead of butter and it adds a dimension it never had before. It is also really, really good in baking. Especially in cakes and muffins. I love how affordable the ghee is here on Thrive. I was impressed to see it so much cheaper than at the local health store. I was spending almost $12 at the local store, but on here it's less than $8! I love it! Thrive is such a great site-I'm glad I found it!

- Sandra Q.

Really flavorful!

I really love Ghee more than butter. This brand in particular has great flavor and is certified organic. I feel like I am getting a more pure "butter" when I purchase this Ghee. It is great for baking and also tastes AMAZING in stir fry. I don't know how I made a decent stir fry without it!

- S. Payne

Not strong enoug flavor

I like ghee, and I've had a lot of it in during my travels in India. I'd heard from friends that Purity Farms had a good ghee, so I bought it. Non GMO, organic and healthy, good start.

Not so good was the flavor. Too mild. Way too mild and not enough real butter taste. Take away the direct comparison to the stuff I had in India, and it still falls short on flavor. Great on toast or crackers, but loses vitality when used for baking or cooking.

- Barnaby C.

Great for seafood

I cook a ton of seafood, and this is one of my go to kitchen products. It helps me sautee my fish and to make my special cream sauce as well. It's got a better burn rate than regular butter, meaning that it doesn't char as easily and holds it's flavor better.

By the way, if you want to know why Thrive is becoming so popular, just do a head to head challenge with Amazon on this product. Thrive price is almost five dollars less for the exact same thing. Five dollars. For one product. There's tons of discounts like that on Thrive, which is why I'm a member and a huge fan.

- Benson

Rich Ghee

This ghee is a little rich for my taste, but I still prefer it to butter. I really like this in recipes, since it has a stronger flavor that makes it less necessary to use a lot of seasoning. It is good for baking, but I don't prefer it on toast or bread. Pretty good Ghee

- Stephie P.

Wonderful uses for this butter

I've heard a lot about ghee, so I finally bought a can of Purity Farms version to test drive it, and I can report that it's as good as advertised.

I love stir-fry vegetables in a wok, and a little ghee is terrific to brown them nicely and add a rich, buttery flavor topped with some sea salt. The other great thing is that unlike normal butter, ghee can be stored in the pantry without a problem. Bonus points added for the fact that this ghee is non GMO and free of any soy.

- B. Corman

You don't need much

Ghee is a stronger version of butter after it's been boiled, leaving the best parts. It's got a nice flavor and I like it on bread, although a little goes a long way as it has a strong flavor. It seems to be a more natural and healthy butter than the standard stuff, and as someone who enjoys butter, it makes me feel good knowing that it's not as bad for me!

- Babe C.

Rich and delicious

Ghee is really just a fancy word for high end butter that has most of its impurities and excess burned off, leaving the good stuff. I find it excellent for baking, but maybe too rich to be used on crackers or bread, the more traditional method in which butter is used.

Ghee has a rich, aromatic flavor that is strong and it smells different than butter. It has a more liquid consistency, but used properly in baking recipes, it's an outstanding product.

- Barbara Cannon

Baking Buddy

I used to use butter in my baking, but a few year ago my friend introduced me to ghee and I have never gone back. I especially like this brand of Ghee and that it is 100% organic. I feel great about baking cakes, cupcakes, and muffins for my customers using this Ghee. It is rich in flavor and really makes my cakes so much better than ever! Love this Ghee!

- Sarah L.

Butter Alternative

I like Ghee because it makes a good butter alternative. It is tasty and goes great in many recipes. There are somethings I would rather use Butter for, but it is a great alternative in most ways. This is a rich flavored Ghee and just as good as butter. I like this a lot better than the butter I get at the grocery store.

- S. Thomas

Better than Butter!

We love butter in our home, we often eat buttered bread as a snack, however unhealthy it may be..I became a member of Thrive a few months ago and found this Ghee and after reading a few reviews decided to give it a try.
We LOVE it in our house. We like it even better than butter. It is wonderful in almost any dish that butter is used in and has fantastic flavor. I love that it is organic. I am glad I joined Thrive, because if I hadn't I would never have found this great, better than butter, Ghee!

- Sam D.

Fantastic organic ghee

This is great ghee with a nice flavor and smell. It tastes more buttery and rich than the butter you buy at the grocery store, which not everyone likes but I do. It's a shame it's so expensive, but a lot goes into making it, so it makes sense.

According to their website, it can be stored at room temperature; it does not need to be stored in the fridge. It is important, though, to use clean utensils when you scoop some out, or else you run the risk of contaminating the jar.

While it doesn't say grass-fed on the jar, it does say pasture raised so that implies grass fed. It is too expensive to use for cooking so I tend to stick to olive oil and then add a little ghee on top to add taste.

- Ray P

Gee, it's Ghee!

Ghee is absolutely amazing. Butter boiled down to leave all the best of it for a potent buttery flavor that makes baked goods taste divine! I can't help telling everyone how great ghee is for baking, and once they try it they don't stop.

I prefer using ghee for baking, as sometimes it's buttery goodness is a little too strong for certain dishes. However, it is great in homemade augratin potatoes!

- Alissa Caudill

Butter's tasty cousin

I love using ghee in my kitchen. While sometimes it isn't better than butter, there are many dishes it works perfect in. I absolutely love using ghee in stir fry dishes and with vegetables in general.

My favorite use is when I am cooking up fresh asparagus. The extra buttery flavor of the ghee makes is even more delicious!

- Chester Lally

Great for Baking

This has been absolutely perfect for baking. I've been using it in cookies and lots of my other treats, and no one has made any comment about the switch. I'm happy that I feel a lot better about serving my family a healthier type of butter while they still get to enjoy most (way too frequent) desserts.

I'm not so fond of it in any un-cooked form like buttering toast or waffles, though. It doesn't seem to go on as smoothly. But for cooking, it's become a tried-and-true staple in our home.

- Gem H.

Better for baking

When I first discover Ghee I was skeptical. It's made from butter, right? So why not just use butter? Well, after starting to bake with Ghee I found that it just made my baked goods taste better. Even better than with butter.

Yes, butter does make everything better, and it isn't considered as bad as it once was. However, if you want something even better than butter try clarified butter, aka Ghee. It's great.

- Erik Black

Not your normal butter

While I have to say that Ghee is pretty good, I still prefer so traditional organic butter. Ghee does replace it well in a pinch, for any kind of cooking or baking. However, it doesn't work well for buttering a slice of bread (just my opinion).

Ghee works well to add that wanted buttery flavors with less fat to any kind of sauteed dishes. It seems to make my baked goods taste pretty good too. I am still a fan of regular butter though and only buy Ghee when it's on sale.

- Shawn G.

This butter is better

I grew up under the impression that butter was bad for you. In recent years I learned that it isn't as bad as my mom lead me to believe, and that it makes food taste great. However, I was on the look-out for an even healthier alternative and Ghee was the answer.

This stuff tastes great with my stir fry veggies. I have been experimenting more and more with it and can't wait to try it out in baking.

- V.Hix

Not too bad

The taste of this ghee is amazing but in some dishes I find it a little too strong. I like the texture. I also like that it is organic and gluten-free.

- Tomas

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