Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers

4.25 oz box

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4.25 oz box

Why You’ll Love It

When late-afternoon cravings come rolling around, reach for Simple Mills Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers to tame them. Made with just ten wholesome ingredients including a nutrient-rich blend of almonds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds, these Paleo-friendly, gluten-free crackers tick all the “perfect snack” boxes. They’re cheesy, crunchy, and impossible to resist, which isn’t such a bad thing considering each serving is a good source of vitamin E and provides 3 grams of protein.
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About This Brand

Founder of Simple Mills, Katlin Smith, grew up in a family who suffered from gluten intolerance—including herself. Throughout high school, Smith suffered from classic symptoms of gluten sensitivity like excruciating joint pain, frequent bouts of anxiety, and constant headaches. One day, the pain that Smith felt became almost unbearable. It was that moment when a close friend gave her some life changing advice—go gluten-free! It had helped Smith’s friend overcome similar health problems and she felt that it was worth trying. She removed anything containing gluten from her diet and almost immediately, Smith felt renewed. While she didn’t realize it yet, this was the first step toward her to-be company, Simple Mills. Simple Mills gets started Unsatisfied with the offerings of gluten-free options at the nearby market, Katlin started making her own snacks and meals at home. As gluten-free became a more widespread diagnoses, she slowly started to see a growing need for wheat...
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Nut and Seed Flour Blend (Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax),Tapioca, Cassava, Organic Cheddar Cheese (Cultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Onion, Organic Garlic, Rosemary Extract (For Freshness), Organic Paprika, Annatto

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Serving Size 13 Crackers (30g) Servings Per Container 4

Amount Per Serving

Calories 150 Calories from Fat 70

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 8g 12%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 125mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 16g 5%
Dietary Fiber 2g 4%
Sugars <1g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 2%
Iron 8%

Reviews For Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers

Based on 84 Reviews

Better than cheez its

These crackers are seriously CRACKers. Obsessed and have ordered all the other flavors to try. So great having gluten free options that even my boyfriend enjoys!

- Lauren Killgore

Great Product

Great as a snack and made without grains! Love it!

- Donna

Kiddo Loves Them!

Yay! A replacement for cheddar bunnies or Edward & Sons rice snaps. My son requests these for his lunch box!

- N E Mom


I was skeptical at first, worried that it wouldn't have a good cheese flavor, but I was wrong. The texture is a tad dense, but makes for a great dipping cracker. Will be reordering!

- Bethany Weaver

good combo

These crackers are delicious paired with avocado slices.

- Ann

my go to snack

These have become a staple for me. I am on a modified Paleo diet to control my diabetes without meds, and I always have at least one box of these in the pantry. They satisfy my need for a crunchy snack with protein and don't mess with my blood sugar at all. I have even been known to take a box to bed for those midnight snack attacks. Delicious!


Better than cheez-its!

Loved these! Prefect replacement for a cracker lover!

- Ruthie Humphrey

Amazing cheesy cracker

If you ever liked Chez-Its you will love this grain free alternative. They are so amazing I had to immediately reorder so I don't run out.

- Layla


Healthy cheez-it anyone?

- Erika Anderson

Cheddar crackers

These are strongly flavored and pair well with slices, bits, or spoonfuls of freshly cut unseasoned avocado.

- Ann


I loved these and didn't feel guilty eating them.

- Linda Bristow

The best GF cracker out there

Very good flavor. The best GF cracker out there. Price is high, but you get what you pay for... These are a treat for every once and awhile...

- Susie B.

Love them!

I don't eat a lot of crackers (avoid carbs). I searched for a cracker that I could eat that would taste great and adhere to my requirements. I love these crackers for their ingredients and their taste and texture! Awesome!

- lindacali


These are the best! They have a nice cheese flavor and are nice and light. I LOVE almond flour crackers. They are tops.

- Louis


These crackers are crunchy, cheesy and seriously addictive. The baked cheddar flavor reminds me a lot of Cheez-it crackers, but the ingredients in Farmhouse's are much more nutritious. It's hard not to eat the whole box all at once!

- Amber

Great Cracker

My wife and I have missed eating crackers since we went gluten free. When we found these wonderful crackers made with Almond flour, my wife and I realized we can have our crackers and still be gluten free! Thanks Simple Mills

- Stephen Gowers

Cheddar Almond Crackers

As someone who is gluten free, this is an amazing alternative to a cheese-it. My husband even loved them. Super healthy and yummy :)

- Mireille


My hubby is picky when it comes to crackers and chips, I had tried another brand but those were just gross. I was SO relieved and happy when he gave these two thumbs up! They are light, crispy, and do not have that weird after-taste and texture. I wish they came in bigger portions :)

- Jenny

FINALLY, a yummy PALEO cracker!

My hubby is picky when it comes to crackers and chips, I had tried another brand but those were just gross. I was SO relieved and happy when he gave these two thumbs up! They are light, crispy, and do not have that weird after-taste and texture. I wish they came in bigger portions :)

- Jenny


These little crackers satisfy that craving for cheesy crunch

- Robyn

Better than Cheez it's

You can't believe these are gluten free. So good!

- Josh


I love these crackers! They have a perfect crunch and a great cheesy flavor.

- Allison

love these

These are a delightful replacement for other well-known cheese crackers. Both taste and texture are fantastic. These are definitely going to become a staple in our order.

- LMcQ


Before I went paleo, I was addicted to Cheez-It crackers. I could eat a whole box in one sitting. These Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour crackers taste better than Cheez-Its, and are healthy and filling without the wheat bloat! I pack a little baggie of these to take to work and munch on a few here and there when I feel the need for a snack throughout the day. Such a better choice than anything the vending machine would give me, for certain. If you're a fan of Cheez-Its or other cheddar crackers, these are a great healthy lifestyle choice with all the taste you love.

- Lee

Best Paleo Crackers

I've tried a number of gluten free crackers and there are very few paleo crackers on the market. These are the best crackers ever. They are so addicting.

- Lauren

Not my favorite but read below

Actually, I kind of recommend that people try these. I personally have not found cheddar crackers that I like better than "Back to Nature" so these are not in 'my favorites list.' Having said that though, they are crisp and do make a pretty good snack cracker.

- Bill


These crackers are delicious! They remind me of Cheese Its which I used to love before going gluten free.

- Annette


My diet requires no grains and low dietary starches. finding a savory cracker that doesn't arrive crumbled or cardboard tasting is a miracle. These are delicious, crunchy, and satisfying.

- Rose

My favorites....

I love these. I cannot be without these. Wish there were more in a box but I'll take what I can get!

- Barbara

Most addictive crackers ever

Tried these from a recommendation of my nutritionist at FoodTrainers and I love them so much! My boyfriend has gluten sensitivity and he loves that he finally found a cracker he can munch on with as much enthusiasm as he did back before his issues.

- Kelsey

So good!!

Delicious!! Much like a wheat thin. Too bad you don't get too many in one box, but I'll still continue to buy them!

- Rachel

On My 6th Box

I love these crackers. They remind me of Cheezits but the ingredients are good for me. I'm trying the other flavors now.

- Pam


These tasted OK at first, but left a funky taste in your mouth, not pleasant.

- Peg

Favorite snack

These are delicious and don't mess with my blood sugar. I try to keep a box around at all times, for when I need something tasty, crunchy and healthy!


great crackers

I really enjoy the tastes and texture of these crackers. I have had different flavors now, they are always consistent and always great.

- lucille

Darn near great.

These are very good crackers, small, like a Wheat Thin, and made almost 100% of flavorings, Cassava and Almond flour, with just a bare touch of tapioca flour. Perfect for those of us in restricted diets. For the price paid, I wish the box held twice the number of crackers it does, as I'm done with this in 3 meals of crackers and cheese or crackers and cashew butter. The taste is awesome, and they're very good for you.

- Terrence Abrams

Really delicious and great texture!

These crackers are really incredibly delicious and the texture is perfectly crunchy. A really great snack with minimal ingredients. I could imagine kids would really love these.

- Heather

Can't stop eating them

All of these crackers are delicious!


SO good!

Yet another review comparing these to cheez-its and wishing the box just a bit larger. The flavor of these is remarkably like cheez-its, a favorite of mine for sure, but the texture is a bit more crisp - though definitely not in a bad way. Nice, tasty snack

- Amanda Ormseth

I feel good about giving these to my kids

I read and read and read labels and simple mills makes me feel great about feeding my children their products. Plus everything tastes great!

- Jill

Woah! So good!

As others have remarked it's just like a cheez it! Although I haven't had one in like 20 years maybe I'm not the best judge of a comparison but just taken on their own they are really good.

- Annie

Great Cheez-its Replacement

If you're looking for a Cheez-its replacement, look no further! These little crackers are crunchy and have a delicious flavor. They are awesome in soup!

- Erin

Healthy Cheez-it Replacement!

These are spot on for texture and taste of the well-known cheez-its. Hopefully everyone will switch to these for a better and healthier version! I would love to see a dairy-free or at least lactose-free option as well for these. :)

- Kelsey

So Good!

Very delicious!

- Kathryn


Better than I can make.

- Eugenia

Delicious, but small box

These crackers are seriously very very good, but I agree with other reviewers that the box just seems too small (or rather, the amount of crackers in the box).

- Jeanne

Seriously yummy

These are awesome! My only complaint is that quite a few of the crackers were slightly burnt so it altered the taste but overall it was a great cracker that I could eat and not have it upset my tummy.

- Jessica

So long Cheezits

I have found my cheese cracker. Thank you Simple Mills. This cracker is just what I was looking for.

- Vernel


Cheese crackers are one of my favorite snacks...This is a fantastic alternative while eating Paleo. The texture and taste are great. I was a little worried that the almond flour would stand out, but it can't be tasted. Pretty fair price - 4 servings of 17 crackers per box.

- Andrea


These are the best GF cheese crackers that I have had. They are thin and crisp. For some they will be too salty but I loved the saltiness. The only draw back is the price. They are expensive and the box is tiny.

- Sarah

Great snack

Decided to try these for a snack and they're delicious! The kids loved them!

- Jane

Best flavor

I was expecting a bland tasting cracker but these were a surprise! They're crisp, sharp, tasty. The only criticism might be that they are a little salty but definitely worth it- get extra cuz they are good!

- Ann

My only regret...

My only regret is that I didn't get more of these. I pretty much went through one box in three days (don't judge, it's been a while since I've had cheese crackers that taste good haha).
They're perfect for when I'm at work and need a snack. :) If you hadn't told me these were gluten-free, I wouldn't have suspected a thing because they don't have that "gluten-free taste" (we all know that taste I'm talking about - it tastes alright, but not quite the same as the "regular" version.)
You did a fabulous job on this one, Simple Mills!

- Evie

Thank you for making these!

I don't eat grain and potatoes because it doesn't do well in my body. But I love all things grain and potato. Including cheese crackers.

I'm so happy for the first time in years to find a grain-free cheese cracker that I can actually just buy (not have to make myself). I love them and I could never tell the difference between these and grain crackers. Or maybe I could a bit ... but these are better.

- Megan

Good paleo cracker replacement!

These are very flavorful and have a delicious, crispy crunch that is very similar to regular wheat-based crackers. I really like these. Just wish they were a little less carby and a little cheaper!!

- Alyssa

too much spice

These would be a home run. But they are overly salty & there is rosemary in the recipe. Unfortunately the Rosemary is way to bossy and over powers the richness of the delicious cheddar.

- Allyson


These crackers are tasty and crispy. Enjoyed eating them alone.

- Bonnie

cheddar rich

this is a great little cracker - it is a cheddar powerhouse.

- Louis

Best Crackers!!!!!!!!!

These crackers are soooooo good! They have just the right cheddar flavor! I have got to order more!!

- Jane


these crackers are so good, I may have to stop buying them. I can't put the box down once I pick it up. My favorite crackers of all time

- Sheree

OK, Interesting but not, in my opinion, Cheddar flavored

This is an interesting cracker. These are larger than what you might expect... about half again as large as a 'normal' cheddar cheese cracker but roughly the same thickness as 'normal.

I do not detect any cheddar cheese flavor in these but they do have an interesting and, I think, pleasant taste.

- Bill


I don't purchase many crackers because they are full of junk. Not these! They have simple ingredients and taste amazing!

- Kelsie

A cracker with some nutritional balue

These are really good and I like the ingredients. Thrive Mkt has a good price on these compared to other retailers! Buy more than one box 'cause they go quickly.

- Amy L

Cheezy goodness

I make lunch for my reluctantly junk-food-free husband to take to work and wanted some crackery snackery stuff to add to the box. These have a wonderful crunch and the cheese flavor is surprisingly complex. Tiny bit on the salty side but I love salt so that's ok with me. I pulled three out when the box first arrived, 1 for me, 1 for him, and I set the 3rd on the counter intending to eat it before I packed his lunch. He ate the 1 I handed him and snatched the one off the counter. "These are good!" he told me. Hey, winner winner chicken dinner! The ONLY reason I'm putting 4 stars instead of 5 is because there's a slightly odd aftertaste that isn't unpleasant but def noticeable, and because it won't let me leave 4.5 stars.

- Krista

Cheddar Crackers

These are very good. Taste just like regular cheddar crackers. There just aren't many in a box.

- Susan


Great taste but a little salty. I would order again.

- Shirley


These taste so so so good. Lots of non wheat cracker products just don't cut it but theses are amazing. Even my daughter likes them more than organic cheese crackers so we are sold on these going forward!

- Melissa

Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers

I liked them...Good flavor. I would purchase again.

- Linda

Rich cheddar taste

My daughter loves cheddar crackers but she's gluten intolerant. These are so delicious she didn't even know they were made from almond flour. Not only do the crackers have a truly rich cheddar flavor, the ingredient list makes me feel so much better about snacking!

- Karista

Real Crackers for Paleo

These crackers are over the top delicious for those who abstain from grains.

- Jan

GF Cheeze-it

Love these crackers. They are similar to a cheeze-it, a bit thinner but very tasty and they are GF!!!!

- Laura A

Farmhouse cheddar cheese crackers

Love them!!!

- Kandy L. Crabtree

Love the cheese yumminess

These were surprisingly flavorful and rival a bad for you cheese-it. I loved them and already ordered more.

- Jodi

Farmhouse cheddar crackers

These are far superior to other like products I've tried.

- Sharon


I wasn't in the market for a new staple snack, but on a whim I ordered these. They're better than the naughty versions. My boyfriend, who playfully mocks all of the healthy swaps I've been making, practically inhaled the box with me. I think I might need a secret stash..

- Sarah

Pretty Good for Gluten Free

These are pretty decent if you're not eating traditional crackers and missing something crunchy. Don't expect them to be anything like your traditional chedar cracker or goldfish, not even close but if you manage your expectation in that regard they are pretty good!

- Adrien

good flavor

they taste good maybe a touch more salt if eating without dip

- Deborah

Highly disappointed with these crackers!

I was expecting these crackers to have a light, crunchy consistency like Cheez-Its, but they're super dense with a potent flavor akin to Doritos. Make sure everyone around you is eating them, too, or you'll kill them with your breath.

- Pinkachan


Really tasty, but a pretty small amount in the box.

- Katie

Love-Love these crackers

These are the best grain free cheese crackers ever. They are great will a little peanut butter or all by themselves.

- Rebecca


These crackers taste delicious. Nice crunch, nice flavor.

- Charlotte

Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers


- Danielle

Farmhouse Cheddar

AMAZING! I LOVE crackers but my new healthy lifestyle only allows them occasionally. However, I'm not afraid to snack on these and surprise- they are tasty! The Rosemary Sea Salt is also wonderful! Thrive - please get all of the Simple Mills products!

- Alyssa

Simple Mills nails it!

Best crackers ever, right amount of cheesiness and crunch, and I've tried most of them in ever evolving gluten free market (usually tasteless and gummy). Purchase at your own peril, easy to plow through a box in one sitting. Price should be a bit of deterrent, costs of quality ingredients keeps us consumers in check. Although, so worth not having to bake my own!

- Diane Hellner

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