Non-GMO Wild Albacore Tuna - No Salt Added

5 oz can

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5 oz can

Why You’ll Love It

Wild Planet fishes for smaller sized tuna, resulting in lower amounts of mercury, which makes the fish delicious and safe to eat. The tuna is hand packed with just a pinch of sea salt in each can, and has no added oils or fillers. Tuna is incredibly versatile, and will easily elevate your meals, plus its health benefits help improve your diet. See More
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About This Brand

Wild Planet is committed to providing the finest tasting sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems. Wild Planet offers a full line of top quality seafood with fresh-from-the-sea flavor. In order to adhere to the highest standards of sustainability possible, each product in our line is carefully researched according to the reports generated by leading environmental organizations. From our great tasting Tuna, Salmon and Sardines to our brand new White Anchovies, we’re sure you’ll agree that nothing compares to the flavor, nutrition and value offered by Wild Planet!
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Albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga)

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Serving Size 2 oz (56g) Servings Per Container 2.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 90 Calories from Fat 35

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3.5g 5%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 10mg 3%
Sodium 100mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Protein 13g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%

Why You’ll Love Non-GMO Wild Albacore Tuna - No Salt Added

Next time you go fish, reach for a can of Wild Planet Non-GMO Wild Albacore Tuna. This no salt option is a healthy, lean choice of protein to include in salads, sandwiches, and main courses that will help keep meals wholesome and varied.

In this 5 oz. can there is only ingredient: albacore tuna. It’s free of added salt, oil, water, and other fillers, which provides a pure, fresh taste, just like catching the fish straight out of the ocean yourself. But in case you’re not up for that challenge, Wild Planet uses sustainable measures to source their supply of tuna, which is lower in mercury than other conventional options.

Before being hand-packed, each tuna steak is cooked just once to retain all of the natural juices that are rich in omega-3 fish oils (so, no need to drain the can). Because of this extra measure, Wild Planet’s albacore tuna not only tastes great, but is good for you, too.

Nutrition of wild albacore tuna

Wild Planet Non-GMO Wild Albacore Tuna has a wealth of essential nutrients that help to keep energy levels high throughout the day and contribute to overall wellness.

It’s high in protein (more than 30 grams in one can!) and rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, while staying low in caloric content and carbs as well as having reduced sodium and cholesterol. Albacore tuna also provides a good source of iron and potassium and is gluten-free and Paleo-friendly.

Tuna’s great health benefits

Eating albacore tuna on the regular can offer some great rewards for physical and mental health. Though medical experts and guides like Consumer Reports have issued guidelines on how much tuna to consume per week, due to mercury counts, the great benefit of Wild Planet’s wild albacore tuna is that it’s naturally low in mercury so you can have more of it than other conventional brands. And that means tapping into these great health benefits more often:

  • A reduced risk of heart disease. With the increasing number of individuals affected by heart disease, it’s more important than ever to take dietary steps to prevent a diagnosis. Albacore tuna is a great option for lowering the risk of heart disease because it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which slow down the rate at which plaque builds up in arteries. Omega-3’s also lead to more balanced blood pressure and can improve overall cardiovascular health. Each can of Wild Planet’s wild albacore tuna contains an average of 800 milligrams of EPA and DHA Omega-3’s, leading to it being called a “foodaceutical” by many nutritionists.

  • A stronger immune system. Albacore tuna contains selenium, a compound that helps to boost the immune system and fights illnesses faster, like that cold or flu that just won’t go away. Selenium encourages the immune system to function properly and also serves as a foundation for free radical–fighting antioxidants.

  • Leaner, stronger muscles. When compared to other meats, albacore tuna has similar protein content. However, tuna also has the added benefit of having just a fraction of the fats and only half the calories found in poultry or beef. That makes albacore tuna an ideal partner to help build muscle mass that is strong and lean.

There are many types of fish that can be bought and cooked, but albacore tuna stands out among the rest because of its special and beneficial qualities. Adding a can to any meal is also a great way to feel full and satisfied for longer periods of time.

Cooking with Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna

Tuna offers a clean and fresh taste that can be an alternative to meat in plenty of recipes, but it also works well as the main star in many dishes. Here are some creative ideas for how to cook with your next can.

Tuna Temaki (Tuna Hand Rolls)

Love sushi, but wish you could make it at home? Try this super simple recipe that subs in wild albacore tuna for the raw stuff. Roll up the fish in sheets of nori with some wasabi paste, avocado oil mayonnaise, pea shoots, and coconut aminos for the perfect balanced taste. Then, warm up the chopsticks and dig in. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll master the rolling technique in no time and can then experiment with other fillings to become your home’s master sushi chef.

Deconstructed Pasta Tuna Salad

Pasta salad is a staple of many family picnics and summer barbecues, but it also makes a great side dish on any occasion. Start with a quality batch of gluten-free pasta and then stir in some extra virgin olive oil, Greek olives, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, salt, and of course wild albacore tuna. After cooking the pasta, it takes just minutes to prepare.

Mexican Spice Tuna

Here’s a creative take on the good old Sloppy Joe. Instead of using ground beef, open up a can of tuna and mix the contents with tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, lime juice, salt, and hot chili powder. You can either keep it cold or warm it up for a few minutes before loading onto sesame-seed hamburger buns. Pair with some sweet potato fries for a full meal that only tastes indulgent.

More about Wild Planet

Wild Planet canned fish is some of the best available. Their entire supply is sustainably sourced from the Pacific Ocean, either from the California coastline or Japan, and the company has been rated as the Best Choice for Sustainability by the esteemed Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. All their products—from salmon to sardines, tuna, and more—are 100% traceable back to the eco-superior fisheries. Wild Planet also has three main criteria for all fish sources—that the biomass of the fish is healthy and not overfished, the habitat is not damaged, and the catch method is clean and clear of other non-targeted species. This ensures a high-quality product and adheres to environmental standards that support the planet’s water resources.

Reviews For Non-GMO Wild Albacore Tuna - No Salt Added

Based on 42 Reviews

Very good

Love this tuna. Its really good.

- Toni

Good tuna!

Excellent flavor and texture. Good stuff.

- Mary


Best tuna out there! Fresh and wholesome. Love it!

- Irene Rivera


The texture and taste are far superior to other brands! I've used this in many recipes, and it's always a real hit!

- Joanne Vicente



- Wanda I. Fazio


Great way of having healthy fish twice a week. So much better than, u know the other brands!

- Dee


Taste Great, Fresh and clean.

- Lesley

Albacore tuna

It was terrible. It was hard and dry. I threw half of it away.

- Linda

Awesome taste!!

This is the best tuna I ever ate and I will be getting more!

- Zorlett


I was amazed at how much fish is packed into a can...and I mean packed. I normally have to drain a can of tuna before cooking with it....Not this stuff! Plus, it didn't have that fishy odor I normally associate with store bought canned tuna when it's first opened.

- JT

Great taste

This is very 'clean' tasting; like freshly caught fish. Great that there is no added sodium.

- Heidi Snow

Wild Planet Tuna

This is an excellent tuna at a great price! It's healthier and caught in a more humane manner than most tuna. I love it and so does the dog! She insists on sharing, and since it's such a good quality, why not?

- JJ

magnificent taste

So much better tasting than anything in the regular market, and at least I know I'm getting the best product.

- Doris

5 star

This is the best tuna I've ever eaten from a can. If I'm not grilling it fresh, then this is what I have for making tuna fish salad. The best flavor of all brands.

- Al

Fresh caught? I believe it!

The most delicious tuna I have ever had!

- Laura

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna

This is some of the best tuna we have had. All solid, white albacore. Will definitely purchase again, addition to other Wild Planet products.

- Dr. B.

No Mayo Needed!

While there's no substitute for fresh tuna, this tuna tasted infinitely better than any other canned fish I've ever tried! There is almost no water in the can, so I don't have to drain it, but it's still super moist! The flavor is great, and I get all of my Omega-3's! I don't even use mayo now when I make tuna salad, just a little lemon juice and pepper, so it's much healthier.

I already love this tuna for how great it tastes, but it's also good to know that they're fishing responsibly! Oh, and the can is BPA-free, which is a huge plus! Best canned tuna, bar none!

- Ed Sparks

A little on the dry side.

I really like the flavor of this tuna. My only complaint would be that it is a bit too dry for my liking, which can be due to the reduced sodium.

Although less sodium is always good, I am not a fan of dry food. So after a workout, I always always add some lime or add the tuna straight to a salad.

- W. Ramirez

Great Omega-3 Source

I ordered this specifically for my kids who need more fish oil in their diets. I was already a fan but they almost instantly told me they loved it! I've also found that it is great to have stocked in the house for quick and easy nutritious meals. It not only tastes great but I love that I can get the Omega-3's as well.

- Will Briggs

Great company, superior value

Wild Planet is one of my favorite brands and I recently switched to their no-salt tuna to work on lowering my blood pressure. Their products are never watered down and even without the salt, they've still maintained a great flavor. There's just enough tuna juice to keep it moist, but not too much to where it's soggy and I end up just dumping the whole can into whatever I'm making without having to drain it. I was very pleased to find it here at such a great price and will definitely be ordering again.

- Bryant S.

Lots of Meat but, Less Water

Comparing this tuna to others in the same category, this one stands out. The taste is far better than other brands like Starkest and Bumble Bee. There isn't a lot of juice in with the meat which means- MORE MEAT! A few other brands are priced higher so the tuna has a greater value for the money. I am also very happy this is American caught but, not canned in the US unfortunately. I prefer to buy products that help grow the GDP in the states. This Tuna was excellent otherwise.

- A. Cohen

Bland and dry texture

I like to eat fish right from the can whenever possible. i love the salmon product, but the tuna tastes bland (from the reduced salt) and it's dry. I have to think this dryness is a "function" of the species of fish and not the canning process.

I'm going to stick with the salmon for now.

- Mark


I still have the 2 cans I ordered to try for the first time, & haven't decided whether to do tuna/egg salad or a tuna noodle casserole! But I'd love to know what N.Goldstein's other 2 choices are that top this brand. Thanks.


Fantastic Fish!

Having seen many films on the depletion of our oceans inhabitants I gave up on over fished species (and chose to give up Tuna). When I came across this brand I did some research and feel I can enjoy Tuna again! I love that it has no water in it so I can avoid any fishy leftover smell in the sink.

- Jessie

Best Tuna Ever!

I was a little skeptical because of the price (I buy line caught tuna at my local health food market for $1 less) but wow! Truly the best tuna right out of the can! I added a little hot sauce and it was perfect. No need to add the fat and calories with traditional or paleo mayo. The liquid imparts flavor and I love that there is no salt added since most seafood already has a salt flavor. I am sold and will be buying this tuna from now on!

- mrsmoma

Kids Love This Tuna

I get this tuna primarily for my kids. I do eat it on occasion on top of a salad, but they claim it as theirs, so it isn't often. They love it. My children eat this on sandwiches, from the can, on crackers, in casseroles. They can't get enough! That's enough for me to love it!

- S. Paul


I feel like it was a bit misadvertised when they said "No salt added." I'm not saying that they do in fact add salt, just that it is hard to tell. It is pretty salty. I don't add any seasoning to this tuna and like it on crackers with some shredded cheese on top. It is also great on salads. Just a little saltier than I expected.

- Scottie L.

It's Sandwich Time

Tuna Salad Sandwiches are a personal favorite. I am very picky about my tuna, but I really like this brand. It is sodium free which is always a plus and it makes a great sandwich. I really enjoy eating it. I have even gotten hungry mid day and eaten it from the can a few times. A great tuna

- Steven D.

Healthy Meal

Tuna is very healthy and is great in many different meals. I personally love Tuna Casserole, and this tuna makes it taste even better. While this tuna is not the top on my list, it is certainly right up there and I will definitely get more in the future.

- Stella

Favorite Tuna

I absolutely love this Tuna! It is firm and delicious. Sodium free is always a plus. I eat tuna because it is so lean and I like it right out of the can. It makes a great Tuna salad and I love putting it right on top of salad as well with a little light ranch. (YUM!) I like to keep stocked up on this at all times

- S. Day


Tuna is definitely a super food. It's super good and super good for you. It is also a very versatile food.

That being said, I like this brand, but it isn't my favorite. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that makes them #3 on my list, maybe just that I am biased to brands I've used longer. It is a great product though and I buy it whenever my favorites aren't in stock or it's available for a better price.

- N.Goldstein

Great outta the can

This tuna is so delicious I can often be caught eating it straight out of the can when the shipment arrives. With no added salt it is so much healthier. It curbs my fish craving. It's always fresh tasting.

I never have the issues I have with "normal" tuna. No stinky fish smell. Just great taste.

- Isa Spurrier

Great for Sandwiches

This has become my go-to tuna. I really love adding it to my mayo in order to make a delicious tuna sandwich on wheat bread. It doesn't have as much liquid in the can as I'm used to, but it means I spend less time trying to drain the can in order to extract the (yummy) tuna. It has a lot more "chunk" than the tuna I used to it, and I end up getting these nice, full bites of tuna as I'm eating. It's made my work lunch sandwich much more of a treat.

- Casey

Tuna tops!

Best tuna for the price. I love this stuff. I am so glad that it has no salt added. It makes it taste even more fresh and adds to its health benefits.

I use this tuna for many things, from cold on my salad, to grilled in a sandwich and even baked in a casserole. It's delicious. My kids love it too, and they know that it is giving them great mineral that help them grow up strong and big.

- Rissa

Wow! This is a really good tuna

Wow! This is a really good tuna. The price is worth it. The quality is outstanding compared to any other canned tuna I’ve purchased. It is a real delicacy and I love it. So delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly.

- Herman Murray

'Green' Tuna But Too Much Sodium

Love the environmentally-friendly aspect of this tuna. I'm green conscious, so the fact that the cans are BPA free was a huge plus for me. The tuna itself tastes rich and full, almost more like canned salmon.

But there's a tad too much salt in it, which is strange because the 'no salt added' on the can was another big draw for me. I guess the sodium comes from the fish, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite as salty. You're ok as long as you don't add more salt, and it's great for tuna salads.

- Diane

Awesome tuna!

Great tasting tuna, full of flavor. There's not much salt if any at all, and I LOVE the 'no oil' part of it. I also love large chunks when I eat tuna, and Wild Planet has that in spades.

I actually it eat a lot straight out of the can, but it's also great mixed in with salad or for a sandwich. It's so moist and flavorful that I don't even add mayo, I just spice it up and add relish and I'm good. Also delicious on wheat thins and crackers.

- Donald Larson

Great Taste But Has Salt

I have no issues with the taste of this tuna. It's light, moist and delicious. But I do have an issue with the 'no salt added' part of it. While it does have less sodium, the tuna most certainly has some salt in it.

I'm on a sodium-restricted diet, so I'm very sensitive to salt in any food. I'm not saying this is saturated with sodium, but there is salt in it. That's the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars, although the taste is at a 5-star level.

- David

No lie Five Stars!

All the five star reviews are true! I'm skeptical when a product gets a lot of 5-stars, but I love tuna, so I bought Wild Planet's version to test it out. The chunks are light and flaky and delicious.

It's almost like you can't even taste that it's tuna, because there's very little fishy flavor. And since I've gone 'green,' I love the fact that the tuna is caught in a humane way that doesn't mess up the environment. Great tuna, great taste, great purchase.

- D. Lord

Fantastic Tuna

All canned tuna is not the same. And Wild Planet proves that with this awesome tuna. It's got a smooth, full taste that isn't like chewing on sandpaper. I've noticed a lot of store-bought tuna is just so bland these days, but not this one.

And because I'm cutting back on my sodium, the fact that there's no salt added is a big plus. I don't even get rid of the excess liquid in the can, i just use it to make my tuna mix more moist. Easily the best canned tuna I've ever bought.

- Duane Lloyd

Best canned tuna!

I have purchased this product before, and I was glad that I did. I love canned tuna, however this brand makes all others, pale by comparison. Even the most famous top brands, are no match for Wild Planet Tuna. Once you open the pop top can, you'll see, little or no water. All that is in the bottom of the can are the cooked juices of this product.

- Mack

Responsible and natural

This is some of the most natural canned tuna you'll find - nothing but tuna, they don't even add water! It's also lower in mercury than other brands. But the main reason I buy it is because it's responsibly fished - no trawling nets that scoop up everything in sight. A great product from a responsible company.

- Arlene Sousa

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