Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows

8 oz box

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8 oz box

Why You’ll Love It

Dishes like gluten-free macaroni n' cheese and pasta salad are all a cinch to make with Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows. Since they're made from organic corn and quinoa flour, these noodles are completely free of gluten and Celiac-friendly. And unlike most gluten-free alternatives, they have the same texture as real pasta. See More
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About This Brand

Great tasting, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free foods for all.The Original Since 1983It doesn’t matter if you’re gluten-free, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just looking for new, health-conscious options, you can always trust Ancient Harvest to do right by your appetite. We serve up great tasting, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free foods for all, including gluten-free pasta, ancient grain blends, mac and cheese, quinoa flour, quinoa flakes and ready-to-eat polenta in a variety of inspired culinary flavors.A Tale of Two CommunitiesFrom the high plains of Bolivia to the majestic mountains of Boulder, Colorado, the Ancient Harvest brand has a long history with quinoa. We were the first company to bring quinoa to the United States in 1983 when we walked the very first bag of this “supergrain of the future” into a Boulder food store. And to this day, we are the premier brand of organic quinoa and innovative ancient grain products.Ancient Harvest Fast FactsAll of our products are gluten-free,...
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Organic Corn Flour, Organic Quinoa Flour.

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Serving Size 2 oz (57g) Servings Per Container 4

Amount Per Serving

Calories 205 Calories from Fat 7

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g 1%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 4mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 46g 15%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars less than 1g
Protein 4g

Vitamin A 0 0%
Vitamin C 0 0%
Calcium 0 0%
Iron 9%

Why You’ll Love Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows

When you get home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re having for dinner. Making even a simple roast can take hours and ordering delivery can be expensive. Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows, however, makes preparing dinner quick, easy, and affordable. Ancient Harvest pasta is also quite flexible and adaptable for use in everything from savory pasta to healthy macaroni salads and delicious bowls of mac and cheese.

While most elbow noodles are made out of traditional wheat, Ancient Harvest makes their product solely with quinoa flour and corn flour, which gives it quite the advantage. In recent years, scientists and nutritional experts have praised quinoa as a nutritional super grain with health benefits that far surpass wheat. And, using quinoa also makes it possible for gluten-free eaters to enjoy all the same great dishes, too.

Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows are low in calories and carbs, contain no cholesterol or sodium, and are completely free of any added chemicals and preservatives—yet they have the same taste and texture as traditional noodles, which means even the pickiest eaters in your family won’t be able to tell the difference.

More benefits of choosing Ancient Harvest pasta

Here are a few more ways that choosing Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows can contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Certified organic: The USDA puts Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows through rigorous testing to certify it as an organic product, with the official seal of approval on the box.

  • Vegetarian-friendly: No animal products or byproducts are used in the production of these pasta elbows, which makes them a good choice for vegetarian eaters.

  • Cholesterol-free: Worried about your cholesterol intake? Ancient Harvest pasta elbows are completely cholesterol-free.

  • Dairy-free: If you have a lactose intolerance, Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows are a good way to still eat your favorite dishes without risk of dairy.

  • Low-fat: Each serving of this pasta contains only a single gram of fat. That’s a remarkably low amount—only one percent of the FDA daily recommended allowance.

  • Sustainably farmed: Ancient Harvest is proud to partner with Bolivian farming communities that produce quinoa in their fields using techniques that protect the environment.

Why gluten-free choices of pasta are important

Gluten is a kind of protein commonly found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten is responsible for a number of things, such as the fermentation of beer and the elasticity of dough used to make tasty breads and pastries. Gluten is not just limited to grain-centric foods, though; it can also potentially be found in others things, such as creamy soups and potato chips. For many people, this is not a problem. But, for a large and growing number of people with sensitivities, they could actually become sick when eating gluten.

The main ingredient of Ancient Harvest pasta elbows is quinoa, a grain that is naturally gluten-free, so those with sensitivities and Celiac disease can feel safe eating it.

What is quinoa?

Quinoa is a grain, a super grain if you ask many nutritionists, that’s incredibly rich in protein and contains all nine of the essential amino acids. In addition, quinoa contains large amounts of vital nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, fiber, and potassium to help make a number of body processes more efficient, such as improving metabolism, lowering blood pressure and strengthening bones.

The grain is so nutritious that NASA has included it as part of an astronaut's diet during missions to outer space. In a 1993 report, NASA argued that, “While no single food can supply all the essential life sustaining nutrients, quinoa comes as close as any other in the plant or animal kingdom."

It was first cultivated in the Andes mountains range of South America roughly 4,000 years ago. In fact, archaeologists have discovered the remnants of quinoa in the ruins of ancient Incan cities where it was so important, it was used for religious ceremonies and was referred to as “the mother grain.” Quinoa plants are truly massive, growing as much as six feet tall all along the Andes mountains of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia.

Quinoa was brought to America’s attention in the 1980s, when the health benefits of the ancient grain were quickly rediscovered. It is still believed the best quinoa comes from South America, and Ancient Harvest follows suit supplying their stock from Bolivia.

Cooking with Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows

Of course, you can use Ancient Harvest pasta elbows to make traditional pasta or a delicious bowl of mac and cheese, but if you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, try these creative ideas from Thrive Market.

Pasta with Sardines, Arugula, and Artichokes

If you want something truly different, try this pasta dish full of bright and exotic Mediterranean flavors. Simply replace the spaghetti with elbow noodles to make it more of a pasta salad, and then toss in some sardines, arugula, artichokes, green olives, and capers, and toss with olive oil, dijon mustard, and orange and lemon zest. It only takes about 30 minutes to make.

Fig and Goat Cheese Pasta

Leave the Parmesan behind on your next bowl of pasta and upgrade to creamy goat cheese instead. To make this unique dish, first cook your quinoa noodles and then add in quartered fresh figs, walnuts, mixed herbs, and the cheese. Toss with some olive oil and salt, and you’ll have a meal that everyone will enjoy.

Reviews For Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows

Based on 16 Reviews

Great substitute

I like these and found them a great alternative for gluten free.

- I am me

Amazing flavor.

I added these to the broth from my crockpot roast beef and they were delicious. Lots of flavor. Hubby approved. Just in case you'd like to do the same, just take a roast and fill crockpot 1/2 full of filtered water. When your roast is done, don't toss the broth! Toss into a stockpot and add your pasta!

- Tasha

fantastic flavor and texture

This is one of my favorite quinoa pasta products ever. The flavor is nice and hearty, and they don't disintegrate like some quinoa pastas do. Will buy again and again!

- Jen


Tastes good, excellent texture. I cooked it the same way I used to make wheat pasta and it turned out great. I'm allergic to wheat & dairy, so this product lets me enjoy a "normal" pasta meal.

- Sandy

Better than Rice Pasta

So far, this is the best substitute for wheat pastas that I have found. The texture is the closest, and the flavor is neutral. I made macaroni and cheese with this, and my family had no idea I was not using traditional noodles. When first told I had to begin a gluten-free lifestyle, I had tried the rice pasta. The texture and taste were that sub-par to me that I decided to go without pasta instead of eating something that was so-so at best. The quinoa pastas now make eating pasta pleasant again. Thanks!

- Natalie

Love Ancient Harvest!

I have been in love with this brand since I first tried it a few years back, it's pretty much the only pasta I buy! I use it to make all sorts of pasta dishes and even my family/friends who are not gluten free enjoy it. Often times the stuff I bring to parties is always gone by the time I leave and I swear it's because you can't tell the difference between this and a gluten full pasta! I will continue to buy it from Thrive though because it's such a great deal! 2 boxes of this is less then 1 box at my local grocery store sometimes so thank you Thrive for stocking this product!

- Samantha

Good pasta alternative

So my family doesn't have to know its not "regular" pasta, they eat it up; i think the flavor is better too.

- nancy

Organic Quinoa Pasta Elbows

A great price relative to supermarkets and heath foods stores. Delicious and healthy choice

- Philiip

Good alternative for Diabetics!

My kids and myself are gluten-free and my husband is diabetic. This pasta alternative is great for all of us to enjoy together, which is often hard to find. On top of it being a staple in our kitchen that the whole family can enjoy, we actually do enjoy them! They taste great. I recommend these for those with allergens as well as anyone looking to clean up their diet!

- Aubrey P.


I'm not GF, but I wanted to get some extra iron in my diet. Not only does this have naturally occurring iron, but also more fiber than regular wheat pasta!

If you follow the directions on the box, you will have perfect Al Dente pasta in your bowl. It has a wonderful slightly nutty flavor to it, and feels much heartier in my stomach. I don't even need sauce for this pasta, just some melted butter and dig in! Best of all, it's got a good dose of protein, which makes it easy to eat it as a meal. I don't think I'll be buying wheat pasta again any time soon!

- Cecilia W

Flimsy and grainy

Quinoa pasta is much better mixed with brown rice than corn. This stuff is grainy and falls apart if you overcook by half a second.

- Ann

Ancient harvest quinoa pasta elbows

Yummy! I am a diabetic and cannot eat pasta. My sugar was only 139 after eating this pasta more importantly it is good very firm and very good

- Marry young

Quinoa Pasta

Don't be fooled by the box on so-called "quinoa" pastas. The first ingredient is CORN, albeit organic corn, so there's more corn than quinoa. Corn, even organic, is an unhealthy grain!

- Ann

Tricking the Kids

Pasta is one of those things that the kids ask for all the time, and after trying to get them to eat regular quinoa, I happened upon this. It works really well. They're eating quinoa without actually knowing they're eating it. They think they're just getting some yummy mac and cheese. It does take a couple tries to cook the pasta "just right" so it has an enjoyable pasta taste, but once you get it right, it's definitely quite delicious. It doesn't taste quite the same as wheat pasta or white pasta, and it has a taste all its own, but it's not a bad taste.

- Ashley A.

Rough taste on this pasta

When I gave up wheat due to a gluten intolerance I developed, I had to find something that had the same texture, so I tried this quinoa pasta.

It's not the same at all. It's feels sandier and gritter in my mouth and doesn't have the flavor I was hoping for. Another reviewer talked about the nutty flavor, but I find it way too strong, because it seems to overpower everything else. I can't give this more than three stars. It is definitely healthy, but the taste is just ok.

- Jaycee

Gluten free pasta

This is a great gluten free pasta that is low in salt and doesn't have any cholesterol. It's also got a full flavor that reminds me of nutty grains. It's similar to whole wheat pasta, but I like this flavor even more.

It's great tossed into a pasta salad, or mixed with a tomato sauce. I've seen recipes for mac and cheese with these, but not sure I've got the time to go through it right now. But if I do, I will definitely repost.

- Joshua Saunders

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