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26 oz container

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26 oz container

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Hain Pure Foods Sea Salt is naturally sourced from evaporated sea water of the Pacific Ocean. This pantry staple can be used just like table salt for seasoning, cooking, and baking, and is perfect for transforming your beef, seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes from bland to extraordinary! This salt does not supply iodide.
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About This Brand

For over 75 years, Hain Pure Foods has been providing wholesome and delicious products in their natural pure form without the use of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives that alter your foods' natural qualities. Hain Pure Food strives to bring you the all-natural products you want with the full flavor nature intended.
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Sea salt, calcium silicate (anti-caking agent).

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Serving Size 1/4 teaspoon (1.5g) Servings Per Container about 491

Amount Per Serving

Calories 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 590g 25%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Protein 0g

Reviews For Sea Salt

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Sea Salt without iodine

At this time, there two of these Hain salt products (one with iodine and one without). Choose which one you prefer. . . whatever works for you.
Personally, I choose without.
It does have an anti-caking agent added.

- Anonymous

Hain Sea Salt

We use sea salt for everything and since the price was right I ordered 2 containers. Great product! Will purchase again!

- Deb

Great product!

It was my first time ordering this product and thought it was the type to be used in a salt grinder. No big deal, I still use it in everything calling for sea salt. Great Product!

- Carole

Nothing Else Will Do

We've been using Hain Sea Salt for more than 10 years! Nothing else will do! The ordinary table salt contains sodium chloride & I don't want that in my body!!! Hain Sea Salt is as natural as you can get! Never clumps & melts invisibly on food! Great to gargle with in a cup of hot water!

- Beverly


Works well!

- Jessica

Great Better Salt Choice

When you exercise or get sick you body can sweat out a lot of the salt within, which means you need to replenish it. While drinking an energy drink can do that, it also helps to flavor your food. I prefer sea salt as opposed to regular table salt, which is a healthy alternative to plain old salt. This is one of my favorite brands.

- Tamara Ramsey

Better Than Salt, But...

We only use sea salt in our home, but to ensure our family gets the iodine they need in their diet we purchase the iodized sea salt. Since regular iodized salt is one of the main ways people get iodine, cutting out regular table salt could be causing you a deficiency. Iodine helps with thyroid function.

- Rachelle Smith

Lacking iodine

The only thing that sucks about using sea salt is that it doesn't have iodine like the regular table salt. For those that get most of their iodine from that one resource sea salt can be a bad choice.

There are many other natural sources of iodine though, and they might just taste good with some sea salt!

- Columbia Krieg

My salt choice

I only use sea salt. I like the taste of it better than table salt and it is much healthier than table salt. Sea salt can be used for all the same things. I really believe it gives foods a better flavor than regular salt too.

- Rebecca E

Flavorful and Healthy

I switched to sea salt because it is a healthier than regular table salt. It really makes food taste great-and I use a lot of it, so I would know! This is one of the best natural sea salts I have tasted in quite a while and I like that nothing is added or taken away from it!

- Sahara P.

Wish it had Iodine

This salt is great as far as flavor and texture goes. I like the grainy texture and how it seems to really infuse into my food. My concern with this salt is it's lack of iodine. I tend to be anemic so I get a lot of my iodine from salt intake. It is hard to find other sources of salt without going unhealthy or taking pills, so I really like adding salt to what I cook. Other than it's lack of iodine, though, this is a top brand in my book!

- Sam Dwight

Not Iodized

I've been making the switch to sea salt instead of regular table salt, and this is one of the better brands out there. I love that it has a crunchier and grainier texture to it, and it seems like a little bit goes a long way. My only complaint is that it DOES NOT contain iodine. It's possible to get iodine through other ways in your diet, but salt tends to be the main one for most people. If you're using this on a regular basis, make sure you're getting your iodine from another source!

- Jeremiah V.

I love how getting this from Thrive is so easy and fast!

I like this particular vitamin B12. I didn't feel any side effects of the vitamin which I really like and I love how getting this from Thrive is so easy and fast!

- Lillian Floyd

Great natural salt

Hain's pure sea salt is made from evaporated salt water and is a great natural salt that I can sprinkle on my food knowing there's nothing added to it.

It works well on everything that needs salt, but a little goes a long way because it's such a strong salt.

- Erma Hart

Doesn't have all the nutrients

As much as I like the natural process of making this salt, I do miss the iodide, which your body needs.

This sea salt works well and it seems stronger than the table salt I usually buy, but unless I mix and match, I'll either have to get my iodide elsewhere or switch back.

- Edison H.

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