Organic Chiocciole, KamutOrganic Chiocciole, Kamut738023001734Khorasan wheat is an ancestor of modern durum wheat, and it's the key ingredient in Monograno Felicetti chiocciole pasta. This curvy shape lends a playful element to simple dishes—just add vibrant pesto, butter and herbs, or your favorite jarred sauce.17.6 oz box
Hold sauce wonderfully! - by Great pairing for your hearty red sauce
High quality - by Loved this pasta — it’s high quality and delicious. Think the kamut gives it a slightly better nutritional profile than the usual semolina durum wheat, but you can’t taste that it’s any different. It’s quite pricey, though, even when compared to other organic pastas and adjusted for the fact that the package is a little larger than the US standard 1lb.
Not my favorite - by I may have over cooked it but the kids didn’t like. I’ll try again
Excellent pasta - by We really like this pasta and chiocciole is hard to find. It is expensive so it's not something we use every week, but do note that the box is larger than most boxes of pasta in the US.
Kamut rocks - by This is a great alternative to regular pasta. Wasn't familiar before I gave it a try and we love it.
Monograno Felicetti
Monograno Felicetti

Organic Chiocciole, Kamut

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