Organic Turmeric PowderOrganic Turmeric Powder671635704016This spice is instantly recognizable on sight—it’s orange-yellow hue lends fantastic color to South Asian and Middle Eastern classics. In cooking, few other elements possess the power to enhance, balance, or even salvage a recipe the way spices can. When used right, they can take the palate to pleasantly surprising places. Everybody needs spice in their pantry—so naturally, we wanted to add them to Thrive Market’s growing collection. As with other Thrive Market products, all of our spices are high-quality, organic, and carefully sourced. Even better, our unique packaging means we can give them an incredibly affordable price tag. You’ll find all of the essentials: thyme, oregano, curry powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, ground cumin, basil, turmeric powder, and many more. Stock up and save!1.45 oz pouch
spice - by use it to make paste to get rid of boils. put into chicken dishes
Turmeric Powder - by Excellent quality
Turmeric - by What I expected it to be
Impressive - by Bought 2 packets. I'm ordering 10 2 weeks later! Wow, first off is the aroma, BEST EVER! We use turmeric as often or more than salt and pepper. I'm very excited to use in turmeric tea. Tasted great on salmon!
Use daily - by Tea mixture ingredient for immune boost daily
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Organic Turmeric Powder

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