The Real Secret to Waking Up Energized Starts the Night Before

We’ve all been there: Your alarm starts beeping and all you can think about is hitting the snooze button. Your pillow feels unbelievably soft, the tangle of sheets is  calling your name, and the light streaming in from your windows has become your absolute worst nightmare.

Out of Coffee? Eat These 10 Foods for Energy Instead

Like most people who struggle to stay awake during the day, I absolutely need a cup of coffee to get me going—and stay going.

Sleep It Off: Is Napping Really Good For You?

When we were toddlers, nap time was forced upon us, and we wanted none of it. Now, many of us would do bad things just for a 10 minute snooze. Ah, adulthood.

5 Amazing Ways to Use Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Sometimes the best beauty treatments are the simplest—a one-ingredient facial or DIY toner can be surprisingly effective.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Toxins are essentially everywhere around us, frighteningly enough. We inhale them as we drive to work, and wipe down our kitchen counters. Toxins can be found in furniture, cushions, and mattresses. Pesticides are infamously used to combat weeds and insects (and unfortunately we can end up digesting them if we don’t buy organic). Older paint contains ...

9 Superfoods To Improve Your Focus

Our society is addicted to caffeine. From that first magical cup of coffee in the morning, to that mid-afternoon “I Can’t Get Past This Without A Nap Or A Miracle Or At Least A Latte” wall, caffeine is what gets us through most days. And like any addiction, it’s tough to beat.

10 Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

It’s easy to grow uninspired during lunch and resort to a quick stop at Subway or Starbucks for a sandwich. That turkey sandwich or PB&J you’ve been bringing with you to work is the last thing you feel like feasting on, and a microwaved lunch just seems too sad.

Gina Vaynshteyn

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