Cacao, A Nutritional Powerhouse In Your Chocolate

It’s time to make the switch from chocolate to cacao, stat.

What Are Chia Seeds Good For?

How many times have you gotten home from the store only to get that sinking feeling when you realize you forgot something important?

The Benefits of Eating Dates

What if I could guarantee that you’ll never have a bad date again, and that every date from here on out will be as sweet as molasses?

Apple Cider Vinegar: An Incredibly Versatile Ingredient

Summer picnic season is here, which means BBQs are in full swing. But anyone who has ever gone overboard on burgers and potato salad knows that heartburn can hit hard.

Kelp Noodle Recipes And Nutrition Info

Does the thought of having people over for dinner leave you in a cold sweat? Does the task of finding something—anything—that can please Paleo eaters and also draw raves from raw foodies keep you up at night?

What Are Umeboshi Plums?

It’s Friday—time to go celebrate the end of another work week. But if your TGIF turns into a Saturday morning hangover, try reaching for umeboshi instead of an aspirin.

Buckwheat: High Fiber, Gluten-Free & Great for Pancakes

If all you know about buckwheat is that it’s pretty good in pancakes, it’s time to take a new look at this under-used (and gluten-free!) grain.

What Is Spirulina?

Spirulina may sound like the name of the newest Disney princess, but this superfood is more superhero than damsel in distress.

Seaweed Benefits: Is Seaweed Good For You?

Ever wondered about that little green strip of seaweed holding your sushi together? Sure, it’s been a staple in the diets of many Asian cultures and coastal communities for centuries, but these days, seaweed has officially gone mainstream. School cafeterias across the country are full of kids happily munching on the dried version, and even ...

Sardines Nutrition: Are Sardines Good For You?

In a world where big players like tuna and salmon take center stage on most plates, lowly sardines don’t get a whole lot of love.

What Is Gelatin?

Although it’s best known for its starring role in gravity-defying Jell-o salads, lately gelatin has been getting attention for its health benefits. It has been used for weight loss; promoting healthier skin, hair, and nails; strengthening bones and reducing wrinkles. It has also shown promise in decreasing joint pain and wear-and-tear in athletes, and may ...

Maca Benefits: What Is Maca And How Should I Use It?

If it’s 3 p.m. and you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up. Which of these do you reach for: a cup of coffee or a small root resembling a turnip? The root, of course—if that root is maca. Maca, the newest superfood from Peru, not only makes us wonder if there are any non-super foods ...

Kathryn Bloxsom

Kathryn Bloxsom is a Registered Dietitian and food blogger who will travel to the ends of the earth to find a tasty meal. Believing that healthy should taste good, she is an advocate for real food and and believes that the foods we eat can change us and the world. Check out her blog at

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