Get Glowing With 5 Steps From Annemarie Börlind

September 6th, 2018

Get glowing! German brand Annemarie Börlind has been fusing botanical ingredients with scientific innovation since 1959, which means revealing luminous, ageless skin is easier than ever. Here’s the routine you need!

Step 1: ZZ Cleansing Emulsion

Cleanse with this water-based gel that uses pure spring water and herbal extracts to purify skin for a clear, fresh complexion. Start by massaging the cleanser into dry skin to help remove oil-based impurities, then add water to lather, and rinse!

Step 2: ZZ Sensitive Strengthening Facial Gel

Sensitive? This ZZ gel makes it EZ to care for your skin. It’s made with extracts like golden orchid to deeply moisturize, relax, and reduce environmental stressors. It also uses a pre- and pro-biotic to help normalize skin flora and balance pH levels.

Step 3: Rose Blossom Revitalizing Care Serum

This floral serum smells as sweet as it looks. The bottle is filled with a pale pink, gentle extract made with stem cells from the Black Forest rose that helps provide a radiant glow. Shake it up before using, and apply under your moisturizer.

Step 4: AquaNature Hyaluronate Moisturizing Cream

This nourishing cream hydrates with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and marine plant extracts to help reduce lines and quench dehydrated skin.

Step 5: Eye Wrinkle Cream

Last but not least, freshen delicate skin around the eyes with a cream made from a base of spring water that’s harvested 166 meters below the ground. With a mix of shea, carrot extract, organic sesame oil, and jojoba oils, it smooths and soothes.

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