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Last Update: September 27, 2022

There’s nothing like Baby’s First Christmas. From the special mementoes like keepsake ornaments to the memories captured in countless photos and videos, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Here are some ideas for how you can wrap up your own timeless treasure to give your little one (or the new parents in your life). All of these gifts are organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly so you can pass on the cheer in more ways than one.

Why going organic for baby matters

Baby products are a big industry—from specialty clothing and toys to food and bath products, there’s a huge market for this young and relatively short stage of life. But some moms and dads may not be aware that a number of companies will cut corners in making baby goods to increase productivity, which doesn’t match up to a parent’s standard of wanting the best for their children.

While additives and preservatives might be added to baby food, other chemical-based materials may be used in creating early stage toys. The only way to ensure that a product is free and clear of these dangerous ingredients is to look closely at the label and opt for organic items. Here’s just a few of the reasons why organic is better, even if it comes with a heavier price tag:

  • No fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. Instead, organic products are created using only naturally grown and unprocessed ingredients.
  • No chemicals or toxins are used to create organic foods or products. That’s important especially for babies since they have a habit of putting everything in their mouth.
  • Organic skincare products are also gentle enough for baby’s sensitive skin. From lotions to powders to bedsheets, going organic helps keep the little one’s delicate skin super soft and protected from irritation.

When a parent knows they have the best, most natural products available, it provides peace of mind—because there’s enough to worry about when raising a child without the added stress of wondering whether or not their food and toys are safe.

A world of organic options

As you begin to shop for organic baby gifts this holiday season, it’s important to note that there are a whole host of products to choose from. While the term organic is most often applied to food, there’s also organic clothing, and non-toxic toys, bath, and feeding products that are made with these same high standards.

True Sioux Baby Care Box

Feeding time

For any baby that eats organic foods, it only makes sense to accompany their meal times with high-quality organic containers and accessories. Here’s some of our favorites.

Thinkbaby All-In-One Set

This convenient set features a bottle or childproof cup for every stage, up to age 4. So even as the child grows, they won’t outgrow this unique system. Each starts with the same bottle base (with nipple tops that mimic natural breastfeeding) and then advances to a sippy handle cup before the final advanced component, offering a cup with a straw. The kit is completely no-spill and made with polypropylene and medical grade silicone with no trace of BPA.

Modern Twist Silicon Mark Mat with Markers

Some kids like to eat their food, others like to play with it. But, instead of making a mess at the dinner table, this fun placemat allows them an activity without all the extra cleanup. Modern Twist’s Mark Mat comes with a fun garden design that kids of all ages can color on with non-toxic markers made of recycled materials.

It conveniently rolls up too so mom and dad can bring it on the go when dining out. The mat is completely plastic-free; instead, it’s made out of food-grade silicone that’s non-porous so it will be clear of germs and can be wiped off easily for hours of continued fun and creativity.

Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill

Pure, organic foods can be made for baby at home with Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill. Just put fruits and steamed veggies into the hand-operated machine, and within seconds, you’ll have fresh purees with skins and seeds separated. The BPA- and PVC-free mill is made from non-toxic polypropylene with a stainless strainer, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Thrive Market Gift Card

Gift cards can have a lot of thought behind them, especially when you thought enough to give a new mom or dad funds to spend at Thrive Market, where they can stock up on organic, gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, and non-GMO staples for baby. Available in any amount, you can also include a special message just for them.

Dad with baby

Changing time

One of the most reliable gifts for babies, clothing is a great way to dress up a little one and help keep overall child-raising costs down. While always a popular gift idea, it’s important to focus on organic choices since some children can have allergic reactions to some of the fibers, dyes, and even chemicals used in creating clothes.

Organic clothing, on the other hand, uses fibers that are sourced naturally from organic farms. These clothes are always created without the use of artificial dyes and fabrics, ensuring a softer feel and none of the potential allergic reactions that could come from synthetic ingredients. Here are just some ideas.

Charlie Banana Organic Cotton Change Pad

Not only is the clothing important that little ones are wrapped in, but so are the accessories that touch their delicate skin. Charlie Banana Organic Cotton Change Pad also ensures that babies have protection from potential allergens. It’s made of 100 percent organically grown cotton and chemical-free dyes. It also has a waterproof layer and folds down into a super compact size to fit into any diaper bag, so you can take on the go for public changing tables (it can also be washed easily).

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diaper System with Inserts, Unisex

These cloth diapers are a lifesaver for parents and also baby’s soft skin. Made with organic materials, they’re not only free of chlorine, plastic, and perfume, but they’re also washable and reusable—parents can opt to for bamboo-lined inserts for added convenience. That means both bank accounts and the environment will be saved from unnecessary waste. Even better, a resizable safe-snap system allows the diaper to expand in size as baby grows.

Baby bath time

Bath time

A clean baby is a happy baby, but so many soaps and shampoos are filled with artificial fragrances, colors, and chemical agents. Instead, a natural, organic option will not only clean baby’s skin gently but will also moisturize to keep it baby soft. Here are some of our favorites—you can also browse through our full selection of baby care items and buy separately as stocking stuffers, or pair a few together to create your own DIY gift set.

Green Sprouts Muslin Hooded Towel, Green

Swaddle baby in a warm, dry, cozy towel after the bath or beach time with Green Sprouts’ organic cotton woven terry hooded option. With every wash it will only get softer, unlike other towels that can lose their fluffiness after a few uses. The unique design is also made with two layers for extra water absorbency and has a hanging loop for drying.

Green Sprouts Muslin Washcloths, 4-Pack

Green Sprouts also uses the same organic terry cloth material to make this adorable set of washcloths that are soft to the touch on baby’s skin, especially important with all the baths they need. The unique design has a hanging loop for drying and gets softer with every use.


Play time

Recreational time is also important to a baby’s development, but unless they have organic toys, there can be risks involved, since many traditional options are made with BPA, PVC, and other chemical ingredients. But not with these gift selections that will ensure they have happy holidays and beyond.

Green Sprouts Teething Keys

Have a teething baby? Get them a gift that will calm them—and you! These fun teether keys have a soft edge to provide soothing relief to gums as babies chew on them, and they shake and rattle, which will keep them happy and engaged. Green Sprouts’ toy is made solely of polypropylene.

Green Sprouts Water Toys

Bathtime for baby is not always fun—unless there are toys involved. This seaplane and will keep them occupied for as long as you need to bathe them. They’re also great for taking to the beach or pool. All are made from safe EVA materials.

Green Toys Tugboat Toy

Get your baby aboard for playtime with this cute tugboat toy that features a wide spout and handle that can scoop out and pour water (and can also be used on dry land). It’s made with recycled materials sourced in the U.S. and is easy to clean. There’s also a seaplane and dump truck you can buy to create a complete set.

After picking the perfect gift, use our guide for wrapping them up with eco-friendly touches.

Illustration credit: Foley Wu

Photo credits: Alicia Cho, Paul Delmont

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