Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer, One Mile at a Time

November 2nd, 2019

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness month and Thrive Gives showed up in a big way, partnering with the Lynne Cohen Foundation and Boarding for Breast Cancer. Read on for a recap of all the events.


For the second year in a row, we participated in the Lynne Cohen Foundation Kickin Cancer 5K race. More than 40 Thrivers took to the course to help raise money for breast and ovarian cancer research. Two Thrive Market employees even finished in the top 15 rankings (way to go, Julian Landen and Nick Green)! In addition to the race, we hosted a booth where we handed out more than 500 Thrive Market Bone Broth cartons. Why bone broth? It naturally contains collagen, amino acids, and other minerals so it’s a great way to easily replenish nutrients.

Later in the month, we partnered with Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) for three of its events: Skate the Coast, Wellness Day, and the Chasing Sunshine Survivor Retreat. On October 11, 2019, Thrivers joined the local community for a 19-mile skate-bike-roll to raise awareness and funds for B4BC’s education, prevention, and survivorship programs. We also donated free memberships and handed out healthy snacks to participants at the finish line.


On October 19, B4BC held its first-ever Chasing Sunshine Wellness Day in Santa Monica, Calif. This event, organized for a community of local and young breast cancer survivors aged 20 -50, included a day of yoga, meditation, nutrition training, and connection. Thrive Market treated the survivors to lunch, donating food that was expertly prepared by Prep School host Chef Megan Mitchell. She made some favorite Thrive Market recipes like Gluten-Free Golden Milk Cookies and Roasted Butternut Squash Soup.

And last, but certainly not least, we supported B4BC’s Chasing Sunshine Survivor Retreat in Encinitas, California, which was also put on for younger breast cancer patients and survivors. To help them on their journey to lifelong wellness, we donated free memberships for all attendees and hooked them up with Thrive Market snacks, essential oils, and teas.

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