Revealed! Thrive Market’s CEO’s Tell All—Find Out What You Missed

August 27, 2015
by Thrive Market
Revealed! Thrive Market’s CEO’s Tell All—Find Out What You Missed

On Wednesday, more than 700 people RSVP’d to watch Thrive Market co-founders and co-CEOs Gunnar Lovelace and Nicholas Green answer your questions live.

But don't worry if you missed it—you can still catch a recording of the video!

Lovelace and Green took questions for more than an hour, and explained everything from how we set our shipping prices (and how they might change) to where the money from your membership fee goes. They also hinted at a few exciting new developments, including the upcoming Thrive Market magazine and new ways we’ll be distributing free memberships through our Thrive Gives program!

Tune in to find out how we're trying to make e-commerce eco-friendly, why we're going to Indiana, and why the co-CEOs sometimes call themselves "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum."

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2 thoughts on “Revealed! Thrive Market’s CEO’s Tell All—Find Out What You Missed”

  • GanjaQueen

    Wonderful news on the upcoming opening of a DC for us East Coast members! It's definitely a big plus as it was one of my biggest gripes about the service (next to the slightly high shipping threshold) thus far. I, too, can sympathize w/ the mother of 4 that addressed the issue of not minding to make occasional in-between orders and paying shipping; but being frustrated and a bit turned off w/ the time length of having wait just get your purchase (especially if really need it).

    And when you're paying 60 bucks a year, you'd kind of would like to have shipping methods and processing that make you feel like you're getting the best bang for your buck. Looks like I'll definitely be doing a bit more ordering coming this Fall! Love the improvements, guys/gals, keep up the great works!

  • Jane Ehlers

    Wonderful sharing session, with lots of background information that will promote loyalty. Thanks!

    There was a suggestion toward the end of this video about the possible creation of a wish list. I had asked that of you customer service rep, and she responded that although there was not a wish list like I described, you do have a favorites button. I have used this favorites option since her email to save items that I know i want to purchase either regularly or when i have enough in my basket for free shipping. So this feature nicely duplicates how i would have used a wish list. Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps it would be good to make this feature more well-known! Thanks again for your social commitment, wonderful products, good prices, and great customer service! Jane

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