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11 Mexican Superfoods You Need Right Now

Torie Borrelli is an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist (NC), trained chef specializing in healing foods that decrease inflammation, and creator of The Vida Well. Her newest cookbook, The Mexican Keto Cookbook, offer more than 100 low-carb, high-fat, anti-inflammatory grounded in Mexican tradition. Today, she writes about the 11 Mexican superfoods everyone should have in their kitchen.

What Are Goji Berries?

If goji berries (pronounced “go-gee”) aren’t part of your superfood pantry yet, get ready for a treat. Also known as “wolfberries,” goji berries are primarily grown in the Himalayan regions of Tibet and Mongolia, and in addition to being found in many traditional Asian dishes, goji berries have been used medicinally to help support everything ...

13 Powerful Mushroom Supplements

If you’re not enjoying the benefits of the mighty mushroom yet, consider this post your invitation to get started. We’ve got all the information you need to choose the best medicinal mushroom supplement for you, from powders to capsules, plus our top brands to try if you’re just dipping your toe in.

6 Seasonal Superfoods To Enjoy This Fall

There are many reasons to love fall—cooler temps mean sweater weather, hot toddies, and a serious change of scenery. And if you peek around the market, you’ll find an abundance of superfoods to add to your favorite recipes, too. Here are some of our favorite seasonal ingredients, plus the best ways to use them.

The Superfood You’ll Want to Sprinkle on Everything

Exotic superfoods are all the rage these days (hello, goji berries), which is why we’re excited to tell you about a new one on our radar—baobab! If you’re looking to sneak some extra nutrients into your diet, look no further, because the fruit from this ancient tree grinds down into a superfood powder that you’ll ...

New to Hemp? Nutiva Has 3 Ways to Enjoy This Superfood

Revolutionizing the way the world eats might sound like a lofty goal, but Nutiva is up for the challenge. Founded in 1999, it curates some of the world’s most wholesome, plant-based organic foods like coconut oil and chia seeds. Its products are certified organic, non-GMO verified, and the company even gives away one percent of ...

Is ‘Cockroach Milk’ the Superfood of the Future?

There are few people who see a cockroach jet out from under a heap of stinking trash and think, “I’d eat that.”

You’ll Want to Sprinkle This Celebrity Chef’s DIY Superfood Mix on Everything

If we had to choose one meal that brings the full spectrum of nutrition into a single bowl, it would be bibimbap. Traditionally prepared with carrots, cabbage, greens, zucchini, daikon, mushrooms, chili pepper paste, fermented soybean paste, whole grains, and protein, this Korean dish is just one step away from perfection. So famed chef Jet ...

Pomegranate Powder Benefits In The Bedroom And Sports

February 14 is fast approaching—and more than a few people might be concerned with their ability to perform come Sunday.

Lucuma Powder: The New Superfood Sweetener You’ve Been Waiting For

In Peru, kids don’t ask for chocolate-vanilla swirl, strawberry with sprinkles, or plain vanilla. Nope, the most in-demand ice cream flavor is lucuma. One lick and you’d get why—slightly maple-flavored and delicately sweet, lucuma fruit is a favorite across South America.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Goji Berries?

“Li Ching-Yung Dead—Reported His Age At 197“, read the Saturday, May 6, 1933 morning edition of The New York Times.

Tahini, A Savory Sesame Seed Butter

Never heard of this Middle Eastern staple? Prepare to have your mind blown.

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