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A Conversation With Nona Lim About Ingredient Sourcing, Culture, and Her Favorite Noodle Hacks

In just about any conversation between Thrive Market employees about their favorite brands on the site, Nona Lim is sure to pop up more than a few times. The beloved brand makes fresh noodles, broths, soups, stir-fry kits, and instant noodle bowls in small batches, somehow achieving a unique — and often difficult — balance ...

Do AI Recipes Work? We Tried 3 AI Recipe Generators to Find Out

I was recently invited to a dinner party at a neighbor’s house, and I wanted to make a dessert. Years ago, I was very into making raw vegan cheesecakes, but I hadn’t made one in a long time.  I remembered there was some cashew-soaking, a bit of lemon-zesting, and some blending involved. It seemed easy ...

A1 vs. A2 Milk: What’s the Difference?

In 2023, our team of experts predicted that real dairy is on its way back. A growing number of health-conscious milk drinkers favor genuine dairy over alternative milks as a nutrient-dense whole food, but they don’t just pick up a gallon of 2% at the grocery store. Instead, they’re concerned with things like dairy’s environmental ...

The Top Healthy Trends for 2022

Every year, in every industry, trends come and go. While some may seem arbitrary (see: side vs. middle parts), trends are usually a reaction to what’s happening in the world—and of course, few things have been as influential to contemporary life than the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Go Zero Waste at Home

If going zero waste at home feels more aspirational than realistic, take your next cue from today’s post. We’re sharing easy ideas, practical swaps, and lots of encouragement to help you take control of your own space. Remember: you don’t have to do everything at once. In fact, it’s easier to form habits and make ...

The Diet Trends That Ruled 2018—and What You’ll See in 2019

Whether it’s experimenting with ketosis or taking mealtime cues from popular reality TV stars, 2018 ushered in several new diets that grabbed our collective attention. But which ones are worth the hype? We’re taking a closer look at the diets that rose through the search ranks so you can make a food game plan that’s ...

The Food Pyramid: Changing with the Times

The colorful Food Pyramid used to be everywhere, from the backs of cereal boxes to packages of crackers.

20 Picks for National Book Lovers Day

Do you remember the first book that really grabbed you?

3 Reasons to Put Down Your Smartphone and Try Mindful Eating

Look at almost any ancient culture around the world, and you’ll find a culture of food. But not just food, meals. With real people—often family—real food, and few distractions. Historically, mealtime is a sacred space.

Why Ancient Wheat Might Be the Newest Trendy Grain

Move over Triticum aestivum—einkorn and emmer want their moment in the limelight. After all, typical bread wheat has hogged the scene for too many millennia.

Hemp Is Having a Moment—and Hippies Aren’t the Only Ones Invited

If hemp still has you picturing a stereotypical eco-conscious hippie wearing a hand-knit beanie, a worn flannel shirt, and Birkenstocks, well, it’s time to update your imagination. Manitoba Harvest is on a mission to change consumer perceptions about hemp. While a new national focus on nutrition has catapulted superfoods like acai and spirulina into the spotlight, outdated attitudes ...

Have You Met Your Matcha? This Trendsetting Tea Has the Food World Buzzing

Move over white, green, oolong, and black—there’s a new tea in town. From chic cafes to backstage at Fashion Week, matcha is quickly becoming a hot trend. What is it, and why is it suddenly such a popular alternative to coffee and conventional teas?

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