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12 Gluten Allergy Symptoms

Stomach trouble is no fun. Although the exact cause of gluten intolerance isn’t well understood, that doesn’t stop up to six percent of the population from feeling digestive discomfort after eating certain carbs. The good news? Gluten-free ingredienats have come a long way. If an elimination diet is something you decide to pursue, or you ...

What Does “Certified Gluten-Free” Mean?

It is encouraging, and potentially confusing, to see tons of gluten-free pasta on grocery store shelves. Some of the brands are simply “gluten-free,” some are “Certified Gluten-Free,” and some are fully “grain-free.” So, if you just want to make some easy-to-digest fusilli and chill out at home, what’s your best bet? How do you distinguish ...

33 Foods to Avoid if You Have Celiac Disease

For most people, wheat, barley, and rye are just grains, but for someone with celiac disease, these gluten-containing ingredients can cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. Think you may have an issue with gluten? Read on to learn more about celiac disease, the most popular foods containing gluten, and symptoms to look out for. But ...

Signs of Celiac Disease

As gluten-free diets continue to rise in popularity, so have questions about the protein found in bread, pasta, and beer. While some voluntarily opt to give up gluten, others must completely avoid it because they have celiac disease, which is marked by an inability to digest gluten, causing painful and even debilitating symptoms. The good ...

Everything You Need to Know About Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivities

Gluten can be a polarizing protein. Some have no qualms consuming it regularly. Some prefer to avoid it based on dietary choice. Some have been diagnosed with celiac disease and must omit it out of necessity. And some fall into a bit of a grey area known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (or NCGS). While there ...

Oat Flour Vs. Wheat Flour

One thing we’ll always be thankful for—bakeries. There’s few things as enjoyable as stepping inside a local shop, taking a deep breath, and inhaling the sweet, rich scent of breads, cookies, and pastries. Just thinking about it is enough to get the mouth watering. But with so many options you can choose from to take ...

Final Answer: What’s the Difference Between Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity?

The first time 10-year old Cole Dickey threw up on his way out of the school lunchroom, his mother, Nichol Nelson, figured it was the flu.

Going Gluten-Free? Here’s How to Prep Your Pantry!

Wait, there’s gluten in your mayo? In your salad dressing? Even in your pickles? Yep, the universal enemy of celiacs is lurking places you’d least expect. So how what do you need to know to stock your pantry with staples that keep you feeling good—while keeping that sandwich tasty?

10 Naturally Gluten-Free Grains Safe For Your Carb Cravings

There’s never been a better time to go gluten-free. With thousands of new options on the market—gluten-free pasta, cookies, even beer—it’s likely you won’t miss wheat all that much. But there’s a hidden downside to giving up gluten: When you nix whole grains, you nix a lot of fiber too.

Gluten Sensitivity Could Be Linked To ALS

Surprising new research has uncovered another clue in the quest to better understand gluten intolerance and Celiac disease.

Brain Fog: A Condition As Unclear As It Sounds

Maybe you’ve felt it before — a hazy cloudiness of the mind, hampering your awareness and impeding your memory.

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