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Monsanto May Be Going Away—Here’s Why That Could Be a Bad Thing

A year or two from now, Monsanto—that company millions of Americans love to hate—may be nearly unrecognizable. In fact, there’s a small chance that the name “Monsanto” might not even exist anymore. Before you pop a bottle of organic bubbly, wait: there’s more to the story.

What Backers of the ‘GMO Compromise’ Bill Don’t Want You to Know

As early as this Wednesday or Thursday, the Senate could vote on whether to pass a compromised version of a bill that food makers and some members of Congress claim will make our food more transparent, but really would do the opposite.

Why Ancient Wheat Might Be the Newest Trendy Grain

Move over Triticum aestivum—einkorn and emmer want their moment in the limelight. After all, typical bread wheat has hogged the scene for too many millennia.

6 Different Reasons Monsanto Has Been Sued Over the Years

Earlier this month, the Portland, Ore. City Council passed a unanimous resolution to allow a city attorney to sue Monsanto for producing the chemical PCB, which Portland officials allege has contaminated the city’s waterways for years.

Why the DARK Act’s Defeat Was a Big Victory for Vermont

As we reported last week, the Senate defeated a bill that would have made the labeling of genetically modified products optional for food companies while nullifying state laws regulating GMO transparency. Had it passed, the so-called Denying Americans the Right to Know, or “DARK.” Act would have been a huge win for biotech companies like Monsanto ...

New Report Delivers a Blow to Monsanto and Its Most Widely Used Herbicide

Ask 10 people on the street about Monsanto, and chances are seven or eight of them will respond with some variation of, “they make the toxic chemicals that we don’t want on our food” or “they genetically modify our food system.”

The DARK Act Is Back—Here’s What You Need to Know

The food companies and their political proxies are relentless.

New Report Confirms: Organic Agriculture Is Worth the High Cost

You’ve probably heard the most common critique about organic agriculture: “It’s great, but it can’t feed the world.”

Monsanto Claims Organic Agriculture Isn’t Sustainable. Is There Any Truth to It?

Almost all scientists agree: Climate change poses some of the globe’s most serious long-term threats, and humans are largely to blame for causing it. But we can also take significant steps toward slowing the impacts of climate change by reducing our footprint in the world—as individuals, cities and towns, and nations.

Staggering Statistic: GMOs Dominate U.S. Farming

In the United States, GMO crops make up a majority of our agriculture.

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