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Talking Adaptogenic Herbs and Sustainable Sourcing With Gaia Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs, a classification of herbs that help the body adapt and thrive under various stressors, have become sought-after among those seeking natural solutions to things like stress, digestive ailments, and trouble sleeping. These herbs have been used for centuries in traditional wellness practices worldwide, including traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda (the traditional wellness practice of ...

Curious About Foraging? Start With These 5 Expert Tips

The next time you step into a forest—or simply your local park—pause for a moment and let your senses take over. What do you pick up on? The sing-song calls of birds? The earthy aroma of cut grass? The feeling of the breeze on your skin?

9 Healthy Medicinal Roots & Plants For What Ails You

Medicinal Roots & Plants Infographic click here When we think of medicine today, much of it is synthetic and man-made. Thousands of years ago, however, medicine relied heavily on natural substances like herbs and roots. Medicinal roots and plants have a long history of healing.

Does Melatonin Help You Sleep? Plus 5 Other Natural Sleep Supplements

If you’re the type of person who tosses and turns just about every night, you may be searching for a magic pill to end your nighttime struggle. There are plenty of supplements that promise better sleep, but do they work? And more importantly, are they good for you? We spoke to Christina Kang, a Health ...

How Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon Uses Adaptogens for Stress

Amanda Chantal Bacon knows a few things about stress.  The Moon Juice founder, who grew her business from a pocket-sized juice shop in Venice Beach, Los Angeles into a massively successful wellness brand, built her reputation around combatting mind and body stress through holistic practices.  Suffering from an autoimmune condition (and the frustrations that go ...

Farmer Cee of Green Heffa Farms Grows Organic Hemp with Heart & Soul

If you visit Clarenda Stanley, AKA Farmer Cee, at her farm in Liberty, North Carolina, you might hear the soulful sounds of Erykah Badu or Bill Withers drifting across the field. Or, you might hear something a little more…spirited. Stanley plays music for her plants, and like any skilled farmer, she knows exactly what they ...

How Herbalism Can Help Support Your Immune System

As we continue to weather the coronavirus pandemic, boosting health and immunity is top of mind for many. We’ve been putting steps like frequent hand washing into practice, but now is also a great time to explore new ways to support your immune system, such as herbalism. Herbal medicine uses herbs to promote health and ...

Ways to Use Pesto

Pesto is one of the most versatile condiments around. From classic Italian preparations (cue the basil and pine nuts) to more unconventional recipes (hello, kale pesto with pumpkin seeds), pesto sauce instantly elevates dinner. And parents, take note—pesto is a kid-friendly way to add extra nutrients to your family’s diet. Just add a scoop of ...

Keto Cauliflower Gnocchi Recipe

[schema description]Gnocchi is typically made with potatoes, a keto diet no-no. But we found a way to enjoy this Italian comfort food using cauliflower as a starch stand-in—and we might like this version even better than the original! Each gnocchi is pillowy soft and a drizzle of brown butter scented with woody thyme doesn’t hurt, ...

Gut Goddess Dressing Recipe

[schema description]Known for its unmistakable green color and herbaceous flavor, this creamy dip and dressing has been popping up on restaurant menus since the 1920s. It’s believed the first goddess recipe was blended up by the executive chef at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel, who named it after actor George Arliss’s hit play, The Green Goddess. ...

Fresh vs. Dried Herbs

When it comes to fresh versus dried herbs, there’s really no contest. That’s because both ingredients help turn basic recipes into winning dishes, but the secret is knowing when to use them. Here’s our guide to maximizing herbs in every season.

Oregano vs. Thyme

There’s a secret to cooking restaurant-worthy recipes at home, and we can sum it up with one word: herbs. And while you may have stocked up on rosemary and parsley (or planted your very own herb garden), we’re highlighting two perennial herbs that deserve plenty of recognition. Though they sometimes get confused for one another, ...

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