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How Herbalism Can Help Support Your Immune System

As we continue to weather the coronavirus pandemic, boosting health and immunity is top of mind for many. We’ve been putting steps like frequent hand washing into practice, but now is also a great time to explore new ways to support your immune system, such as herbalism. Herbal medicine uses herbs to promote health and ...

What Is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey goes mainstream! At least, that’s the mission behind Wedderspoon, a New Zealand-based company that heads straight to the source to fill every jar with its golden nectar. It all started in 2005, when Sébastien Martin and Catherine Wedderspoon-Martin realized Manuka honey—one of the world’s most highly sought-after holistic ingredients—was relatively unknown in North ...

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Painful UTIs (That Don’t Involve Cranberry Juice)

Being a woman is awesome.

Thrive 5: The Ultimate Homeopathic Cold-Busting Regime

One of the very first employees of Thrive Market, Brian Tortora does pretty much everything around the office—from stocking the kitchen with the freshest produce to planning meditation classes.

How To Make Shoe Polish From Banana Peels

The inside of a banana peel is perfect for shining shoes.

Vodka Kills Mold And Mildew

Spraying a small amount of plain vodka onto mold or mildew will kill bacteria and clean the area.

7 Spices Loaded with Serious Flavor—And Incredible Health Benefits

Cayenne pepper really hit its prime in the early aughts. When Giselle Bundchen credited cayenne with helping maintain her slim, Victoria’s Secret-worthy figure, the spice was suddenly stylish.

Using Honey As A Sweetener

It takes 60,000 or so bees and nearly 2 million flowers to craft one pound of honey, the sticky and sweet substance we spoon into coffee and tea—but that’s not the only reason that raw honey deserves respect.

Grow Your Own First Aid Kit With These Medicinal Herbs

On the tiny Japanese island of Okinawa, it’s not uncommon to see 80-year-old women out in the Pacific sun, weeding their gardens on a summer day. In fact, it’s normal; the average life expectancy of men on the island is about 85, while women can look forward to living to a spritely 90.

12 All-Natural Health Remedies You Can Make at Home

We’ve taken Hippocrates’s maxim: “Let food be thy medicine” to another level with these 10 DIY recipes to treat common ailments. They’re simple to make, free of artificial additives and chemicals found in conventional over-the-counter medications, and—even better—but most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen cabinets. That means you don’t have to venture ...

How To Cut Onions Without Crying

Hold an ice cube in your mouth while chopping onions to keep your eyes from watering.

Stop Bad Breath in Its Tracks with 8 All-Natural Remedies

At the office, you notice people inching away from your cubicle every time you talk about your date last night. Come to think of it, your date seemed to shy away, too. Is bad breath to blame?

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