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Get Excited About Cooking Again with Our New Cookbook (and Lots of Kitchen Hacks)

If there’s one thing we’ve all done a lot of in the last year and a half, it’s cooking. Some of us stepped up our game, testing out ambitious new recipes. Others started cooking for the very first time (and perhaps learned that one cannot survive on banana bread alone). Whichever camp you fall into, ...

How to Clean an Air Fryer, Chemex, and Other Tricky Kitchen Tools

Why does it seem like your favorite kitchen tools are always the hardest to clean? If you find yourself wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze—quite literally—when it comes to cleaning your juicer (and all its accompanying parts), you’re definitely not alone. Instead of skipping your morning French press because of its confusing clean-up ...

Argan Oil vs. Coconut Oil

From olive to jojoba to grapeseed and rosehip, oils have a longstanding reputation as nature’s proprietary serums. But as we continue to tap into the benefits of these holistic wellness essentials, we can’t help but notice a few star players among the pack. Two oils that are quickly earning their place in our regular rotation ...

How to Boil Eggs

At Thrive HQ, we recently had a passionate conversation about hard-boiled eggs during a weekly meeting. From cooking times to cooking techniques, there are loads of preferences among our food-focused staff, so we’re excited to dive in and learn more about the seemingly simple egg.

How to Banish Fruit Flies With 2 Ingredients You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Buzz buzz buzz. One lone fruit fly zooming around your head as you do the dishes is an all too common occurrence.

Kitchen Hack: 11 Ingenious Ways to Clean With a Lemon

Fresh and bright, lemon is the smell of cleanliness. Just a whiff evokes images of laundry just pulled off the clothesline, sparkling-clean glasses, and shiny buffed floors.

How Do You Keep Brown Sugar From Drying Out?

There’s one little thing that can help keep brown sugar soft—a single marshmallow.

Kitchen Hack: 5 Tips for Making Sublime Iced Coffee at Home

“Large iced coffee, extra half-and-half and nine sugars!”

Kitchen Hack: The All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour Mix Our Pastry Chef Swears By

“It’s good … for being gluten-free.”

Kitchen Hack: How to Clean Your Gas, Charcoal, or Electric Grill, Step by Step

On a summer evening, grilling seems like the perfect way to make dinner. You can enjoy the sunshine while you cook—and there’s zero cleanup.

Kitchen Hack: Not Your Mama’s Crock-Pot—5 Tips for Slow-Cooked Gourmet

In 1971, Rival introduced a revolutionary kitchen appliance: the Crock-Pot. Promising to “cook all day while the cook’s away,” as one advertisement read, it appealed to an emerging market of working women by providing an easier way to get dinner on the table.

5 Cooking Classes and Camps to Get Kids in the Kitchen This Summer

Getting kids in the kitchen is probably the single best thing we can do to raise a generation that is agriculturally and nutritionally literate. The good news is that almost anywhere you live, there’s probably a program nearby that will get kids into the garden and kitchen to improve their food literacy. Here’s a rundown of ...

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