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More Proof That The Western Diet Is A Global Problem

Amid the glowing Shanghai signs advertising traditional hot noodles and dumplings, the mega-city’s residents are increasingly likely to see Colonel Sanders smiling down, beckoning them with his 11 herbs and spices.

Everyone Really Was Thinner In The 80s—And It’s Thanks To Bacteria

The 80s were a magical decade. The Berlin Wall fell, America sent its first woman into space, and French-cut thong leotards were invented.

Friends With Benefits: 6 Ways Pets Change Lives For the Better

Humans and their pets have the ultimate symbiotic relationship.

For Obese Americans, Food May Actually Be Addictive

“I’m addicted to these Cheetos,” exclaims the guy in the next cube. “These things are like crack to me!”

Junk Food-Funded ‘Science’ Insists Sugar and Fat Aren’t the Problem

Listening to University of South Carolina exercise scientist Dr. Steven Blair discussing the root cause of obesity, you might be tempted to give his expert analysis some weight.

The FDA’s Latest Game-Changer: Labeling Added Sugar

Today, an inquisitive shopper wouldn’t be able to find the answer to this question on the back of any food label—but it may be one of the most important nutrition questions we ask.

The Good—and Bad—News About National Junk Food Day

Chances are, you’re not reading about National Junk Food Day from a beach or a lounge chair in the yard, and it’s doubtful you’ll be attending a town parade later on this evening.

Trying to Lose Weight? Food Matters More Than Fitness

For anyone staring at a number they aren’t happy with on their bathroom scale, the advice has been pretty consistent over the years: Eat less, move more.

Junk Food Is Going Global—And So Is Diabetes

Loads of fast food. Piles of sugar. Gobs of fat. The world is following America’s lead when it comes to eating—and that’s not a good thing. A new report in British journal The Lancet reveals that there’s been a 45 percent rise in diabetes worldwide between 1990 and 2013 alone. The numbers make it clear ...

Could An Apple a Day Actually Trigger Unhealthy Eating Habits?

We’ve all had a weak moment, an intense craving for junk food—candy, french fries, you name it—that seems to come out of nowhere.

Why Cook? An Excerpt From Dr. Mark Hyman’s Latest Book

Medically Review by Dr. Mark Hyman As our Changemaker of the Month, Dr. Mark Hyman shared an excerpt of his latest book, The Blood Sugar Solution: 10 Day Detox Diet, with Thrive Notebook readers. Read on to find out why Hyman thinks cooking is so essential.

Wellness Trend to Watch: Green Coffee

You’ve heard of medium roast, dark roast, and espresso grind, but have you heard of green coffee? Oddly enough, green coffee has little to do with everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage — it’s the latest trend in weight loss supplements.

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