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10+ Low-Sugar Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Mornings 

After sipping a relaxing night time elixir, dimming the lights, donning an eye mask, and, hopefully, getting a full 8 hours of deep, restful sleep, you wake up feeling ready to take on the day. But once you hop out of bed, you don’t want a sugary breakfast to undo all those healthy habits.  If ...

Sweeten to Taste: A Guide to Sugars and Alternative Sweeteners

There are lots of different types of sugars out there, and just as many sugar alternatives waiting to replace them. Whether you’re looking to cut out sugar entirely, scale back your sugar intake, or even to replace your tried-and-true sugar with a different type of sweetener (monkfruit, anyone?), we’ve assembled a handy guide to help ...

Stevia vs. Sugar: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Life is always a little bit sweeter when sugar is involved. Mary Poppins used sugar to make the medicine go down well. But would a modern Ms. Poppins use stevia? What’s the difference between sugar vs stevia? Gone are the days when white sugar is the only pick—alternative sweeteners have become increasingly accessible in recent ...

Sugar Swap: 5 Healthy Alternatives to Cane Sugar

Let’s analyze an all-too-familiar situation: It’s three o’clock in the afternoon and you can’t tell if you’re hungry or just burned out from a long day. You scour your desk for something sweet, which is when you spot the milk chocolate candy bar you’d squirreled away for just such an emergency. And with that first ...

What Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup?

From pecan pie to homemade marshmallows, there’s a chance your favorite dessert recipe calls for corn syrup. This liquid sweetener is known for adding sheen to ganache, keeping caramel smooth, and giving homemade candy the perfect chewy texture, so what’s not to love? Well, since both corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup (they’re different!) are ...

Sugar, Salt, and Fat: Why We Just Can’t Quit Junk Food

Did you know that Coca Cola calls its most loyal fan base “heavy users?” If this somewhat derogatory term evokes images of kids strung out on sugar chugging a can of Coke, that exact scenario is just what Big Food corporations are banking on.

VIDEO: No Tricks, Just 6 Treats That Totally Crush Conventional Candy

Oh, that sugar high—it’s cast a euphoric spell over us since the first moment we tasted candy. But now that we’re all grown up, we’ve learned that conventional candy isn’t a treat at all—it’s really more like a dirty trick.

Are Sugar Alternatives Healthier? Here’s a Breakdown

Dropping a teaspoon or two of raw sugar into a morning cup of coffee is a healthier move than taking a spoonful of white sugar, right? Well, not exactly. Okay, coconut sugar then. Try again.

More Proof That The Western Diet Is A Global Problem

Amid the glowing Shanghai signs advertising traditional hot noodles and dumplings, the mega-city’s residents are increasingly likely to see Colonel Sanders smiling down, beckoning them with his 11 herbs and spices.

Boo! These Halloween Candy Ingredients Are a Fright

Halloween, 1950: Children became ill after consuming candies with food coloring Orange No. 1, which became subsequently banned in the United States.

Why Your Green Juice Might Be Just As Bad For You As a Candy Bar

Twee names, artisanal glass bottles, staggering prices—yep, juicing has gone mainstream.

When It Comes to Marketing, Junk Food Companies Target Kids of Color

The data is staggering: For one in four adolescents of color, maintaining a healthy weight is a daily struggle. More than 25 percent of black or Latino boys aged six to 11 are obese, according to Centers for Disease Control data.

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