Thanks to You, We’re Giving 12 Months of Healthy Groceries to Everlane’s Factory Workers

May 27, 2016
by Michelle Pellizzon for Thrive Market
Thanks to You, We’re Giving 12 Months of Healthy Groceries to Everlane’s Factory Workers

It started as a conversation: “What would make your lives easier?”

The clothing startup Everlane asked this question of L.A. factory workers as part of its Black Friday Fund initiative. The plan: the company would donate all of the profits from 2015’s Black Friday purchases—a whopping $110,650—to the fund, which is meant to improve the lives of employees.

Across the board, along with on-site doctor visits and English language classes, employees asked for access to healthy groceries. At Thrive Market, making wholesome food accessible is kind of our specialty. We happily agreed to partner with Everlane to deliver pre-packaged Thrive Market boxes that workers could take home and share with their families. So far, we’ve made four deliveries of boxes bursting with healthy snacks and organic products, and we’ll continue sending new boxes every month until the end of 2016. We’ve also gave all Everlane factory workers Thrive Gives memberships.

We couldn’t have done it without our members. For every Thrive Market membership purchased, a Thrive Gives membership is immediately donated to someone who needs it. Basically—you join, you give. Sometimes that’s a factory worker in downtown L.A., other times it’s a single mom living in Ohio. Every time, that membership makes a huge difference in the life of the recipient.

Thank you for helping us make healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone.

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