This Spanish Rosé Will Be Your Sip for the Rest of Summer

August 16th, 2019

Rosé is a quintessential warm-weather sip, and the pale pink color always has us dreaming of relaxing evenings spent with friends and sunsets with a view. We’ve recently added a few curated bottles to our clean wine collection, and today we’re pouring a crisp and fruity bottle you’ll want to keep chilled in the fridge so it’s ready and waiting.

The region

Spain’s Pago Casa Gran winery has a history that dates back 300 years, when the first cellars were built on the property at the foothills of the Les Alcusses Valley, which is best known for being the site of an ancient Iberian town from the 4th century B.C. Since the valley is preserved as a cultural landmark, vineyards sit nearby archeological remains and are cooled nightly by Mediterranean sea breezes that come in from the coast.

The soil

Over the years, Pago Casa Gran has transformed into a sustainable ecosystem thanks to mycorrhization—a symbiotic relationship between the roots and fungi in the soil—which allows vines to receive nutrients they need. The fungi is also believed to increase the grape tree’s tolerance to different environmental stresses. Winemaker Oscar Priego explains that because the soils are composed of several types of clay and sand, it requires different growing strategies to be implemented around the estate, such as permanent cover crops, rainwater management, and irrigation, when necessary.

Pago Casa Gran

The winemaking

Priego’s family philosophy has always been to “work with nature, not against her,” which continues to drive every decision at the estate today. It’s one of the reasons that after harvest, the winery only uses native yeast to add character, like enhancing fruity notes and creating a smooth finish on the palate. Crisp and juicy, the Falcata Reposo Rosé 2018 blends two grapes—Syrah and Monastrell—and is a pairing chameleon, working equally well with soft cheeses as main dishes like fish or chicken. Ready to pour a glass? Add a case of rosé to your cart.

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