Win Big in March Madness With This #ThriveSnacket

March 21, 2016
by Dana Poblete for Thrive Market
Win Big in March Madness With This #ThriveSnacket

The tension is mounting. The hopes are high … It’s March Madness! But forget about Kansas and Villanova (the top two teams in the NCAA tournament, FYI). Here’s the only bracket that really matters.

Our #ThriveSnacket pits eight of our favorite bites against each other in the tastiest tourney ever. Starting today up until March 31, we’ll be posting memes of the competing snacks on our Facebook page. Share your favorite meme from each matchup with your friends. The snack with the most shares will come out on top, but the real winner will be you! After declaring a champion, we’ll unlock a coupon code so that everyone—you included—can get the victorious product FREE with a minimum purchase of $20. Can you handle it?!

Here’s the rundown of the thrilling matchups:

Earth Balance Vegan Popcorn vs. Simply 7 Kale Chips

These two vegan and gluten-free snacks are vying for a place in the Final Four. Who will you choose?

Sweet Potato Chips vs. Hemp Heart Bites

They may be the No. 4 seed, but hemp just might be the No. 1 seed in our hearts. But will sweet potato chips give hemp a run for its money?

Terra Chips Exotic Harvest vs. Snikiddy Vegetables Chips

Two vegetable-based chips for a next-level snack game. But only one can advance to the next round.

Freeze Dried Apples vs. Kettle Sea Salt Chips

When fruits and tubers go head to head, will apples take the win, or will this be a Cinderella story for the eighth-seed organic potato chips?

The excitement is palpable! As Dickie V would say: “Yeah, baby!” See you at the “Big Dance!”

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Buttery Vegan Popcorn

Retail Price:$4.49

Member Price:$2.89(Save 36%)

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Kale Chips Sea Salt
3.5 oz bag

Retail Price:$3.89

Member Price:$2.59(Save 33%)

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Sweet Potato Chips
4.5 oz bag

Retail Price:$3.75

Member Price:$2.59(Save 31%)

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Hemp Heart Bites
4 oz pouch

Retail Price:$6.99

Member Price:$5.25(Save 25%)

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Exotic Vegetable Chips - Original

Retail Price:$4.19

Member Price:$3.19(Save 24%)

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Eat Your Vegetables - Sea Salt

Retail Price:$3.99

Member Price:$2.99(Save 25%)

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Organic Freeze Dried Apples
1.5 oz pouch

Retail Price:$6.75

Member Price:$4.99(Save 26%)

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Sea Salt Potato Chips

Retail Price:$3.39

Member Price:$2.39(Save 29%)

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