Organic Ghee Clarified ButterOrganic Ghee Clarified Butter019336100100Organic Valley Farms follows the age-old Indian practice to make their organic ghee. It begins with simmering organic clarified butter until the milk solids separate from the butterfat and the water evaporates. This fat is then strained, making the finished product a smooth, golden spread that tastes great on a number of foods, from sweet to savory.13 oz jar
Best Ghee - by I literally cook everything with it
First timer - by My question is why'd I wait so long. I mainly used it with eggs and it tastes great.
I’ve tried a few different ghee brands - by I love this brand the most! It has a great fragrance out of the jar and while cooking compared to the other ones I've tried and it tastes like butter.
Grass fed but not grass finished - by Pasture raised sounds great but is a deceptive marketing term. These cows, according to the company itself, spend an average of 80% of their lives on pasture. Where are they the rest of the time? Probably a CAFO or something close to it. Either way, this is not grass finished and pasture raised makes it sound real nice.
Delish! - by Great product! Has that grass fed flavor that I really appreciate. Only drawback is the plastic wrapper, and the plastic bag Thrive puts it in.
Organic Valley Farms
Organic Valley Farms

Organic Ghee Clarified Butter

13 oz jar
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