5 Portable Products That Make Life Easier When You’re Always On the Go

Last Update: September 27, 2022

These days, it’s not uncommon to live much of life on the go, especially if you’re juggling work, a social life, family commitments, and personal time—or any combination thereof. When time is such a commodity, it’s easy to feel like taking an extra few moments to tackle the smallest of tasks, like picking up your morning coffee, can derail your entire day. Fortunately, there are a handful of products designed to travel with you so you never lose your stride. Here are some of our favorites.

Repurpose Hot Cups & Lids

In an ideal world, you’d have enough time in the morning to slowly savor your coffee or tea while having a sit-down breakfast. In reality, that’s rarely the case. On those days when time is running short but caffeine is a must, Repurpose Hot Cups & Lids are a lifesaver. With an automatic coffeemaker, some quality single-serve pods, and a good to-go cup, you can still get your morning jolt without having to make a separate stop. Repurpose’s products are fully insulated to keep your coffee warm even during a full commute and are made of 100 percent renewable plant materials that help cut down on waste. Plus, the secure lids lock into place to prevent spills.

Stall Mates Individually Wrapped Travel Wipes

These handy wipes are an easy answer to a number of sticky stituations that might pop up in the course of a day spent running from one place to another. More discreet that a bulky package of moist towelettes, these hypoallergenic wipes can help you handle anything that’s thrown your way. Messy burrito lunch? Grimy door handle? Bathroom stall missing toilet paper? Grab a Stall Mates wipe. With no alcohol, parabens, or fragrance of any kind, they’re safe for even the most sensitive areas of the body. And they won’t clog properly functioning septic and sewer systems like other traditional wet wipes, so you can flush them when you need to. They’re gentle enough for children and pets, too.

New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Food Container

The plethora of fast-food options is a testament to our on-the-go culture. But of course, grab-and-go food isn’t always the healthiest way to go, and, during the lunch rush, may not even be the fastest. Skipping meals is no better when you’re in a crunch—so we say, take them with you. This to-go container has an edge over most conventional options because it’s made of stainless steel—which is safer than plastic, and keeps hot foods hot and and cold foods cold. There are also two tiers that allow you to separate courses without fear of them mixing together. If that wasn’t inventive enough, the lid doubles as a plate, leaving you with the feeling of a home-cooked meal, even if you can’t be home for it.

ChicoBag rePete Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag

Keeping healthy snacking options on hand is good advice for busy people trying to stay healthy, which is why these stylish bags are a great option. But they can multitask, too! Use them for your bathroom essentials on days when you’re showering at the gym or stash your cosmetics in one when you know you’ll want to freshen up your makeup before dinner. Traveling with kids or pets? Bring crayons or chew toys along for the ride. The best part is that these bags are machine-washable, so accidental spills won’t put them out of commission.

Moss Botanicals Balance Roll-On Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil blend is perfect for those days when you need a quick reset between appointments or meetings, or need help transitioning into your evening after a particularly hectic day. Made from an assortment of essential oils like coriander, palmarosa, rose geranium, and jojoba oil, this all-natural aromatic mist is touted to help create harmony in your mental and emotional states, and may be particularly beneficial for dealing with PMS, menopause, anxiety, or depression.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

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