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Bachan’s is the Japanese Barbecue Sauce You’ll Want to Drizzle on Everything 

In Japanese, the word bachan translates to granny. It’s a loving, familiar nickname for a grandmother, and that’s exactly why Justin Gill chose it for the name of his Japanese sauce brand, Bachan’s.  Gill’s bachan, Judy Yokoyama, fostered a strong work ethic in her grandchildren and always encouraged their entrepreneurial spirits, so it was no ...

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with These Beloved Brands

May is AAPI Heritage Month, dedicated to honoring the culture, traditions, and contributions of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. We’re celebrating by spotlighting some of our most popular AAPI-owned brands, from pantry staples influenced by family recipes to cool, colorful beverage brands that tap into cultural flavors. Read on to learn the stories behind some of ...

Say Kia Ora to These New Zealand Brands at Thrive Market

New Zealand: an island country filled with jagged, rocky fjords, golden beaches, and mountain ranges straight out of a fantasy film. It’s also home to a robust wellness culture that boasts independent brands creating thoughtful products using ingredients unique to New Zealand. “Kiwi producers have a unique connection with the land and sea known as ...

Yai’s Thai Makes Grandma-Approved Thai Sauces for Every Lifestyle

Salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy flavors are all represented in equal measure in nearly every dish in Thai cuisine, from zesty, chewy Pad Thai noodles to deep, aromatic curries loaded with rice and veggies. It’s an impressive feat to balance each of these flavors in a single dish—even more so when you consider that ...

Sanzo Founder Sandro Roco on Culture, Community, and Calamansi

When Sandro Roco set out to create a beverage brand, he took inspiration from many places — some more surprising than others. Sanzo sparkling water is flavored with the Asian fruits Roco grew up eating, like calamansi and lychee. But the undeniably cool, colorful brand also takes cues from recent pop culture phenomena, like K-pop ...

What Is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a popular topic in the wellness space right now. If you’re unsure what foods glyphosate is found in or how you can avoid it, read on. We recently sat down with Henry Rowlands, director of The Detox Project, to discuss the ins and outs of glyphosate.

Meet Moringa: Kuli Kuli’s Superfood Addressing Climate Change

Kuli Kuli’s Moringa is more than just a superfood. In addition to its nutritional value, moringa is one of the most climate-smart crops—the trees grow quickly, are resilient to drought and climate change, can regenerate soil nutrients, and contain leaves that are packed with protein and amino acids. We chatted with the Kuli Kuli team ...

What We Can Learn From Chomps’ Commitment to Animal Welfare

Chomps doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In a world where coal-powered factories take precedence and animal welfare is second priority to profit—Chomps is committed to doing the complete opposite. The company has a net positive environmental impact and all of their products will be Certified Humane by the end of 2021.

Motherlove CEO Silencia Cox Has Grown Up With the Business

To say that Silencia Cox has been close to Motherlove during its 30 years in business isn’t an exaggeration. Her mother started the company when she was pregnant with her. Now, as the company’s CEO, Cox is proud to say that Motherlove has stayed true to her mom’s vision of supporting women both during and ...

Learn About the Many Ways Winged Is Empowering Women

Jessica Mulligan is a founder of Winged, which aims to support women with a line of hemp extract gummies, oils, and softgels that are formulated for women’s needs. But it doesn’t stop there. Mulligan shares how Winged is helping women find balance, achieve their dreams, and eventually, experience true gender equality. When you reflect on ...

Biena’s Poorvi Patodia Believes in Filling Up on the Good Stuff

Poorvi Patodia has always loved to snack, but she didn’t love that there only seemed to be unhealthy options available. Inspired by a lifelong love of chickpeas, she began experimenting with flavors and textures. The result is Biena, which has been at the forefront of the healthy snacking movement. Read on to learn how Patodia, ...

Health, Wellness + Career Tips From Female Founders

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we asked a few of our favorite female founders to share their top health, wellness, and career tips. These women are working for positive change in unique industries, and encouraging other women to rise with them. We hope you’ll find them as inspiring as we do!

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