Read On to Get Your 6 Free Books From Leading Health Experts and a Free Jar of Coconut Oil

December 17, 2014
by Thrive Market
Read On to Get Your 6 Free Books From Leading Health Experts and a Free Jar of Coconut Oil

‘Tis the season of giving, with holiday gifts galore. In that spirit, we’ve got seven amazing free presents for you! Read on to find out how to take advantage of each incredible deal.

All you have to do is click the blue links below to download each book.

1. FREE Jar of Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is having a moment—and for good reason. This powerful superfood has an incredible variety of benefits and uses. Take advantage of this offer to try organic virgin coconut oil for FREE. It’s already in your cart! Check out anytime and only pay shipping and handling. Add other items to your cart, and get an additional 15% off your first purchase at Thrive Market. Thrive Market provides all your favorite organic and non-GMO groceries up to 50% off, delivered to your home for FREE!

2. Eat Your Way to Lean by Mike Geary

The foods you choose to put in your body have a huge impact on your physique. Read this groundbreaking book to find out which superfoods to choose for fat-fighting and anti-aging effects, and which foods you should avoid at all costs.

3. Your Toxic Gut & How to Fix It by The Alternative Daily

It’s time to fix your damaged gut and kick-start your “second brain” into its most optimal state. Follow the Alternative Daily’s advice on diet and lifestyle to start feeling better, from head to toe.

4. Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes by Dr. Axe

Heal your body from the inside out with these superfood-rich recipes. All the dishes in Dr. Axe's nutrition guide are completely gluten-free, too!

5. Dinner in 27 Minutes or Less by Beyond Diet

Feel like you don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to put together healthy and tasty meals? Beyond Diet’s cookbook is here to fix that—each of these metabolism-revving dinners come together in less than 30 minutes, and taste incredible.

6. Paleo Dessert Obsession by Paleohacks

This time of year is notoriously sugar-filled. Skip the typical holiday cookies and instead opt for one of these 20 Paleo-friendly recipes, including candied bacon, milkshakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

7. The Thrive Communal Table by Thrive Market

With more than 60 recipes from the top names in health and wellness—including Mark Sisson, Katie from Wellness Mama, Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, and JJ Virgin—our cookbook provides everything you need to whip up easy, healthy, and delicious meals at home.

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