A DIY Face Mask to Cure Hangovers From the Inside-Out

July 4th, 2016

If fireworks are still going off in your brain after a whole day (and night) of July 4th drinking, you’re probably going to need this.

How a hangover feels

First, take some activated charcoal with an eight-ounce glass of water to help with the upset stomach and pounding headache.

But it’s not just your head and body that suffer from a post-BBQ hangover. That insatiable thirst that you wake up with—your skin feels it, too. Take a look in the mirror the morning after and the face staring back is most likely dull, dry, and puffy. To help revive your complexion, try this five-ingredient DIY face mask with oatmeal, chamomile, raw honey, and essential oils that will also make you feel better. (Aromatherapy FTW!)

The oatmeal and chamomile are incredibly soothing and will help calm inflammation, puffiness, and redness. Raw honey replenishes skin with beneficial enzymes and probiotics to balance pH levels, and because it’s a humectant, honey pulls moisture from the air and gives it right back to your parched skin. Lavender and bergamot essential oils are both anti-inflammatory as well, but the best part is their combined aromatic powers will help you relax and even perk up your mood. Sounds like everything you need right about now, huh?

Here’s the magic formula that’ll help you and your skin get over that hangover haze.

Anti-hangover mask

Anti-Hangover Face Mask


1/4 cup oats
1 bag chamomile tea
1 tablespoon raw honey
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops bergamot essential oil

Anti-hangover mask


Open up a chamomile tea bag and empty contents into a bowl to combine with oats, then cook with water (according to the directions on the oats package). Let cool to room temperature. Mix in raw honey and essential oils. Apply the mixture all over face, then kick back and relax. You can leave on for as long as you’d like. When finished, rinse with warm water while massaging the skin.

And just like that, your day (and your glow) gets a little bit brighter.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho, Paul Delmont

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