Exercise Tips to Use at Work

If you sit at a desk eight to ten hours a day, five days a week, it can seem really difficult to squeeze in any extra time for a workout. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, however, it just takes commitment.

Experimenting With Unusual Fruits and Vegetables

I’m nervous to try the stuff at the store that I’m not familiar with because I’m not sure how to cook it, but I’m tired of spinach, corn, and carrots. What new or unusual fruits and vegetables should I try to spice up my diet?

What’s the Deal With Mercury in Fish?

I’m so confused about fish—I’ve heard that fish can be a really healthy source of protein, but I’ve also heard that some varieties are high in mercury and other contaminants. What fish are safe and healthy for me to eat?

Quick Breakfast Ideas to Jump-Start Your Day

I’m always running out the door at the last minute, and I never have time to make myself a full breakfast. Do you have any simple and healthy on-the-go breakfast ideas?

Healthy Late-Night Snack Ideas

I know I’m not supposed to snack late at night, but sometimes I need a little something to munch on after dinner. Do you have any favorite healthy late-night snacks?

How Can I Make Smart Restaurant Meal Choices?

I love going out to eat, but I sometimes have trouble deciphering how healthy some of the menu items really are. What are some tips for making nutritionally sound choices at restaurants? Everyone enjoys a night out, but no one wants to feel guilty on the way home. If you want to eat healthy, but ...

How Do I Choose the Right Carbs?

I hear so much about healthy whole grains, but I don’t really know why they’re good for me. What’s the difference between complex and simple carbs?

What Does Biodynamic Mean, Anyway?

I see “biodynamic” on a lot of food labels these days. What does that even mean? Biodynamic farming takes a holistic approach to agriculture. This type of farming focuses on is best described as a give and take. Instead of just constantly taking from the land, biodynamic operations also give back, allowing nature to thrive. The Biodynamic Association describes ...

Solving the Vegan Diet Protein Puzzle

I’m trying to eat a plant-based diet, but sometimes find I’m low on energy. I know I need protein, but without meat and dairy products, I’m not sure how to get enough!

Easy Snacks to Power Up Your Workout

You can toss those bars, because I have some vibrant, fresh-tasting options for you.

Fermentation Frenzy: 4 DIY Kits to Make Everything from Yogurt to Sourdough

Most people are surprised to discover just how much the digestive tract impacts overall health. But in fact, it’s usually the first place I start when clients come to me with just about any complaint.

Eating Healthy Without Sacrificing Flavor

We’ve all been there—trying to choose between the food you know you should be eating, and the food you’re craving.

Elissa Goodman

Elissa Goodman is a cancer survivor and graduate from the American University of Complementary Medicine for Integrative Nutrition. Elissa believes proper nutrition and self love is vital to living a fulfilled existence, and specializes in helping people achieve optimum health levels through cleansing and nutrition. Elissa works with clients suffering with a range of issues from SIBO, thyroid irregularities, weight gain, and allergies to nutritional based integrative cancer therapy (incorporating both conventional and holistic treatment methods). Her goal is to partner with her clients, support them in finding their true balance and well-being, and support them in living their best life!

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