Easy Snacks to Power Up Your Workout

May 6th, 2015

I want to find a good pre- and post-workout snack, but I hate chalky protein powders and bars. What’s a smart choice from a nutritional standpoint?

I’m right there with you—I wouldn’t like to force down a chalky protein powder either! Healthy eating doesn’t need to be dull. In fact, the possibilities are truly endless. You can toss those bars, because I have some vibrant, fresh-tasting options for you.

For nutritious pre-workout snacks that give you tons of energy, I would suggest an apple with organic almond butter; spirulina balls; green juice with a tablespoon of chia seeds; matcha tea; or bulletproof coffee combined with coconut milk and coconut oil.

For your post-workout snacks, you want to replenish your muscles. Good choices here are coconut yogurt kefir or cashew yogurt sprinkled with gluten-free granola; herbed cashew cheese on a rice cracker; a smoothie (without protein powder) made with your favorite nut milk, one piece of fruit, 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon of your favorite nut butter and 100 percent stevia to taste. (Dates are also a good sweetener.)

Photo credit: VegaStream via Flickr

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Elissa GoodmanElissa Goodman is a cancer survivor and graduate from the American University of Complementary Medicine for Integrative Nutrition. Elissa believes proper nutrition and self love is vital to living a fulfilled existence, and specializes in helping people achieve optimum health levels through cleansing and nutrition. Elissa works with clients suffering with a range of issues from SIBO, thyroid irregularities, weight gain, and allergies to nutritional based integrative cancer therapy (incorporating both conventional and holistic treatment methods). Her goal is to partner with her clients, support them in finding their true balance and well-being, and support them in living their best life!

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