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Accelerator Recovery Gummies

[schema description]Tough workout? Help your body recover with these tropical-flavored gummies! They’re made with your favorite fruit or veggie juice, gelatin (to hold the jiggly shape), and a supplement powered with 23 plant-based ingredients like glucosamine, maca, riboflavin, and zinc—all designed to replenish energy and electrolytes when you need them most. Make a batch weekly ...

Benefits of Exercise

Losing weight and leading healthier lifestyles rank consistently among the top New Year’s resolutions. While most people start strong right out of the gate, it doesn’t take long for the commitment to fade. In fact, only 46 percent of resolutions make it past the six-month mark, so staying motivated is crucial to transform a yearly ...

Exercise Tips to Use at Work

If you sit at a desk eight to ten hours a day, five days a week, it can seem really difficult to squeeze in any extra time for a workout. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, however, it just takes commitment.

4 Moves to Twist Your Way to Stronger Abs

Move over crunches! Certified health coach and nutritionist Michelle Pellizzon developed this quick workout to change up your core-strengthening routine and target the abs from all angles. That’s why these moves incorporate a lot of twisting—which is great for toning the obliques and strengthening your stabilizer muscles. Twisting also helps to whittle your waistline. The only piece of equipment you’ll need ...

Gold Medal Workout: Get a Swimmer’s Body (Without Stepping Foot In The Pool)

From the stiff competition between Michael Phelps and his South African rival to the record-shattering athleticism of the U.S. women’s team (we see you, Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel), the U.S. swim team gave us lots of reason to spend hours in front of the TV this summer.

Best Pre-Workout Meals

When asked about her diet, gold medal-winning gymnast Nastia Liukin answered: “My mom always told me to treat my body like an expensive car—to put the best fuel in it.”

Gold Medal Workout: Test Your Strength and Flexibility With Gymnastics-Inspired Moves

Watching the female gymnasts of Team U.S.A. fly and spin across the TV screen, they look solid—the definition of strength and power. But in reality, those tumbling gymnasts are really, really tiny, and not just in terms of height. The average gold medal-winning female gymnast is 5’1″ and 103 pounds; Gabby Douglas, the reigning Olympic ...

Gold Medal Workout: How to Train Like A Summer Games Sprinter

Years of daily, hours-long training sessions have sculpted Summer Games competitors’ bodies to meet the demands of their sport—every muscle, tendon, and ligament serves a purpose. That’s why top-level athletes look crazy different from sport to sport.

What Are the Best Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners?

I’ve seen kettlebells at the gym, but I have no idea how to use them. How are they different than normal free weights? Are they safe for newbies? I’m worried I’ll drop it mid-swing and break something (my foot, the mirror I’m standing in front of at the gym … the possibilities are endless). Help! ...

Benefits of Running

She crouched in the bushes, huddled under an oversized blue hoodie. Seamlessly, Bobbi Gibb joined the crowd of over 400 male runners, disguised by her baggy clothes and long men’s shorts. And she ran—fast.

Is Running Bad for Your Health? Here’s What You Need to Know

When a white-haired, hunched-over woman who could have been my great-grandmother passed me during mile 23 of the Chicago Marathon, I wasn’t mad. Veteran marathoners told me it would happen—I’d been “geezered,” and dang, I was impressed.

4 Arm-Sculpting Push-Up Variations That Make Your Arms Quiver

Confession: I can’t do a push-up. I fake my way through them every time I’m in a workout class. What’s the secret if you have zero upper-body strength? —Erin M.

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