Dear Men Everywhere: Here's Your Ultimate Beauty Bootcamp

September 14, 2015
by Michelle Pellizzon for Thrive Market
Dear Men Everywhere: Here's Your Ultimate Beauty Bootcamp

The average woman uses 12 products daily on her skin. The average guy? He's lucky if he remembers to apply deodorant.

But, men: It's time to reconsider your morning routine. Sure, contouring and curling may be a bridge too far, but male skin and hair can definitely benefit from a little product here and there.

So where does a guy even start? We've picked two products that every man should have in his medicine cabinet. Check out the essentials—and find out exactly how to use them.

A moisturizer that disappears

Most guys don't like the sticky feeling that lotion leaves behind, but using something to help skin retain moisture is pretty important for skin's health. Not only will moisturized skin look more healthy (instead of flaky),  but having well-nourished skin will keep your complexion from getting damaged over time. That means fewer wrinkles in the future, and more comfortable—dare we say kissable—skin now.

Try a lotion that's super-lightweight and packed with nutrients that will keep skin moisturized without feeling greasy. This face lotion is formulated specifically for men, and it's loaded with emollient ingredients like essential oils and green tea that ensure you won't need to reapply later. Plus, there's no need to worry about sweating with this stuff on, because it won't clog pores.

You don't need to smell like roses, but...

You also don't need to smell like B.O. Use a deodorant that's formulated specifically for men, because, let's be real—girls and guys smell and sweat differently. It's aluminum free, which is great news for armpits and white t-shirts; found in most conventional deodorants, aluminum can seriously mess up hormonal function (read: mess with libido and the ability to hit max gains, bro), and it's the secret ingredient that leaves an embarrassing yellow ring in the armpits of your favorite collared shirt.

Switch over to something that smells just as fresh that doesn't have toxic side effects. This all-natural version smells like cedar wood, sage, and rosemary. (Smelling great is one of the most attractive factors to the female sex... Hint, hint.)

All right, guys, in less than five minutes and with just four products it's possible to totally transform how you look and feel. Awesome skin and great hair? Make it happen.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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